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...86 return ''.join([chr(randint(ord('a'), ord('z')))87 for n in range(randint(1, 3))])88 else:89 return ''90 def _create_frame(self, code):91 formatter = SvgFormatter(full = True,92 fontsize = '24px',93 linenos = True,94 style = return highlight(code, self.lexer, formatter)96 def animate_scene(self, scene_number):97 all_sequences = []98 if scene_number == 0:99 # animate base code100 image_sequence = []101 source_code = ''.join([seg['code'] for seg in self.code_segments102 if seg['class'] == 'text'])103 index_first = [seg['scene'] for seg in self.code_segments].index(0)104 typing_time = self.code_segments[index_first]['time'][0]105 pause_time = self.code_segments[index_first]['time'][1]106 typing_position = 0107 while typing_position < len(source_code):108 typing_position += self._typing_step()109 image_sequence.append(self._create_frame(110 source_code[:typing_position + 1] + self._typo() +111 '\u2588'))112 image_sequence.append(self._create_frame(source_code))113 all_sequences.append({114 'typing': typing_time,115 'pause': pause_time,116 'frames': image_sequence})117 else:118 segments = [seg for seg in self.code_segments if119 seg['class'] == 'text' or seg['class'] == 'from' and120 seg['scene'] <= scene_number or seg[121 'class'] == 'only' and seg[122 'scene'] == scene_number]123 animations_indexes = [idx for (idx, seg) in enumerate(segments)124 if seg['class'] != 'text' and125 seg['scene'] == scene_number]126 for animated_segment in animations_indexes:127 preceding_code = ''.join(128 [seg['code'] for seg in segments[:animated_segment]])129 animated_code = segments[animated_segment]['code']130 following_code = ''.join(131 [seg['code'] for seg in segments[animated_segment + 1:] if132 seg['class'] == 'text' or133 seg['class'] in ['from', 'only'] and134 seg['scene'] < scene_number])135 image_sequence = []136 typing_position = 0137 while typing_position <= len(animated_code):138 typing_position += self._typing_step()139 image_sequence.append(self._create_frame(140 preceding_code +141 animated_code[:typing_position + 1] +142 self._typo() + '\u2588' +143 following_code))144 image_sequence.append(self._create_frame(145 preceding_code + animated_code + following_code))146 all_sequences.append({147 'typing': segments[animated_segment]['time'][0],148 'pause': segments[animated_segment]['time'][1],149 'frames': image_sequence})150 if segments[animated_segment]['class'] == 'only':151 image_sequence = []152 for deleting_position in range(153 len(segments[animated_segment]['code']) - 1,154 -1, -1):155 image_sequence.append(self._create_frame(156 preceding_code +157 animated_code[:deleting_position] + '\u2588' +158 following_code))159 image_sequence.append(self._create_frame(160 preceding_code + following_code))161 all_sequences.append({162 'typing': segments[animated_segment]['time'][2],163 'pause': segments[animated_segment]['time'][3],164 'frames': image_sequence})165 return all_sequences166 def animate(self, verbose = True):167 temp_prefix = f'/tmp/typing.tmp.{getpid()}_'168 ffmpeg_options = '-vf fps=30 -vcodec libx264 -b:v 20M -s 1280x720 '169 # scene_frames_count = []170 concatation = ''171 scene_frame_counter = 0 # for scene sequence in filenames172 for scene_counter in range(self.scene_counter + 1):173 if verbose:...

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...42 if len(data) > 2:43 l = struct.unpack('>H', data[:2])[0]44 yield self.Packet(self.FrameType(type), data[2:2+l], frameno, dest)45 data = data[2+l:]46 def _create_frame(self, packets, type):47 """48 create 1 frame49 the total size of the frame must fit the link mtu50 """51 fr = bytearray()52 fr += struct.pack('>H', type.value)53 fr += struct.pack('>H', len(packets))54 frameno = self.next_frameno()55 fr += struct.pack('>Q', frameno)56 for pkt in packets:57 fr += struct.pack('>H', len(pkt))58 fr += pkt59 return self.Packet(type, fr, frameno, None)60 def createFrames(self, packets, type):61 """62 :param packets: a list of Packet instances63 :param type: link level frame type64 :returns a generator yielding each frame created:65 """66 if len(packets) > 0:67 current_frame_packets = list()68 current_frame_size = self._frame_overhead69 for pkt in packets:70 if current_frame_size + len(pkt) < self.mtu:71 current_frame_packets.append(pkt)72 current_frame_size += len(pkt) + self._packet_overhead73 else:74 yield self._create_frame(current_frame_packets, type)75 current_frame_packets = list()76 yield self._create_frame(current_frame_packets, type)77class Flat(Clumping):78 """79 subset of the clumping protocol that doesn't actually clump80 """81 def createFrames(self, packets, type):82 for pkt in packets:83 yield self._create_frame([pkt], type)84 85 86class BencodeRPC:87 """88 bencoded rpc protocol89 """...

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