How to use _get_unassigned_entries method in autotest

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...504 if agent_task.monitor and agent_task.monitor.has_process():505 orphans.discard(agent_task.monitor.get_process())506 self.add_agent_task(agent_task)507 self._check_for_remaining_orphan_processes(orphans)508 def _get_unassigned_entries(self, status):509 for entry in scheduler_models.HostQueueEntry.fetch(where="status = '%s'"510 % status):511 if entry.status == status and not self.get_agents_for_entry(entry):512 # The status can change during iteration, e.g., if # sets a group of queue entries to Starting514 yield entry515 def _check_for_remaining_orphan_processes(self, orphans):516 if not orphans:517 return518 subject = 'Unrecovered orphan autoserv processes remain'519 message = '\n'.join(str(process) for process in orphans)520 email_manager.manager.enqueue_notify_email(subject, message)521 die_on_orphans = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(522 scheduler_config.CONFIG_SECTION, 'die_on_orphans', type=bool)523 if die_on_orphans:524 raise RuntimeError(subject + '\n' + message)525 def _recover_pending_entries(self):526 for entry in self._get_unassigned_entries(527 models.HostQueueEntry.Status.PENDING):528'Recovering Pending entry %s', entry)529 entry.on_pending()530 def _check_for_unrecovered_verifying_entries(self):531 queue_entries = scheduler_models.HostQueueEntry.fetch(532 where='status = "%s"' % models.HostQueueEntry.Status.VERIFYING)533 unrecovered_hqes = []534 for queue_entry in queue_entries:535 special_tasks = models.SpecialTask.objects.filter(536 task__in=(models.SpecialTask.Task.CLEANUP,537 models.SpecialTask.Task.VERIFY),538,539 is_complete=False)540 if special_tasks.count() == 0:...

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...70 tasks = cls._get_tasks_by_topic(tasks, topic)71 incomplete_tasks, incomplete_tasks_num \72 = cls._get_incomplete_tasks(tasks, users_per_task)73 unassigned_entries \74 = cls._get_unassigned_entries(entries, tasks, exclusion)75 polygraphs, total_polygraphs_per_user \76 = cls._get_polygraphs(entries, polygraphs_per_user)77 print(total_polygraphs_per_user)78 return cls(unassigned_entries,79 users, tasks,80 incomplete_tasks,81 incomplete_tasks_num,82 topic,83 users_per_task,84 tasks_per_user,85 polygraphs_per_user,86 total_polygraphs_per_user,87 polygraphs)8889 @classmethod90 def _get_tasks_by_topic(cls,91 tasks: List[Dict],92 topic: str,93 ) -> List[Dict]:94 tasks_with_certain_topic = []95 for task in tasks:96 if task['topic'] == topic:97 tasks_with_certain_topic.append(task)98 return tasks_with_certain_topic99100 @classmethod101 def _get_incomplete_tasks(cls,102 tasks: List[Dict],103 users_per_task: int,104 ) -> Tuple[List[Dict], int]:105 incomplete_tasks = []106 incomplete_tasks_num = 0107108 def _remove_incomplete_user(task: Dict):109 if len(task['submitters']) != len(task['to']):110 removals = []111 for user in task['to']:112 if user not in task['submitters']:113 removals.append(user)114 for user in removals:115 task['to'].remove(user)116117 for task in tasks:118 _remove_incomplete_user(task)119 if len(task['submitters']) < users_per_task:120 incomplete_tasks.append(task)121 incomplete_tasks_num += users_per_task - len(task['submitters'])122 return incomplete_tasks, incomplete_tasks_num123124 @classmethod125 def _get_unassigned_entries(cls,126 entries: List[Dict],127 tasks: List[Dict],128 exclusion: List[str],129 ):130 unassigned_entries = []131 assigned_entries = set([task['entry'] for task in tasks])132 for entry in entries:133 # this entry is a polygraph134 if 'polygraph' in entry:135 continue136 # this entry is exclusive137 if entry['info']['rpId'] in exclusion:138 continue139 # this entry is assigned ...

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