How to use _grab_methods_from method in autotest

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...13 self._rpc_methods = RpcMethodHolder()14 self._dispatcher = serviceHandler.ServiceHandler(self._rpc_methods)15 # store all methods from interface modules16 for module in rpc_interface_modules:17 self._grab_methods_from(module)18 # get documentation for rpc_interface we can send back to the19 # user20 if document_module is None:21 document_module = rpc_interface_modules[0]22 self.html_doc = pydoc.html.document(document_module)23 def get_rpc_documentation(self):24 return rpc_utils.raw_http_response(self.html_doc)25 def raw_request_data(self, request):26 if request.method == 'POST':27 return request.raw_post_data28 return urllib.unquote(request.META['QUERY_STRING'])29 def execute_request(self, json_request):30 return self._dispatcher.handleRequest(json_request)31 def decode_request(self, json_request):32 return self._dispatcher.translateRequest(json_request)33 def dispatch_request(self, decoded_request):34 return self._dispatcher.dispatchRequest(decoded_request)35 def handle_rpc_request(self, request):36 json_request = self.raw_request_data(request)37 result = self.execute_request(json_request)38 return rpc_utils.raw_http_response(result)39 def handle_jsonp_rpc_request(self, request):40 request_data = request.GET['request']41 callback_name = request.GET['callback']42 # callback_name must be a simple identifier43 assert'^\w+$', callback_name)44 result = self.execute_request(request_data)45 padded_result = '%s(%s)' % (callback_name, result)46 return rpc_utils.raw_http_response(padded_result,47 content_type='text/javascript')48 @staticmethod49 def _allow_keyword_args(f):50 """\51 Decorator to allow a function to take keyword args even though52 the RPC layer doesn't support that. The decorated function53 assumes its last argument is a dictionary of keyword args and54 passes them to the original function as keyword args.55 """56 def new_fn(*args):57 assert args58 keyword_args = args[-1]59 args = args[:-1]60 return f(*args, **keyword_args)61 new_fn.func_name = f.func_name62 return new_fn63 def _grab_methods_from(self, module):64 for name in dir(module):65 attribute = getattr(module, name)66 if not callable(attribute):67 continue68 decorated_function = RpcHandler._allow_keyword_args(attribute)...

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