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...69 getpass.getpass = self._old_getpass70 urllib.request._opener = None71 urllib.request.build_opener = self.old_opener72 super(RegisterTestCase, self).tearDown()73 def _get_cmd(self, metadata=None):74 if metadata is None:75 metadata = {'url': 'xxx', 'author': 'xxx',76 'author_email': 'xxx',77 'name': 'xxx', 'version': 'xxx'}78 pkg_info, dist = self.create_dist(**metadata)79 return register(dist)80 def test_create_pypirc(self):81 # this test makes sure a .pypirc file82 # is created when requested.83 # let's create a register instance84 cmd = self._get_cmd()85 # we shouldn't have a .pypirc file yet86 self.assertFalse(os.path.exists(self.rc))87 # patching input and getpass.getpass88 # so register gets happy89 #90 # Here's what we are faking :91 # use your existing login (choice 1.)92 # Username : 'tarek'93 # Password : 'password'94 # Save your login (y/N)? : 'y'95 inputs = Inputs('1', 'tarek', 'y')96 register_module.input = inputs.__call__97 # let's run the command98 try:99 finally:101 del register_module.input102 # we should have a brand new .pypirc file103 self.assertTrue(os.path.exists(self.rc))104 # with the content similar to WANTED_PYPIRC105 f = open(self.rc)106 try:107 content = self.assertEqual(content, WANTED_PYPIRC)109 finally:110 f.close()111 # now let's make sure the .pypirc file generated112 # really works : we shouldn't be asked anything113 # if we run the command again114 def _no_way(prompt=''):115 raise AssertionError(prompt)116 register_module.input = _no_way117 cmd.show_response = 1118 # let's see what the server received : we should120 # have 2 similar requests121 self.assertEqual(len(self.conn.reqs), 2)122 req1 = dict(self.conn.reqs[0].headers)123 req2 = dict(self.conn.reqs[1].headers)124 self.assertEqual(req1['Content-length'], '1374')125 self.assertEqual(req2['Content-length'], '1374')126 self.assertIn(b'xxx', self.conn.reqs[1].data)127 def test_password_not_in_file(self):128 self.write_file(self.rc, PYPIRC_NOPASSWORD)129 cmd = self._get_cmd()130 cmd._set_config()131 cmd.finalize_options()132 cmd.send_metadata()133 # dist.password should be set134 # therefore used afterwards by other commands135 self.assertEqual(cmd.distribution.password, 'password')136 def test_registering(self):137 # this test runs choice 2138 cmd = self._get_cmd()139 inputs = Inputs('2', 'tarek', '')140 register_module.input = inputs.__call__141 try:142 # let's run the command143 finally:145 del register_module.input146 # we should have send a request147 self.assertEqual(len(self.conn.reqs), 1)148 req = self.conn.reqs[0]149 headers = dict(req.headers)150 self.assertEqual(headers['Content-length'], '608')151 self.assertIn(b'tarek', def test_password_reset(self):153 # this test runs choice 3154 cmd = self._get_cmd()155 inputs = Inputs('3', '')156 register_module.input = inputs.__call__157 try:158 # let's run the command159 finally:161 del register_module.input162 # we should have send a request163 self.assertEqual(len(self.conn.reqs), 1)164 req = self.conn.reqs[0]165 headers = dict(req.headers)166 self.assertEqual(headers['Content-length'], '290')167 self.assertIn(b'tarek', @unittest.skipUnless(docutils is not None, 'needs docutils')169 def test_strict(self):170 # testing the script option171 # when on, the register command stops if172 # the metadata is incomplete or if173 # long_description is not reSt compliant174 # empty metadata175 cmd = self._get_cmd({})176 cmd.ensure_finalized()177 cmd.strict = 1178 self.assertRaises(DistutilsSetupError, # metadata are OK but long_description is broken180 metadata = {'url': 'xxx', 'author': 'xxx',181 'author_email': 'éxéxé',182 'name': 'xxx', 'version': 'xxx',183 'long_description': 'title\n==\n\ntext'}184 cmd = self._get_cmd(metadata)185 cmd.ensure_finalized()186 cmd.strict = 1187 self.assertRaises(DistutilsSetupError, # now something that works189 metadata['long_description'] = 'title\n=====\n\ntext'190 cmd = self._get_cmd(metadata)191 cmd.ensure_finalized()192 cmd.strict = 1193 inputs = Inputs('1', 'tarek', 'y')194 register_module.input = inputs.__call__195 # let's run the command196 try:197 finally:199 del register_module.input200 # strict is not by default201 cmd = self._get_cmd()202 cmd.ensure_finalized()203 inputs = Inputs('1', 'tarek', 'y')204 register_module.input = inputs.__call__205 # let's run the command206 try:207 finally:209 del register_module.input210 # and finally a Unicode test (bug #12114)211 metadata = {'url': 'xxx', 'author': '\u00c9ric',212 'author_email': 'xxx', 'name': 'xxx',213 'version': 'xxx',214 'description': 'Something about esszet \u00df',215 'long_description': 'More things about esszet \u00df'}216 cmd = self._get_cmd(metadata)217 cmd.ensure_finalized()218 cmd.strict = 1219 inputs = Inputs('1', 'tarek', 'y')220 register_module.input = inputs.__call__221 # let's run the command222 try:223 finally:225 del register_module.input226 @unittest.skipUnless(docutils is not None, 'needs docutils')227 def test_register_invalid_long_description(self):228 description = ':funkie:`str`' # mimic Sphinx-specific markup229 metadata = {'url': 'xxx', 'author': 'xxx',230 'author_email': 'xxx',231 'name': 'xxx', 'version': 'xxx',232 'long_description': description}233 cmd = self._get_cmd(metadata)234 cmd.ensure_finalized()235 cmd.strict = True236 inputs = Inputs('2', 'tarek', '')237 register_module.input = inputs238 self.addCleanup(delattr, register_module, 'input')239 self.assertRaises(DistutilsSetupError, def test_check_metadata_deprecated(self):241 # makes sure make_metadata is deprecated242 cmd = self._get_cmd()243 with check_warnings() as w:244 warnings.simplefilter("always")245 cmd.check_metadata()246 self.assertEqual(len(w.warnings), 1)247 def test_list_classifiers(self):248 cmd = self._get_cmd()249 cmd.list_classifiers = 1250 results = self.get_logs(INFO)252 self.assertEqual(results, ['running check', 'xxx'])253 def test_show_response(self):254 # test that the --show-response option return a well formatted response255 cmd = self._get_cmd()256 inputs = Inputs('1', 'tarek', 'y')257 register_module.input = inputs.__call__258 cmd.show_response = 1259 try:260 finally:262 del register_module.input263 results = self.get_logs(INFO)264 self.assertEqual(results[3], 75 * '-' + '\nxxx\n' + 75 * '-')265def test_suite():266 return unittest.makeSuite(RegisterTestCase)267if __name__ == "__main__":...

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