How to use _fill_server_control_namespace method in autotest

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...758 if log_exists:759 return pickle.load(open(self._uncollected_log_file))760 else:761 return []762 def _fill_server_control_namespace(self, namespace, protect=True):763 """764 Prepare a namespace to be used when executing server control files.765 This sets up the control file API by importing modules and making them766 available under the appropriate names within namespace.767 For use by _execute_code().768 Args:769 namespace: The namespace dictionary to fill in.770 protect: Boolean. If True (the default) any operation that would771 clobber an existing entry in namespace will cause an error.772 Raises:773 error.AutoservError: When a name would be clobbered by import.774 """775 def _import_names(module_name, names=()):776 """777 Import a module and assign named attributes into namespace.778 Args:779 module_name: The string module name.780 names: A limiting list of names to import from module_name. If781 empty (the default), all names are imported from the module782 similar to a "from import *" statement.783 Raises:784 error.AutoservError: When a name being imported would clobber785 a name already in namespace.786 """787 module = __import__(module_name, {}, {}, names)788 # No names supplied? Import * from the lowest level module.789 # (Ugh, why do I have to implement this part myself?)790 if not names:791 for submodule_name in module_name.split('.')[1:]:792 module = getattr(module, submodule_name)793 if hasattr(module, '__all__'):794 names = getattr(module, '__all__')795 else:796 names = dir(module)797 # Install each name into namespace, checking to make sure it798 # doesn't override anything that already exists.799 for name in names:800 # Check for conflicts to help prevent future problems.801 if name in namespace and protect:802 if namespace[name] is not getattr(module, name):803 raise error.AutoservError('importing name '804 '%s from %s %r would override %r' %805 (name, module_name, getattr(module, name),806 namespace[name]))807 else:808 # Encourage cleanliness and the use of __all__ for a809 # more concrete API with less surprises on '*' imports.810 warnings.warn('%s (%r) being imported from %s for use '811 'in server control files is not the '812 'first occurrence of that import.' %813 (name, namespace[name], module_name))814 namespace[name] = getattr(module, name)815 # This is the equivalent of prepending a bunch of import statements to816 # the front of the control script.817 namespace.update(os=os, sys=sys, logging=logging)818 _import_names('autotest.server',819 ('hosts', 'autotest_remote', 'standalone_profiler',820 'source_kernel', 'rpm_kernel', 'deb_kernel', 'git_kernel'))821 _import_names('autotest.server.subcommand',822 ('parallel', 'parallel_simple', 'subcommand'))823 _import_names('autotest.server.utils',824 ('run', 'get_tmp_dir', 'sh_escape', 'parse_machine'))825 _import_names('autotest.client.shared.error')826 _import_names('autotest.client.shared.barrier', ('barrier',))827 # Inject ourself as the job object into other classes within the API.828 # (Yuck, this injection is a gross thing be part of a public API. -gps)829 #830 # XXX Base & SiteAutotest do not appear to use .job. Who does?831 namespace['autotest_remote'].Autotest.job = self832 # server.hosts.base_classes.Host uses .job.833 namespace['hosts'].Host.job = self834 namespace['hosts'].factory.ssh_user = self._ssh_user835 namespace['hosts'].factory.ssh_port = self._ssh_port836 namespace['hosts'].factory.ssh_pass = self._ssh_pass837 def _execute_code(self, code_file, namespace, protect=True):838 """839 Execute code using a copy of namespace as a server control script.840 Unless protect_namespace is explicitly set to False, the dict will not841 be modified.842 Args:843 code_file: The filename of the control file to execute.844 namespace: A dict containing names to make available during execution.845 protect: Boolean. If True (the default) a copy of the namespace dict846 is used during execution to prevent the code from modifying its847 contents outside of this function. If False the raw dict is848 passed in and modifications will be allowed.849 """850 if protect:851 namespace = namespace.copy()852 self._fill_server_control_namespace(namespace, protect=protect)853 # TODO: Simplify and get rid of the special cases for only 1 machine.854 if len(self.machines) > 1:855 machines_text = '\n'.join(self.machines) + '\n'856 # Only rewrite the file if it does not match our machine list.857 try:858 machines_f = open(MACHINES_FILENAME, 'r')859 existing_machines_text = machines_f.close()861 except EnvironmentError:862 existing_machines_text = None863 if machines_text != existing_machines_text:864 utils.open_write_close(MACHINES_FILENAME, machines_text)865 execfile(code_file, namespace, namespace)866 def _parse_status(self, new_line):...

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...106 # run method107 self.job.init_parser(results)108 # check109 self.god.check_playback()110 def test_fill_server_control_namespace(self):111 class MockAutotest(object):112 job = None113 class MockHosts(object):114 job = None115 # Verify that the job attributes are injected in the expected place.116 self.god.stub_with(autotest, 'Autotest', MockAutotest)117 self.god.stub_with(hosts, 'Host', MockHosts)118 self.job._fill_server_control_namespace({})119 self.assertEqual(hosts.Host.job, self.job)120 self.assertEqual(autotest.Autotest.job, self.job)121 test_ns = {}122 self.job._fill_server_control_namespace(test_ns)123 # Verify that a few of the expected module exports were loaded.124 self.assertEqual(test_ns['sys'], sys)125 self.assert_('git' in test_ns)126 self.assert_('parallel_simple' in test_ns)127 self.assert_('sh_escape' in test_ns)128 self.assert_('barrier' in test_ns)129 self.assert_('format_error' in test_ns)130 self.assert_('AutoservRebootError' in test_ns)131 # This should not exist, client.common_lib.errors does not export it.132 self.assert_('format_exception' not in test_ns)133 # Replacing something that exists with something else is an error.134 orig_test_ns = {'hosts': 'not the autotest_lib.server.hosts module'}135 test_ns = orig_test_ns.copy()136 self.assertRaises(error.AutoservError,137 self.job._fill_server_control_namespace, test_ns)138 # Replacing something that exists with something else is an error.139 test_ns = orig_test_ns.copy()140 self.assertRaises(error.AutoservError,141 self.job._fill_server_control_namespace, test_ns)142 # Replacing something without protection should succeed.143 test_ns = orig_test_ns.copy()144 self.job._fill_server_control_namespace(test_ns, protect=False)145 self.assertEqual(test_ns['hosts'], hosts)146 # Replacing something with itself should issue a warning.147 test_ns = {'hosts': hosts}148 self.god.stub_function(warnings, 'showwarning')149 warnings.showwarning.expect_call(150 mock.is_instance_comparator(UserWarning), UserWarning,151 mock.is_string_comparator(), mock.is_instance_comparator(int))152 self.job._fill_server_control_namespace(test_ns)153 self.god.check_playback()154 self.assertEqual(test_ns['hosts'], hosts)155 def test_parallel_simple_with_one_machine(self):156 self.job.machines = ["hostname"]157 # setup158 func = self.god.create_mock_function("wrapper")159 # record160 func.expect_call("hostname")161 # run and check162 self.job.parallel_simple(func, self.job.machines)163 self.god.check_playback()164 def test_run_test(self):165 # setup166 self.god.stub_function(self.job.pkgmgr, 'get_package_name')...

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