How to use _installtest method in autotest

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...440 # no func accepts *dargs, so:441 for param in dargs:442 if not param in all_varnames:443 raise error.AutotestError('Unknown parameter: %s' % param)444def _installtest(job, url):445 (group, name) = job.pkgmgr.get_package_name(url, 'test')446 # Bail if the test is already installed447 group_dir = os.path.join(job.testdir, "download", group)448 if os.path.exists(os.path.join(group_dir, name)):449 return (group, name)450 # If the group directory is missing create it and add451 # an empty so that sub-directories are452 # considered for import.453 if not os.path.exists(group_dir):454 os.makedirs(group_dir)455 f = file(os.path.join(group_dir, ''), 'w+')456 f.close()457 print name + ": installing test url=" + url458 tarball = os.path.basename(url)459 tarball_path = os.path.join(group_dir, tarball)460 test_dir = os.path.join(group_dir, name)461 job.pkgmgr.fetch_pkg(tarball, tarball_path,462 repo_url = os.path.dirname(url))463 # Create the directory for the test464 if not os.path.exists(test_dir):465 os.mkdir(os.path.join(group_dir, name))466 job.pkgmgr.untar_pkg(tarball_path, test_dir)467 os.remove(tarball_path)468 # For this 'sub-object' to be importable via the name469 # '' we need to provide an,470 # so link the main entry point to this.471 os.symlink(name + '.py', os.path.join(group_dir, name,472 ''))473 # The test is now installed.474 return (group, name)475def _call_test_function(func, *args, **dargs):476 """Calls a test function and translates exceptions so that errors477 inside test code are considered test failures."""478 try:479 return func(*args, **dargs)480 except error.AutotestError:481 # Pass already-categorized errors on up as is.482 raise483 except Exception, e:484 # Other exceptions must be treated as a FAIL when485 # raised during the test functions486 raise error.UnhandledTestFail(e)487def runtest(job, url, tag, args, dargs,488 local_namespace={}, global_namespace={},489 before_test_hook=None, after_test_hook=None,490 before_iteration_hook=None, after_iteration_hook=None):491 local_namespace = local_namespace.copy()492 global_namespace = global_namespace.copy()493 # if this is not a plain test name then download and install the494 # specified test495 if url.endswith('.tar.bz2'):496 (testgroup, testname) = _installtest(job, url)497 bindir = os.path.join(job.testdir, 'download', testgroup, testname)498 importdir = os.path.join(job.testdir, 'download')499 site_bindir = None500 modulename = '%s.%s' % (re.sub('/', '.', testgroup), testname)501 classname = '%s.%s' % (modulename, testname)502 path = testname503 else:504 # If the test is local, it may be under either testdir or site_testdir.505 # Tests in site_testdir override tests defined in testdir506 testname = path = url507 testgroup = ''508 path = re.sub(':', '/', testname)509 modulename = os.path.basename(path)510 classname = '%s.%s' % (modulename, modulename)...

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