How to use _create_recovery_agent_tasks method in autotest

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...375 return bool(models.SpecialTask.objects.filter(,376 is_active=False,377 is_complete=False))378 def _recover_processes(self):379 agent_tasks = self._create_recovery_agent_tasks()380 self._register_pidfiles(agent_tasks)381 _drone_manager.refresh()382 self._recover_tasks(agent_tasks)383 self._recover_pending_entries()384 self._check_for_unrecovered_verifying_entries()385 self._reverify_remaining_hosts()386 # reinitialize drones after killing orphaned processes, since they can387 # leave around files when they die388 _drone_manager.execute_actions()389 _drone_manager.reinitialize_drones()390 def _create_recovery_agent_tasks(self):391 return (self._get_queue_entry_agent_tasks()392 + self._get_special_task_agent_tasks(is_active=True))393 def _get_queue_entry_agent_tasks(self):394 """395 Get agent tasks for all hqe in the specified states.396 Loosely this translates to taking a hqe in one of the specified states,397 say parsing, and getting an AgentTask for it, like the FinalReparseTask,398 through _get_agent_task_for_queue_entry. Each queue entry can only have399 one agent task at a time, but there might be multiple queue entries in400 the group.401 @return: A list of AgentTasks.402 """403 # host queue entry statuses handled directly by AgentTasks (Verifying is404 # handled through SpecialTasks, so is not listed here)...

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