How to use _instance_callable method in autotest

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...90 # because we don't know what type they return91 _kwargs = {}92 elif not _callable(spec):93 Klass = NonCallableMagicMock94 elif is_type and instance and not _instance_callable(spec):95 Klass = NonCallableMagicMock96 _name = _kwargs.pop('name', _name)97 _new_name = _name98 if _parent is None:99 # for a top level object no _new_name should be set100 _new_name = ''101 mock = Klass(parent=_parent, _new_parent=_parent, _new_name=_new_name,102 name=_name, **_kwargs)103 if isinstance(spec, FunctionTypes):104 # should only happen at the top level because we don't105 # recurse for functions106 mock = _set_signature(mock, spec)107 else:108 _check_signature(spec, mock, is_type, instance)...

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1#!/usr/bin/env python32# 2014-10-21T18:12+08:003"""4Benchmark test for list & deque in Python.5This program is inspired by a question on 6 more useful information:8 benchmark test:11"""15import collections16#import inspect17import random18import timeit19#import types20loops = random.randint(10000, 100000)21rng = range(loops)22def benchmark_list_pop_front():23 s = list(rng)24 for i in rng:25 s.pop(0)26def benchmark_list_pop_back():27 s = list(rng)28 for i in rng:29 s.pop(-1)30def benchmark_deque_pop_front():31 q = collections.deque(rng)32 for i in rng:33 q.popleft()34def benchmark_deque_pop_back():35 q = collections.deque(rng)36 for i in rng:37 q.pop()38def benchmark_list_push_front():39 s = []40 for i in rng:41 s.insert(0, None)42def benchmark_list_push_back():43 s = []44 for i in rng:45 s.append(None)46def benchmark_deque_push_front():47 q = collections.deque()48 for i in rng:49 q.appendleft(None)50def benchmark_deque_push_back():51 q = collections.deque()52 for i in rng:53 q.append(None)54if __name__ == '__main__':55 print(loops, 'loops')56 57 for i in dir():58 item = locals()[i]59 # Several ways to check whether an object is callable or not.60 # 0. unittest.mock defines two internal function: _callable, _instance_callable61 # 1. if isinstance(item, collections.Callable) and i.startswith('benchmark'):62 # 2. if isinstance(item, types.FunctionType) and i.startswith('benchmark'):63 # 3. if inspect.isfunction(item) and i.startswith('benchmark'):64 # 4. 65 if hasattr(item, '__call__') and i.startswith('benchmark'):66 print('{}:'.format(i),67 timeit.timeit('{}()'.format(i),68 setup = 'from __main__ import {}'.format(i),69 number = 1)...

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