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1# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.2# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be3# found in the LICENSE file.4import logging5import os6import tempfile7import urllib28from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error, global_config9from autotest_lib.client.common_lib.cros import dev_server10from autotest_lib.server import installable_object, autoserv_parser11from autotest_lib.server import utils as server_utils12from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite import tools13from autotest_lib.server.cros.dynamic_suite.constants import JOB_REPO_URL14_CONFIG = global_config.global_config15_PARSER = autoserv_parser.autoserv_parser16class SiteAutotest(installable_object.InstallableObject):17 """Site implementation of Autotest."""18 def get(self, location=None):19 if not location:20 location = os.path.join(self.serverdir, '../client')21 location = os.path.abspath(location)22 installable_object.InstallableObject.get(self, location)23 = True24 def _get_fetch_location_from_host_attribute(self):25 """Get repo to use for packages from host attribute, if possible.26 Hosts are tagged with an attribute containing the URL27 from which to source packages when running a test on that host.28 If is set, attempt to look this attribute up by calling out29 to the AFE.30 @returns value of the 'job_repo_url' host attribute, if present.31 """32 try:33 from autotest_lib.server import frontend34 if afe = frontend.AFE(debug=False)36 hosts = afe.get_hosts( if hosts and JOB_REPO_URL in hosts[0].attributes:38 return hosts[0].attributes[JOB_REPO_URL]39 logging.warning("No %s for %s", JOB_REPO_URL, except (ImportError, urllib2.URLError):41 logging.warning('Not attempting to look for %s', JOB_REPO_URL)42 pass43 return None44 def get_fetch_location(self):45 """Generate list of locations where autotest can look for packages.46 Old n' busted: Autotest packages are always stored at a URL that can47 be derived from the one passed via the voodoo magic --image argument.48 New hotness: Hosts are tagged with an attribute containing the URL49 from which to source packages when running a test on that host.50 @returns the list of candidate locations to check for packages.51 """52 repos = super(SiteAutotest, self).get_fetch_location()53 if _PARSER.options.image:54 image_opt = _PARSER.options.image55 if image_opt.startswith('http://'):56 # A devserver HTTP url was specified, set that as the repo_url.57 repos.append(image_opt.replace(58 'update', 'static').rstrip('/') + '/autotest')59 else:60 # An image_name like stumpy-release/R27-3437.0.0 was specified,61 # set this as the repo_url for the host. If an AFE is not being62 # run, this will ensure that the installed build uses the63 # associated artifacts for the test specified when running64 # autoserv with --image. However, any subsequent tests run on65 # the host will no longer have the context of the image option66 # and will revert back to utilizing test code/artifacts that are67 # currently present in the users source checkout.68 devserver_url = dev_server.ImageServer.resolve(image_opt).url()69 repo_url = tools.get_package_url(devserver_url, image_opt)70 repos.append(repo_url)71 elif not server_utils.is_inside_chroot():72 # Only try to get fetch location from host attribute if the test73 # is not running inside chroot.74 # No --image option was specified, look for the repo url via75 # the host attribute. If we are not running with a full AFE76 # autoserv will fall back to serving packages itself from whatever77 # source version it is sync'd to rather than using the proper78 # artifacts for the build on the host.79 found_repo = self._get_fetch_location_from_host_attribute()80 if found_repo is not None:81 # Add our new repo to the end, the package manager will82 # later reverse the list of repositories resulting in ours83 # being first84 repos.append(found_repo)85 return repos86 def install(self, host=None, autodir=None, use_packaging=True):87 """Install autotest. If |host| is not None, stores it in ||.88 @param host A Host instance on which autotest will be installed89 @param autodir Location on the remote host to install to90 @param use_packaging Enable install modes that use the packaging system.91 """92 if host:93 = host94 super(SiteAutotest, self).install(host=host, autodir=autodir,95 use_packaging=use_packaging)96 def _install(self, host=None, autodir=None, use_autoserv=True,97 use_packaging=True):98 """99 Install autotest. If get() was not called previously, an100 attempt will be made to install from the autotest svn101 repository.102 @param host A Host instance on which autotest will be installed103 @param autodir Location on the remote host to install to104 @param use_autoserv Enable install modes that depend on the client105 running with the autoserv harness106 @param use_packaging Enable install modes that use the packaging system107 @exception AutoservError if a tarball was not specified and108 the target host does not have svn installed in its path109 """110 # TODO(milleral): super(SiteAutotest, self)._install(host, autodir, use_autoserv,112 use_packaging)113 # Send over the most recent global_config.ini after installation if one114 # is available.115 # This code is a bit duplicated from116 # _BaseRun._create_client_config_file, but oh well.117 if self.installed and self.source_material:118'Installing updated global_config.ini.')119 destination = os.path.join(,120 'global_config.ini')121 with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as client_config:122 config = global_config.global_config123 client_section = config.get_section_values('CLIENT')124 client_section.write(client_config)125 client_config.flush()126, destination)127 def run_static_method(self, module, method, results_dir='.', host=None,128 *args):129 """Runs a non-instance method with |args| from |module| on the client.130 This method runs a static/class/module autotest method on the client.131 For example:132 run_static_method("autotest_lib.client.cros.cros_ui", "reboot")133 Will run autotest_lib.client.cros.cros_ui.reboot() on the client.134 @param module: module name as you would refer to it when importing in a135 control file. e.g. autotest_lib.client.common_lib.module_name.136 @param method: the method you want to call.137 @param results_dir: A str path where the results should be stored138 on the local filesystem.139 @param host: A Host instance on which the control file should140 be run.141 @param args: args to pass to the method.142 """143 control = "\n".join(["import %s" % module,144 "%s.%s(%s)\n" % (module, method,145 ','.join(map(repr, args)))])146, results_dir=results_dir, host=host)147class SiteClientLogger(object):148 """Overrides default client logger to allow for using a local package cache.149 """150 def _process_line(self, line):151 """Returns the package checksum file if it exists."""152 logging.debug(line)153 fetch_package_match = if fetch_package_match:155 pkg_name, dest_path, fifo_path = fetch_package_match.groups()156 serve_packages = _CONFIG.get_config_value(157 "PACKAGES", "serve_packages_from_autoserv", type=bool)158 if serve_packages and pkg_name == 'packages.checksum':159 try:160 checksum_file = os.path.join(161 self.job.pkgmgr.pkgmgr_dir, 'packages', pkg_name)162 if os.path.exists(checksum_file):163, dest_path)164 except error.AutoservRunError:165 msg = "Package checksum file not found, continuing anyway"166 logging.exception(msg)167 try:168 # When fetching a package, the client expects to be169 # notified when the fetching is complete. Autotest170 # does this pushing a B to a fifo queue to the client.171"echo B > %s" % fifo_path)172 except error.AutoservRunError:173 msg = "Checksum installation failed, continuing anyway"174 logging.exception(msg)175 finally:176 return177 # Fall through to process the line using the default method.178 super(SiteClientLogger, self)._process_line(line)179 def _send_tarball(self, pkg_name, remote_dest):180 """Uses tarballs in package manager by default."""181 try:182 server_package = os.path.join(self.job.pkgmgr.pkgmgr_dir,183 'packages', pkg_name)184 if os.path.exists(server_package):185, remote_dest)186 return187 except error.AutoservRunError:188 msg = ("Package %s could not be sent from the package cache." %189 pkg_name)190 logging.exception(msg)191 # Fall through to send tarball the default method.192 super(SiteClientLogger, self)._send_tarball(pkg_name, remote_dest)193class _SiteRun(object):...

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