How to use _flush_all_streams method in autotest

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...282 def _push_context(self, context):283 for stream_manager in self._streams:284 stream_manager.on_push_context(context)285 self._context_stack.append(context)286 def _flush_all_streams(self):287 for stream_manager in self._streams:288 stream_manager.flush()289 def _add_log_handlers(self, add_handlers_fn):290 """291 Modify the logging module's registered handlers and push a new context292 onto the stack.293 :param add_handlers_fn: function to modify the registered logging294 handlers. Accepts a context dictionary which may be modified.295 """296 self._flush_all_streams()297 context = self._get_context()298 add_handlers_fn(context)299 self._push_context(context)300 class _TaggingFormatter(logging.Formatter):301 """302 Delegates to a given formatter, but prefixes each line of output with a303 tag.304 """305 def __init__(self, base_formatter, tag):306 self.base_formatter = base_formatter307 prefix = tag + ' : '308 self._fmt = base_formatter._fmt.replace('%(message)s',309 prefix + '%(message)s')310 self.datefmt = base_formatter.datefmt311 def _add_tagging_formatter(self, tag):312 for handler in _current_handlers():313 tagging_formatter = self._TaggingFormatter(handler.formatter, tag)314 handler.setFormatter(tagging_formatter)315 def _do_redirect(self, stream=None, filename=None, level=None,316 clear_other_handlers=False):317 """318 :param clear_other_handlers - if true, clear out all other logging319 handlers.320 """321 assert bool(stream) != bool(filename) # xor322 if not self._started:323 raise RuntimeError('You must call start_logging() before this')324 def add_handler(context):325 if clear_other_handlers:326 self._clear_all_handlers()327 if stream:328 handler = self.logging_config_object.add_stream_handler(stream)329 else:330 handler = self.logging_config_object.add_file_handler(filename)331 if level:332 handler.setLevel(level)333 self._add_log_handlers(add_handler)334 def redirect(self, filename):335 """Redirect output to the specified file"""336 self._do_redirect(filename=filename, clear_other_handlers=True)337 def redirect_to_stream(self, stream):338 """Redirect output to the given stream"""339 self._do_redirect(stream=stream, clear_other_handlers=True)340 def tee_redirect(self, filename, level=None):341 """Tee output to the specified file"""342 self._do_redirect(filename=filename, level=level)343 def tee_redirect_to_stream(self, stream):344 """Tee output to the given stream"""345 self._do_redirect(stream=stream)346 def tee_redirect_debug_dir(self, debug_dir, log_name=None, tag=None):347 """348 Tee output to a full new set of debug logs in the given directory.349 """350 def add_handlers(context):351 if tag:352 self._add_tagging_formatter(tag)353 context['tag_added'] = True354 self.logging_config_object.add_debug_file_handlers(355 debug_dir, log_name=log_name)356 self._add_log_handlers(add_handlers)357 def _restore_context(self, context):358 for stream_handler in self._streams:359 stream_handler.on_restore_context(context)360 # restore logging handlers361 old_handlers = context['old_handlers']362 for handler in _current_handlers() - old_handlers:363 handler.close()364 self._clear_all_handlers()365 for handler in old_handlers:366 logger.addHandler(handler)367 if 'tag_added' in context:368 for handler in _current_handlers():369 tagging_formatter = handler.formatter370 handler.setFormatter(tagging_formatter.base_formatter)371 def _pop_context(self):372 self._flush_all_streams()373 context = self._context_stack.pop()374 self._restore_context(context)375 def undo_redirect(self):376 """377 Undo the last redirection (that hasn't yet been undone).378 If any subprocesses have been launched since the redirection was379 performed, they must have ended by the time this is called. Otherwise,380 this will hang waiting for the logging subprocess to end.381 """382 if not self._context_stack:383 raise RuntimeError('No redirects to undo')384 self._pop_context()385 def restore(self):386 """...

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