How to use _follow_symlink method in autotest

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...245 '''246 self.path = path247 self.global_options_to_add = {}248 self.global_options_to_remove = {}249 self._follow_symlink()250 def _follow_symlink(self):251 '''252 Dereference the path if it's a symlink and make it absolute253 elilo.conf usually is a symlink to the EFI boot partition, so we254 better follow it to the proper location.255 '''256 if os.path.islink(self.path):257 self.path_link = self.path258 self.path = os.path.realpath(self.path_link)259 self.path = os.path.abspath(self.path)260 def add_global_option(self, key, val=None):261 '''262 Adds a global option to the updated elilo configuration file263 :type key: string264 :param key: option name...

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...92 def is_file(self, path_object):93 return == pytsk3.TSK_FS_META_TYPE_REG94 def is_symlink(self, path_object):95 return == pytsk3.TSK_FS_META_TYPE_LNK96 def _follow_symlink(self, parent, path_object):97 # TODO: attempt to follow symlinks with TSK98 #99 # As a temporary fix, downgrade all links to OSFileSystem so that100 # they are still collected101 return OSFileSystem('/').get_fullpath(path_object.path)102 def list_directory(self, path_object):103 if path_object.path in self._entries_cache:104 return self._entries_cache[path_object.path]105 else:106 # Make sure we do not keep more than 10 000 entries in the cache107 if len(self._entries_cache_last) >= 10000:108 first = self._entries_cache_last.popleft()109 del self._entries_cache[first]110 entries = []111 directory = path_object.obj112 if not isinstance(directory, pytsk3.Directory):113 if not self.is_directory(path_object):114 return115 directory = path_object.obj.as_directory()116 for entry in directory:117 if (118 not hasattr(entry, 'info') or119 not hasattr(, 'name') or120 not hasattr(, 'name') or121 in [b'.', b'..'] or122 not hasattr(, 'meta') or123 not hasattr(, 'size') or124 not hasattr(, 'type') or125 not self.is_allocated(entry)126 ):127 continue128 name ='utf-8', errors='replace')129 filepath = os.path.join(path_object.path, name)130 entry_path_object = PathObject(self, name, filepath, entry)131 if == pytsk3.TSK_FS_META_TYPE_LNK:132 symlink_object = self._follow_symlink(path_object, entry_path_object)133 if symlink_object:134 entries.append(symlink_object)135 else:136 entries.append(entry_path_object)137 self._entries_cache[path_object.path] = entries138 self._entries_cache_last.append(entries)139 return entries140 def get_path(self, parent, name):141 for path_object in self.list_directory(parent):142 if os.path.normcase(name) == os.path.normcase( return path_object144 def get_fullpath(self, filepath):145 relative_path = self._relative_path(filepath)146 path_object = next(self._base_generator())...

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