How to use _find_versionable_baseclass method in autotest

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...2070 :param master_classes: Check and repair only master_class.2071 :type master_classes: list.2072 """2073 if master_classes is None:2074 master_classes = cls._find_versionable_baseclass()2075 for base in master_classes:2076 cls._check_repair_version_class(base)2077 @classmethod2078 def set_priority_class(cls, prioritized_class, group_classes):2079 """2080 Set class priority. Limited only for change bases class priority inside2081 one subclass.__bases__ after that continue to another class.2082 """2083 def change_position(ccls):2084 if VersionableClass not in ccls.__bases__:2085 bases = list(ccls.__bases__)2086 index = None2087 remove_variant = None2088 for i, item in enumerate(ccls.__bases__):2089 if (VersionableClass in item.__bases__ and2090 item.master_class in group_classes):2091 if index is None:2092 index = i2093 if item.master_class is prioritized_class:2094 remove_variant = item2095 bases.remove(item)2096 break2097 else:2098 return2099 bases.insert(index, remove_variant)2100 ccls.__bases__ = tuple(bases)2101 def find_cls(ccls):2102 change_position(ccls)2103 for base in ccls.__bases__:2104 find_cls(base)2105 find_cls(cls)2106 @classmethod2107 def _check_repair_version_class(cls, master_class):2108 version = None2109 for class_version in master_class._find_versionable_subclass():2110 try:2111 version = class_version.get_version()2112 if class_version.is_right_version(version):2113 cls._switch_by_class(class_version)2114 break2115 except NotImplementedError:2116 continue2117 else:2118 cls._switch_by_class(class_version)2119 @classmethod2120 def _find_versionable_baseclass(cls):2121 """2122 Find versionable class in master class.2123 """2124 ver_class = []2125 for superclass in cls.mro():2126 if VersionableClass in superclass.__bases__:2127 ver_class.append(superclass.master_class)2128 return set(ver_class)2129 @classmethod2130 def _find_versionable_subclass(cls):2131 """2132 Find versionable subclasses which subclass.master_class == cls2133 """2134 subclasses = [cls]...

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...101 @param master_classes: Check and repair only master_class.102 @type master_classes: list.103 """104 if master_classes is None:105 master_classes = cls._find_versionable_baseclass()106 for base in master_classes:107 cls._check_repair_version_class(base)108 @classmethod109 def set_priority_class(cls, prioritized_class, group_classes):110 """111 Set class priority. Limited only for change bases class priority inside112 one subclass.__bases__ after that continue to another class.113 """114 def change_position(ccls):115 if not VersionableClass in ccls.__bases__:116 bases = list(ccls.__bases__)117 index = None118 remove_variant = None119 for i, item in enumerate(ccls.__bases__):120 if (VersionableClass in item.__bases__ and121 item.master_class in group_classes):122 if index is None:123 index = i124 if item.master_class is prioritized_class:125 remove_variant = item126 bases.remove(item)127 break128 else:129 return130 bases.insert(index, remove_variant)131 ccls.__bases__ = tuple(bases)132 def find_cls(ccls):133 change_position(ccls)134 for base in ccls.__bases__:135 find_cls(base)136 find_cls(cls)137 @classmethod138 def _check_repair_version_class(cls, master_class):139 version = None140 for class_version in master_class._find_versionable_subclass():141 try:142 version = class_version.get_version()143 if class_version.is_right_version(version):144 cls._switch_by_class(class_version)145 break146 except NotImplementedError:147 continue148 else:149 cls._switch_by_class(class_version)150 @classmethod151 def _find_versionable_baseclass(cls):152 """153 Find versionable class in master class.154 """155 ver_class = []156 for superclass in cls.mro():157 if VersionableClass in superclass.__bases__:158 ver_class.append(superclass.master_class)159 return set(ver_class)160 @classmethod161 def _find_versionable_subclass(cls):162 """163 Find versionable subclasses which subclass.master_class == cls164 """165 subclasses = [cls]...

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