How to use _get_iteration_subdir method in autotest

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...165 return self.sysinfodir166 else:167 boot_dir = "boot.%d" % (reboot_count - 1)168 return os.path.join(self.sysinfodir, boot_dir)169 def _get_iteration_subdir(self, test, iteration):170 iter_dir = "iteration.%d" % iteration171 logdir = os.path.join(self._get_sysinfodir(test.outputdir), iter_dir)172 if not os.path.exists(logdir):173 os.mkdir(logdir)174 return logdir175 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("post-reboot sysinfo error:")176 def log_per_reboot_data(self):177 """ Logging hook called whenever a job starts, and again after178 any reboot. """179 logdir = self._get_boot_subdir(next=True)180 if not os.path.exists(logdir):181 os.mkdir(logdir)182 for log in (self.test_loggables | self.boot_loggables):183 # also log any installed packages185 installed_path = os.path.join(logdir, "installed_packages")186 installed_packages = "\n".join(package.list_all()) + "\n"187 utils.open_write_close(installed_path, installed_packages)188 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("pre-test sysinfo error:")189 def log_before_each_test(self, test):190 """ Logging hook called before a test starts. """191 self._installed_packages = package.list_all()192 if os.path.exists("/var/log/messages"):193 stat = os.stat("/var/log/messages")194 self._messages_size = stat.st_size195 self._messages_inode = stat.st_ino196 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("post-test sysinfo error:")197 def log_after_each_test(self, test):198 """ Logging hook called after a test finishs. """199 test_sysinfodir = self._get_sysinfodir(test.outputdir)200 # create a symlink in the test sysinfo dir to the current boot201 reboot_dir = self._get_boot_subdir()202 assert os.path.exists(reboot_dir)203 symlink_dest = os.path.join(test_sysinfodir, "reboot_current")204 symlink_src = utils.get_relative_path(reboot_dir,205 os.path.dirname(symlink_dest))206 try:207 os.symlink(symlink_src, symlink_dest)208 except Exception, e:209 raise Exception, '%s: whilst linking %s to %s' % (e, symlink_src,210 symlink_dest)211 # run all the standard logging commands212 for log in self.test_loggables:213 # grab any new data from /var/log/messages215 self._log_messages(test_sysinfodir)216 # log some sysinfo data into the test keyval file217 keyval = self.log_test_keyvals(test_sysinfodir)218 test.write_test_keyval(keyval)219 # log any changes to installed packages220 old_packages = set(self._installed_packages)221 new_packages = set(package.list_all())222 added_path = os.path.join(test_sysinfodir, "added_packages")223 added_packages = "\n".join(new_packages - old_packages) + "\n"224 utils.open_write_close(added_path, added_packages)225 removed_path = os.path.join(test_sysinfodir, "removed_packages")226 removed_packages = "\n".join(old_packages - new_packages) + "\n"227 utils.open_write_close(removed_path, removed_packages)228 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("pre-test siteration sysinfo error:")229 def log_before_each_iteration(self, test, iteration=None):230 """ Logging hook called before a test iteration."""231 if not iteration:232 iteration = test.iteration233 logdir = self._get_iteration_subdir(test, iteration)234 for log in self.before_iteration_loggables:235 @log.log_and_ignore_errors("post-test siteration sysinfo error:")237 def log_after_each_iteration(self, test, iteration=None):238 """ Logging hook called after a test iteration."""239 if not iteration:240 iteration = test.iteration241 logdir = self._get_iteration_subdir(test, iteration)242 for log in self.after_iteration_loggables:243 def _log_messages(self, logdir):245 """ Log all of the new data in /var/log/messages. """246 try:247 # log all of the new data in /var/log/messages248 bytes_to_skip = 0249 if hasattr(self, "_messages_size"):250 current_inode = os.stat("/var/log/messages").st_ino251 if current_inode == self._messages_inode:252 bytes_to_skip = self._messages_size253 in_messages = open("/var/log/messages")254 out_messages = open(os.path.join(logdir, "messages"), "w")...

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