How to use _get_consistent_execution_path method in autotest

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...45 """46 hqe = models.HostQueueEntry.objects.get(id=hqe_id)47 hqes = hqe.job.hostqueueentry_set.all()48 try:49 _get_consistent_execution_path(hqes)50 except _ExecutionPathError:51 return True52 return False53# TODO( This is temporary to enable toggling54# lucifer rollouts with an option.55def spawn_starting_job_handler(manager, job):56 """Spawn job_reporter to handle a job.57 Pass all arguments by keyword.58 @param manager: scheduler.drone_manager.DroneManager instance59 @param job: Job instance60 @returns: Drone instance61 """62 raise NotImplementedError63# TODO( This is temporary to enable toggling64# lucifer rollouts with an option.65def spawn_gathering_job_handler(manager, job, autoserv_exit, pidfile_id=None):66 """Spawn job_reporter to handle a job.67 Pass all arguments by keyword.68 @param manager: scheduler.drone_manager.DroneManager instance69 @param job: Job instance70 @param autoserv_exit: autoserv exit status71 @param pidfile_id: PidfileId instance72 @returns: Drone instance73 """74 manager = _DroneManager(manager)75 if pidfile_id is None:76 drone = manager.pick_drone_to_use()77 else:78 drone = manager.get_drone_for_pidfile(pidfile_id)79 results_dir = _results_dir(manager, job)80 num_tests_failed = manager.get_num_tests_failed(pidfile_id)81 args = [82 _JOB_REPORTER_PATH,83 # General configuration84 '--jobdir', _get_jobdir(),85 '--run-job-path', _get_run_job_path(),86 '--watcher-path', _get_watcher_path(),87 # Job specific88 '--job-id', str(,89 '--lucifer-level', 'GATHERING',90 '--autoserv-exit', str(autoserv_exit),91 '--need-gather',92 '--num-tests-failed', str(num_tests_failed),93 '--results-dir', results_dir,94 ]95 if _get_gcp_creds():96 args = [97 'GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=%s'98 % pipes.quote(_get_gcp_creds()),99 ] + args100 output_file = os.path.join(results_dir, 'job_reporter_output.log')101 drone.spawn(_ENV, args, output_file=output_file)102 return drone103# TODO( This is temporary to enable toggling104# lucifer rollouts with an option.105def spawn_parsing_job_handler(manager, job, autoserv_exit, pidfile_id=None):106 """Spawn job_reporter to handle a job.107 Pass all arguments by keyword.108 @param manager: scheduler.drone_manager.DroneManager instance109 @param job: Job instance110 @param autoserv_exit: autoserv exit status111 @param pidfile_id: PidfileId instance112 @returns: Drone instance113 """114 manager = _DroneManager(manager)115 if pidfile_id is None:116 drone = manager.pick_drone_to_use()117 else:118 drone = manager.get_drone_for_pidfile(pidfile_id)119 results_dir = _results_dir(manager, job)120 args = [121 _JOB_REPORTER_PATH,122 # General configuration123 '--jobdir', _get_jobdir(),124 '--run-job-path', _get_run_job_path(),125 '--watcher-path', _get_watcher_path(),126 # Job specific127 '--job-id', str(,128 '--lucifer-level', 'GATHERING',129 '--autoserv-exit', str(autoserv_exit),130 '--results-dir', results_dir,131 ]132 if _get_gcp_creds():133 args = [134 'GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=%s'135 % pipes.quote(_get_gcp_creds()),136 ] + args137 output_file = os.path.join(results_dir, 'job_reporter_output.log')138 drone.spawn(_ENV, args, output_file=output_file)139 return drone140def _get_jobdir():141 return _config.get_config_value(_SECTION, 'jobdir')142def _get_run_job_path():143 return os.path.join(_get_binaries_path(), 'lucifer_run_job')144def _get_watcher_path():145 return os.path.join(_get_binaries_path(), 'lucifer_watcher')146def _get_binaries_path():147 """Get binaries dir path from config.."""148 return _config.get_config_value(_SECTION, 'binaries_path')149def _get_gcp_creds():150 """Return path to GCP service account credentials.151 This is the empty string by default, if no credentials will be used.152 """153 return _config.get_config_value(_SECTION, 'gcp_creds', default='')154class _DroneManager(object):155 """Simplified drone API."""156 def __init__(self, old_manager):157 """Initialize instance.158 @param old_manager: old style DroneManager159 """160 self._manager = old_manager161 def get_num_tests_failed(self, pidfile_id):162 """Return the number of tests failed for autoserv by pidfile.163 @param pidfile_id: PidfileId instance.164 @returns: int (-1 if missing)165 """166 state = self._manager.get_pidfile_contents(pidfile_id)167 if state.num_tests_failed is None:168 return -1169 return state.num_tests_failed170 def get_drone_for_pidfile(self, pidfile_id):171 """Return a drone to use from a pidfile.172 @param pidfile_id: PidfileId instance.173 """174 return _wrap_drone(self._manager.get_drone_for_pidfile_id(pidfile_id))175 def pick_drone_to_use(self, num_processes=1, prefer_ssp=False):176 """Return a drone to use.177 Various options can be passed to optimize drone selection.178 @param num_processes: number of processes the drone is intended179 to run180 @param prefer_ssp: indicates whether drones supporting181 server-side packaging should be preferred. The returned182 drone is not guaranteed to support it.183 """184 old_drone = self._manager.pick_drone_to_use(185 num_processes=num_processes,186 prefer_ssp=prefer_ssp,187 )188 return _wrap_drone(old_drone)189 def absolute_path(self, path):190 """Return absolute path for drone results.191 The returned path might be remote.192 """193 return self._manager.absolute_path(path)194def _wrap_drone(old_drone):195 """Wrap an old style drone."""196 host = old_drone._host197 if isinstance(host, local_host.LocalHost):198 return LocalDrone()199 elif isinstance(host, ssh_host.SSHHost):200 return RemoteDrone(host)201 else:202 raise TypeError('Drone has an unknown host type')203def _results_dir(manager, job):204 """Return results dir for a job.205 Path may be on a remote host.206 """207 return manager.absolute_path(_working_directory(job))208def _working_directory(job):209 return _get_consistent_execution_path(job.hostqueueentry_set.all())210def _get_consistent_execution_path(execution_entries):211 first_execution_path = execution_entries[0].execution_path()212 for execution_entry in execution_entries[1:]:213 if execution_entry.execution_path() != first_execution_path:214 raise _ExecutionPathError(215 '%s (%s) != %s (%s)'216 % (execution_entry.execution_path(),217 execution_entry,218 first_execution_path,219 execution_entries[0]))220 return first_execution_path221class _ExecutionPathError(Exception):222 """Raised by _get_consistent_execution_path()."""223class Drone(object):224 """Simplified drone API."""225 def hostname(self):226 """Return the hostname of the drone."""227 def spawn(self, path, args, output_file):228 """Spawn an independent process.229 path must be an absolute path. path may be on a remote machine.230 args is a list of arguments.231 The process is spawned in its own session. It should not try to232 obtain a controlling terminal.233 The new process will have stdin opened to /dev/null and stdout,234 stderr opened to output_file.235 output_file is a pathname, but how it is interpreted is236 implementation defined, e.g., it may be a remote file....

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