How to use _get_service_command_generator method in autotest

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...571 except NameError:572 result_parser = _result_parsers[get_name_of_init(run)]573 _service_result_parser = _ServiceResultParser(result_parser)574 return _service_result_parser575def _get_service_command_generator( """577 Lazy initializer for ServiceCommandGenerator using the auto-detect init command.578 :return: ServiceCommandGenerator for the current init command.579 :rtype: _ServiceCommandGenerator580 """581 # _service_command_generator is explicitly undefined so that we get the NameError on first access582 # pylint: disable=W0601583 global _service_command_generator584 try:585 return _service_command_generator586 except NameError:587 command_generator = _command_generators[get_name_of_init(run)]588 _service_command_generator = _ServiceCommandGenerator(589 command_generator)590 return _service_command_generator591def ServiceManager( """593 Detect which init program is being used, init or systemd and return a594 class has methods to start/stop services.595 # Get the system service manager596 service_manager = ServiceManager()597 # Stating service/unit "sshd"598 service_manager.start("sshd")599 # Getting a list of available units600 units = service_manager.list()601 # Disabling and stopping a list of services602 services_to_disable = ['ntpd', 'httpd']603 for s in services_to_disable:604 service_manager.disable(s)605 service_manager.stop(s)606 :return: SysVInitServiceManager or SystemdServiceManager607 :rtype: _GenericServiceManager608 """609 service_manager = _service_managers[get_name_of_init(run)]610 # _service_command_generator is explicitly undefined so that we get the NameError on first access611 # pylint: disable=W0601612 global _service_manager613 try:614 return _service_manager615 except NameError:616 _service_manager = service_manager(_get_service_command_generator(run),617 _get_service_result_parser(run))618 return _service_manager619def _auto_create_specific_service_result_parser( """621 Create a class that will create partial functions that generate result_parser622 for the current init command.623 :return: A ServiceResultParser for the auto-detected init command.624 :rtype: _ServiceResultParser625 """626 result_parser = _result_parsers[get_name_of_init(run)]627 # remove list method628 command_list = [c for c in COMMANDS if c not in ["list", "set_target"]]629 return _ServiceResultParser(result_parser, command_list)630def _auto_create_specific_service_command_generator(

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