How to use _extract_special_params method in autotest

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...649 # see query_objects()650 _SPECIAL_FILTER_KEYS = ('query_start', 'query_limit', 'sort_by',651 'extra_args', 'extra_where', 'no_distinct')652 @classmethod653 def _extract_special_params(cls, filter_data):654 """655 :return: a tuple of dicts (special_params, regular_filters), where656 special_params contains the parameters we handle specially and657 regular_filters is the remaining data to be handled by Django.658 """659 regular_filters = dict(filter_data)660 special_params = {}661 for key in cls._SPECIAL_FILTER_KEYS:662 if key in regular_filters:663 special_params[key] = regular_filters.pop(key)664 return special_params, regular_filters665 @classmethod666 def apply_presentation(cls, query, filter_data):667 """668 Apply presentation parameters -- sorting and paging -- to the given669 query.670 :return: new query with presentation applied671 """672 special_params, _ = cls._extract_special_params(filter_data)673 sort_by = special_params.get('sort_by', None)674 if sort_by:675 assert isinstance(sort_by, list) or isinstance(sort_by, tuple)676 query = query.extra(order_by=sort_by)677 query_start = special_params.get('query_start', None)678 query_limit = special_params.get('query_limit', None)679 if query_start is not None:680 if query_limit is None:681 raise ValueError('Cannot pass query_start without query_limit')682 # query_limit is passed as a page size683 query_limit += query_start684 return query[query_start:query_limit]685 @classmethod686 def query_objects(cls, filter_data, valid_only=True, initial_query=None,687 apply_presentation=True):688 """689 Returns a QuerySet object for querying the given model_class690 with the given filter_data. Optional special arguments in691 filter_data include:692 -query_start: index of first return to return693 -query_limit: maximum number of results to return694 -sort_by: list of fields to sort on. prefixing a '-' onto a695 field name changes the sort to descending order.696 -extra_args: keyword args to pass to query.extra() (see Django697 DB layer documentation)698 -extra_where: extra WHERE clause to append699 -no_distinct: if True, a DISTINCT will not be added to the SELECT700 """701 special_params, regular_filters = cls._extract_special_params(702 filter_data)703 if initial_query is None:704 if valid_only:705 initial_query = cls.get_valid_manager()706 else:707 initial_query = cls.objects708 query = initial_query.filter(**regular_filters)709 use_distinct = not special_params.get('no_distinct', False)710 if use_distinct:711 query = query.distinct()712 extra_args = special_params.get('extra_args', {})713 extra_where = special_params.get('extra_where', None)714 if extra_where:715 # escape %'s...

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