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...483 runnable_processes = [484 wrapper.drone.max_processes - wrapper.drone.active_processes485 for wrapper in usable_drone_wrappers]486 return max([0] + runnable_processes)487 def _least_loaded_drone(self, drones):488 return min(drones, key=lambda d: d.used_capacity())489 def pick_drone_to_use(self, num_processes=1, prefer_ssp=False):490 """Return a drone to use.491 Various options can be passed to optimize drone selection.492 num_processes is the number of processes the drone is intended493 to run.494 prefer_ssp indicates whether drones supporting server-side495 packaging should be preferred. The returned drone is not496 guaranteed to support it.497 This public API is exposed for luciferlib to wrap.498 Returns a drone instance (see """500 return self._choose_drone_for_execution(501 num_processes=num_processes,502 username=None, # Always allow all drones503 drone_hostnames_allowed=None, # Always allow all drones504 require_ssp=prefer_ssp,505 )506 def _choose_drone_for_execution(self, num_processes, username,507 drone_hostnames_allowed,508 require_ssp=False):509 """Choose a drone to execute command.510 @param num_processes: Number of processes needed for execution.511 @param username: Name of the user to execute the command.512 @param drone_hostnames_allowed: A list of names of drone allowed.513 @param require_ssp: Require server-side packaging to execute the,514 command, default to False.515 @return: A drone object to be used for execution.516 """517 # cycle through drones is order of increasing used capacity until518 # we find one that can handle these processes519 checked_drones = []520 usable_drones = []521 # Drones do not support server-side packaging, used as backup if no522 # drone is found to run command requires server-side packaging.523 no_ssp_drones = []524 drone_to_use = None525 while self._drone_queue:526 drone = heapq.heappop(self._drone_queue).drone527 checked_drones.append(drone)528'Checking drone %s', drone.hostname)529 if not drone.usable_by(username):530 continue531 drone_allowed = (drone_hostnames_allowed is None532 or drone.hostname in drone_hostnames_allowed)533 if not drone_allowed:534 logging.debug('Drone %s not allowed: ', drone.hostname)535 continue536 if require_ssp and not drone.support_ssp:537 logging.debug('Drone %s does not support server-side '538 'packaging.', drone.hostname)539 no_ssp_drones.append(drone)540 continue541 usable_drones.append(drone)542 if drone.active_processes + num_processes <= drone.max_processes:543 drone_to_use = drone544 break545'Drone %s has %d active + %s requested > %s max',546 drone.hostname, drone.active_processes, num_processes,547 drone.max_processes)548 if not drone_to_use and usable_drones:549 # Drones are all over loaded, pick the one with least load.550 drone_summary = ','.join('%s %s/%s' % (drone.hostname,551 drone.active_processes,552 drone.max_processes)553 for drone in usable_drones)554 logging.error('No drone has capacity to handle %d processes (%s) '555 'for user %s', num_processes, drone_summary, username)556 drone_to_use = self._least_loaded_drone(usable_drones)557 elif not drone_to_use and require_ssp and no_ssp_drones:558 # No drone supports server-side packaging, choose the least loaded.559 drone_to_use = self._least_loaded_drone(no_ssp_drones)560 # refill _drone_queue561 for drone in checked_drones:562 self._enqueue_drone(drone)563 return drone_to_use564 def _substitute_working_directory_into_command(self, command,565 working_directory):566 for i, item in enumerate(command):567 if item is WORKING_DIRECTORY:568 command[i] = working_directory569 def execute_command(self, command, working_directory, pidfile_name,570 num_processes, log_file=None, paired_with_pidfile=None,571 username=None, drone_hostnames_allowed=None):572 """573 Execute the given command, taken as an argv list....

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