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...35 return True36def _save_state(details):37 with salt.utils.files.fopen(FILENAME, "wb") as pck:38 pickle.dump(details, pck)39def _load_state():40 try:41 if six.PY3 is True:42 mode = "rb"43 else:44 mode = "r"45 with salt.utils.files.fopen(FILENAME, mode) as pck:46 DETAILS = pickle.load(pck)47 except EOFError:48 DETAILS = {}49 DETAILS["initialized"] = False50 _save_state(DETAILS)51 return DETAILS52# Every proxy module needs an 'init', though you can53# just put DETAILS['initialized'] = True here if nothing54# else needs to be done.55def init(opts):56 log.debug("dummy proxy init() called...")57 DETAILS["initialized"] = True58 _save_state(DETAILS)59def initialized():60 """61 Since grains are loaded in many different places and some of those62 places occur before the proxy can be initialized, return whether63 our init() function has been called64 """65 DETAILS = _load_state()66 return DETAILS.get("initialized", False)67def grains():68 """69 Make up some grains70 """71 DETAILS = _load_state()72 if "grains_cache" not in DETAILS:73 DETAILS["grains_cache"] = {74 "dummy_grain_1": "one",75 "dummy_grain_2": "two",76 "dummy_grain_3": "three",77 }78 _save_state(DETAILS)79 return DETAILS["grains_cache"]80def grains_refresh():81 """82 Refresh the grains83 """84 DETAILS = _load_state()85 DETAILS["grains_cache"] = None86 _save_state(DETAILS)87 return grains()88def fns():89 return {90 "details": "This key is here because a function in "91 "grains/ called fns() here in the proxymodule."92 }93def service_start(name):94 """95 Start a "service" on the dummy server96 """97 DETAILS = _load_state()98 DETAILS["services"][name] = "running"99 _save_state(DETAILS)100 return "running"101def service_stop(name):102 """103 Stop a "service" on the dummy server104 """105 DETAILS = _load_state()106 DETAILS["services"][name] = "stopped"107 _save_state(DETAILS)108 return "stopped"109def service_restart(name):110 """111 Restart a "service" on the REST server112 """113 return True114def service_list():115 """116 List "services" on the REST server117 """118 DETAILS = _load_state()119 return list(DETAILS["services"])120def service_status(name):121 """122 Check if a service is running on the REST server123 """124 DETAILS = _load_state()125 if DETAILS["services"][name] == "running":126 return {"comment": "running"}127 else:128 return {"comment": "stopped"}129def package_list():130 """131 List "packages" installed on the REST server132 """133 DETAILS = _load_state()134 return DETAILS["packages"]135def package_install(name, **kwargs):136 """137 Install a "package" on the REST server138 """139 DETAILS = _load_state()140 if kwargs.get("version", False):141 version = kwargs["version"]142 else:143 version = "1.0"144 DETAILS["packages"][name] = version145 _save_state(DETAILS)146 return {name: version}147def upgrade():148 """149 "Upgrade" packages150 """151 DETAILS = _load_state()152 pkgs = uptodate()153 DETAILS["packages"] = pkgs154 _save_state(DETAILS)155 return pkgs156def uptodate():157 """158 Call the REST endpoint to see if the packages on the "server" are up to date.159 """160 DETAILS = _load_state()161 for p in DETAILS["packages"]:162 version_float = float(DETAILS["packages"][p])163 version_float = version_float + 1.0164 DETAILS["packages"][p] = six.text_type(version_float)165 return DETAILS["packages"]166def package_remove(name):167 """168 Remove a "package" on the REST server169 """170 DETAILS = _load_state()171 DETAILS["packages"].pop(name)172 _save_state(DETAILS)173 return DETAILS["packages"]174def package_status(name):175 """176 Check the installation status of a package on the REST server177 """178 DETAILS = _load_state()179 if name in DETAILS["packages"]:180 return {name: DETAILS["packages"][name]}181def ping():182 """183 Degenerate ping184 """185 log.debug("dummy proxy returning ping")186 return True187def shutdown(opts):188 """189 For this proxy shutdown is a no-op190 """191 log.debug("dummy proxy shutdown() called...")192 DETAILS = _load_state()193 if "filename" in DETAILS:194 os.unlink(DETAILS["filename"])195def test_from_state():196 """197 Test function so we have something to call from a state198 :return:199 """200 log.debug("test_from_state called")...

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