How to use _init_bootloader method in autotest

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...185 manage_stdout_and_stderr=True, redirect_fds=True)186 self.logging.start_logging()187 self._config = config.config(self)188 self.profilers = profilers.profilers(self)189 self._init_bootloader()190 self.machines = [options.hostname]191 self.machine_dict_list = [{'hostname' : options.hostname}]192 # Client side tests should always run the same whether or not they are193 # running in the lab.194 self.in_lab = False195 self.hosts = set([local_host.LocalHost(hostname=options.hostname,196 bootloader=self.bootloader)])197 self.args = []198 if options.args:199 self.args = self._parse_args(options.args)200 if options.user:201 self.user = options.user202 else:203 self.user = getpass.getuser()204 self.sysinfo.log_per_reboot_data()205 if not options.cont:206 self.record('START', None, None)207 self.harness.run_start()208 if options.log:209 self.enable_external_logging()210 self._init_cmdline(extra_copy_cmdline)211 self.num_tests_run = None212 self.num_tests_failed = None213 self.warning_loggers = None214 self.warning_manager = None215 def _init_drop_caches(self, drop_caches):216 """217 Perform the drop caches initialization.218 """219 self.drop_caches_between_iterations = (220 GLOBAL_CONFIG.get_config_value('CLIENT',221 'drop_caches_between_iterations',222 type=bool, default=True))223 self.drop_caches = drop_caches224 if self.drop_caches:225 utils.drop_caches()226 def _init_bootloader(self):227 """228 Perform boottool initialization.229 """230 tool = self.config_get('boottool.executable')231 self.bootloader = boottool.boottool(tool)232 def _init_packages(self):233 """234 Perform the packages support initialization.235 """236 self.pkgmgr = packages.PackageManager(237 self.autodir, run_function_dargs={'timeout':3600})238 def _init_cmdline(self, extra_copy_cmdline):239 """240 Initialize default cmdline for booted kernels in this job....

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...121 self._send_dual_packet(higgs.FPGA_ADDR['eth'], 0, delay)122 self._send_dual_packet(higgs.FPGA_ADDR[fpga], (0x17000000) | 0x1 | 0x2 | 0x4, delay*4) # does this work?123 # dont write the size message for file outputs124 if not self.dump_to_file:125 self._init_bootloader(fpga, delay)126 # long time after first packet to give a slow polling program a chance127 if not self.dump_to_file:128 time.sleep(1.0)129 # number of ringbus messages to send in a single udp packet130 # note that the ringbus address is repeated for every byte so this number should not be more than udpmaxlen / 2131 # (at the moment this method breaks dump_to_file support)132 chunk = 4133 # math for printing, 1/thresh is number of prints134 progress_thresh = 1.0/10.0135 progress_last_p = 0.0136 137 llen = len(self.program_opcode)138 fpga_ttl = higgs.FPGA_ADDR[fpga]139 pp = lambda a : print("Bootloading ({}) {:0.2f}%".format(fpga_ttl,a))140 # printing141 if print_progress:142 print("")143 pp(0)144 sys.stdout.flush()145 for i in range(0,llen, chunk):146 opcodes = self.program_opcode[i:i+chunk]147 self._send_variable_packet(fpga_ttl, opcodes, delay)148 if print_progress:149 progress_at = i/(1.0*llen)150 if progress_at > (progress_last_p + progress_thresh):151 pp(progress_at*100.0)152 sys.stdout.flush()153 progress_last_p += progress_thresh154 if print_progress:155 pp(100)156 print("")157 sys.stdout.flush()158 if not self.dump_to_file:159'%d packets sent', llen)160 # right now eth requires the incoming DMAs to be cleared up after a bootload161 # we send 0x00000000 which is ignored by eth right now162 if fpga == 'eth' and not self.dump_to_file:163'4 extra packets to help eth')164 time.sleep(1.0)165 for _ in range(4):166 self._send_dual_packet(fpga_ttl, 0, delay)167 168 def _init_bootloader(self, fpga, delay):169 filetype = "hex"170 '''Initialize Higgs to prepare bootloading sequence171 Initializing Higgs include telling Higgs which FPGA to bootload and the172 size of bootloader173 Args:174 fpga (str): Name of FPGA to bootload175 delay (float): Time delay between sending each packet176 '''177 # Setting destination FPGA to bootload178 # self._send_packet(FPGA_ADDR[fpga], PACKET_DELAY)179 if filetype == "hex":180 program_len = len(self.program_opcode)181 else:182 program_len = len(self.program_opcode)/2...

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