How to use _log_abort method in autotest

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...991 _drone_manager.write_lines_to_file(992 os.path.join(self._working_directory(), 'status.log'),993 ['INFO\t----\t----\t' + comment],994 paired_with_process=self.monitor.get_process())995 def _log_abort(self):996 if not self.monitor or not self.monitor.has_process():997 return998 # build up sets of all the aborted_by and aborted_on values999 aborted_by, aborted_on = set(), set()1000 for queue_entry in self.queue_entries:1001 if queue_entry.aborted_by:1002 aborted_by.add(queue_entry.aborted_by)1003 t = int(time.mktime(queue_entry.aborted_on.timetuple()))1004 aborted_on.add(t)1005 # extract some actual, unique aborted by value and write it out1006 # TODO(showard): this conditional is now obsolete, we just need to leave1007 # it in temporarily for backwards compatibility over upgrades. delete1008 # soon.1009 assert len(aborted_by) <= 11010 if len(aborted_by) == 1:1011 aborted_by_value = aborted_by.pop()1012 aborted_on_value = max(aborted_on)1013 else:1014 aborted_by_value = 'autotest_system'1015 aborted_on_value = int(time.time())1016 self._write_keyval_after_job("aborted_by", aborted_by_value)1017 self._write_keyval_after_job("aborted_on", aborted_on_value)1018 aborted_on_string = str(datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(1019 aborted_on_value))1020 self._write_status_comment('Job aborted by %s on %s' %1021 (aborted_by_value, aborted_on_string))1022 def abort(self):1023 super(AbstractQueueTask, self).abort()1024 self._log_abort()1025 self._finish_task()1026 def epilog(self):1027 super(AbstractQueueTask, self).epilog()1028 self._finish_task()1029class QueueTask(AbstractQueueTask):1030 def __init__(self, queue_entries):1031 super(QueueTask, self).__init__(queue_entries)1032 self._set_ids(queue_entries=queue_entries)1033 def prolog(self):1034 self._check_queue_entry_statuses(1035 self.queue_entries,1036 allowed_hqe_statuses=(models.HostQueueEntry.Status.STARTING,1037 models.HostQueueEntry.Status.RUNNING),1038 allowed_host_statuses=(models.Host.Status.PENDING,...

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