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...680 else:681 base_dir = os.path.join(drones.AUTOTEST_INSTALL_DIR,682 _DRONE_RESULTS_DIR_SUFFIX)683 return os.path.join(base_dir, path)684 def _copy_results_helper(self, process, source_path, destination_path,685 to_results_repository=False):686 logging.debug('_copy_results_helper. process: %s, source_path: %s, '687 'destination_path: %s, to_results_repository: %s',688 process, source_path, destination_path,689 to_results_repository)690 full_source = self.absolute_path(source_path)691 full_destination = self.absolute_path(692 destination_path, on_results_repository=to_results_repository)693 source_drone = self._get_drone_for_process(process)694 if to_results_repository:695 source_drone.send_file_to(self._results_drone, full_source,696 full_destination, can_fail=True)697 else:698 source_drone.queue_call('copy_file_or_directory', full_source,699 full_destination)700 def copy_to_results_repository(self, process, source_path,701 destination_path=None):702 """703 Copy results from the given process at source_path to destination_path704 in the results repository.705 This will only copy the results back for Special Agent Tasks (Cleanup,706 Verify, Repair) that reside in the hosts/ subdirectory of results if707 the copy_task_results_back flag has been set to True inside708 global_config.ini709 It will also only copy .parse.log files back to the scheduler if the710 copy_parse_log_back flag in global_config.ini has been set to True.711 """712 if not ENABLE_ARCHIVING:713 return714 copy_task_results_back = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(715 scheduler_config.CONFIG_SECTION, 'copy_task_results_back',716 type=bool)717 copy_parse_log_back = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(718 scheduler_config.CONFIG_SECTION, 'copy_parse_log_back',719 type=bool)720 special_task = source_path.startswith(HOSTS_JOB_SUBDIR)721 parse_log = source_path.endswith(PARSE_LOG)722 if (copy_task_results_back or not special_task) and (723 copy_parse_log_back or not parse_log):724 if destination_path is None:725 destination_path = source_path726 self._copy_results_helper(process, source_path, destination_path,727 to_results_repository=True)728 def _copy_to_results_repository(self, process, source_path,729 destination_path=None):730 """731 Copy results from the given process at source_path to destination_path732 in the results repository, without special task handling.733 """734 if destination_path is None:735 destination_path = source_path736 self._copy_results_helper(process, source_path, destination_path,737 to_results_repository=True)738 def copy_results_on_drone(self, process, source_path, destination_path):739 """740 Copy a results directory from one place to another on the drone.741 """742 self._copy_results_helper(process, source_path, destination_path)743 def _write_attached_files(self, results_dir, drone):744 attached_files = self._attached_files.pop(results_dir, {})745 for file_path, contents in attached_files.iteritems():746 drone.queue_call('write_to_file', self.absolute_path(file_path),747 contents)748 def attach_file_to_execution(self, results_dir, file_contents,749 file_path=None):750 """751 When the process for the results directory is executed, the given file752 contents will be placed in a file on the drone. Returns the path at753 which the file will be placed.754 """755 if not file_path:756 file_path = self.get_temporary_path('attach')...

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