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...130 logging.debug('Failed to create %s', path)131 raise error.AutoservInstallError(132 'Unable to find a place to install Autotest; tried %s' %133 ', '.join(client_autodir_paths))134 def _create_test_output_dir(self, host, autodir):135 tmpdir = os.path.join(autodir, 'tmp')136 state_autodir = settings.get_value('COMMON', 'test_output_dir',137 default=tmpdir)138'mkdir -p %s' % utils.sh_escape(state_autodir))139 def get_fetch_location(self):140 repos = settings.get_value("PACKAGES", 'fetch_location', type=list,141 default=[])142 repos.reverse()143 return repos144 def install(self, host=None, autodir=None):145 self._install(host=host, autodir=autodir)146 def install_full_client(self, host=None, autodir=None):147 self._install(host=host, autodir=autodir, use_autoserv=False,148 use_packaging=False)149 def install_no_autoserv(self, host=None, autodir=None):150 self._install(host=host, autodir=autodir, use_autoserv=False)151 def _install_using_packaging(self, host, autodir):152 repos = self.get_fetch_location()153 if not repos:154 raise error.PackageInstallError("No repos to install an "155 "autotest client from")156 pkgmgr = packages.PackageManager(autodir, hostname=host.hostname,157 repo_urls=repos,158 do_locking=False,159,160 run_function_dargs=dict(timeout=600))161 # The packages dir is used to store all the packages that162 # are fetched on that client. (for the tests,deps etc.163 # too apart from the client)164 pkg_dir = os.path.join(autodir, 'packages')165 # clean up the autodir except for the packages directory166'cd %s && ls | grep -v "^packages$"'167 ' | xargs rm -rf && rm -rf .[^.]*' % autodir)168 pkgmgr.install_pkg('autotest', 'client', pkg_dir, autodir,169 preserve_install_dir=True)170 self._create_test_output_dir(host, autodir)171"Installation of autotest completed")172 self.installed = True173 def _install_using_send_file(self, host, autodir):174 dirs_to_exclude = set(["tests", "site_tests", "deps", "profilers"])175 light_files = [os.path.join(self.source_material, f)176 for f in os.listdir(self.source_material)177 if f not in dirs_to_exclude]178 # there should be one and only one grubby tarball179 grubby_glob = os.path.join(self.source_material,180 "deps/grubby/grubby-*.tar.bz2")181 grubby_tarball_paths = glob.glob(grubby_glob)182 if grubby_tarball_paths:183 grubby_tarball_path = grubby_tarball_paths[0]184 if os.path.exists(grubby_tarball_path):185 light_files.append(grubby_tarball_path)186 host.send_file(light_files, autodir, delete_dest=True)187 profilers_autodir = os.path.join(autodir, 'profilers')188 profilers_init = os.path.join(self.source_material, 'profilers',189 '')190"mkdir -p %s" % profilers_autodir)191 host.send_file(profilers_init, profilers_autodir, delete_dest=True)192 dirs_to_exclude.discard("profilers")193 # create empty dirs for all the stuff we excluded194 commands = []195 for path in dirs_to_exclude:196 abs_path = os.path.join(autodir, path)197 abs_path = utils.sh_escape(abs_path)198 commands.append("mkdir -p '%s'" % abs_path)199 commands.append("touch '%s'/" % abs_path)200';'.join(commands))201 def _install(self, host=None, autodir=None, use_autoserv=True,202 use_packaging=True):203 """204 Install autotest.205 :param host A Host instance on which autotest will be installed206 :param autodir Location on the remote host to install to207 :param use_autoserv Enable install modes that depend on the client208 running with the autoserv harness209 :param use_packaging Enable install modes that use the packaging system210 @exception AutoservError If it wasn't possible to install the client211 after trying all available methods212 """213 if not host:214 host = self.host215 if not self.get()217 host.wait_up(timeout=30)218 host.setup()219"Installing autotest on %s", host.hostname)220 if self.server_system_wide_install:221 msg_install = ("Autotest seems to be installed in the "222 "client on a system wide location, proceeding...")223"Verifying client package install")224 if _client_system_wide_install(host):225 self.installed = True227 return228 install_cmd = INSTALL_CLIENT_CMD_MAPPING.get(self.os_vendor, None)229 if install_cmd is not None:230 if _client_system_wide_install(host):233"Autotest seems to be installed in the "234 "client on a system wide location, proceeding...")235 self.installed = True236 return237 raise error.AutoservError("The autotest client package "238 "does not seem to be installed "239 "on %s" % host.hostname)240 # set up the autotest directory on the remote machine241 if not autodir:242 autodir = self.get_install_dir(host)243'Using installation dir %s', autodir)244 host.set_autodir(autodir)245'mkdir -p %s' % utils.sh_escape(autodir))246 # make sure there are no files in $AUTODIR/results247 results_path = os.path.join(autodir, 'results')248'rm -rf %s/*' % utils.sh_escape(results_path),249 ignore_status=True)250 # Fetch the autotest client from the nearest repository251 if use_packaging:252 try:253 self._install_using_packaging(host, autodir)254 self._create_test_output_dir(host, autodir)255"Installation of autotest completed")256 self.installed = True257 return258 except (error.PackageInstallError, error.AutoservRunError,259 SettingsError), e:260"Could not install autotest using the packaging "261 "system: %s. Trying other methods", e)262 # try to install from file or directory263 if self.source_material:264 supports_autoserv_packaging = settings.get_value("PACKAGES",265 "serve_packages_from_autoserv",266 type=bool)267 # Copy autotest recursively268 if supports_autoserv_packaging and use_autoserv:269 self._install_using_send_file(host, autodir)270 else:271 host.send_file(self.source_material, autodir, delete_dest=True)272 self._create_test_output_dir(host, autodir)273"Installation of autotest completed")274 self.installed = True275 return276 raise error.AutoservError('Could not install autotest on '277 'target machine: %s' % def uninstall(self, host=None):279 """280 Uninstall (i.e. delete) autotest. Removes the autotest client install281 from the specified host.282 :params host a Host instance from which the client will be removed283 """284 if not self.installed:285 return286 if self.server_system_wide_install:...

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