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1# Copyright 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.2# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be3# found in the LICENSE file.4import atexit5import fcntl6import json7import os8import sys9import time10import threading11_lock = threading.Lock()12_enabled = False13_log_file = None14_cur_events = [] # events that have yet to be buffered15_tls = threading.local() # tls used to detect forking/etc16_atexit_regsitered_for_pid = None17_control_allowed = True18class TraceException(Exception):19 pass20def _note(msg, *args):21 pass22# print "%i: %s" % (os.getpid(), msg)23def _locked(fn):24 def locked_fn(*args,**kwargs):25 _lock.acquire()26 try:27 ret = fn(*args,**kwargs)28 finally:29 _lock.release()30 return ret31 return locked_fn32def _disallow_tracing_control():33 global _control_allowed34 _control_allowed = False35def trace_enable(log_file=None):36 _trace_enable(log_file)37 38@_locked39def _trace_enable(log_file=None):40 global _enabled41 if _enabled:42 raise TraceException("Already enabled")43 if not _control_allowed:44 raise TraceException("Tracing control not allowed in child processes.")45 _enabled = True46 global _log_file47 if log_file == None:48 if sys.argv[0] == '':49 n = 'trace_event'50 else:51 n = sys.argv[0]52 log_file = open("%s.json" % n, "ab", False)53 _note("trace_event: tracelog name is %s.json" % n)54 elif isinstance(log_file, basestring):55 _note("trace_event: tracelog name is %s" % log_file)56 log_file = open("%s" % log_file, "ab", False)57 elif not hasattr(log_file, 'fileno'):58 raise TraceException("Log file must be None, a string, or a file-like object with a fileno()")59 _log_file = log_file60 fcntl.lockf(_log_file.fileno(), fcntl.LOCK_EX)61, os.SEEK_END)62 lastpos = _log_file.tell()63 creator = lastpos == 064 if creator:65 _note("trace_event: Opened new tracelog, lastpos=%i", lastpos)66 _log_file.write('[')67 tid = threading.current_thread().ident68 if not tid:69 tid = os.getpid()70 x = {"ph": "M", "category": "process_argv",71 "pid": os.getpid(), "tid": threading.current_thread().ident,72 "ts": time.time(),73 "name": "process_argv", "args": {"argv": sys.argv}}74 _log_file.write("%s\n" % json.dumps(x))75 else:76 _note("trace_event: Opened existing tracelog")77 _log_file.flush()78 fcntl.lockf(_log_file.fileno(), fcntl.LOCK_UN)79@_locked80def trace_flush():81 if _enabled:82 _flush()83@_locked84def trace_disable():85 global _enabled86 if not _control_allowed:87 raise TraceException("Tracing control not allowed in child processes.")88 if not _enabled:89 return90 _enabled = False91 _flush(close=True)92def _flush(close=False):93 global _log_file94 fcntl.lockf(_log_file.fileno(), fcntl.LOCK_EX)95, os.SEEK_END)96 if len(_cur_events):97 _log_file.write(",\n")98 _log_file.write(",\n".join([json.dumps(e) for e in _cur_events]))99 del _cur_events[:]100 if close:101 # We might not be the only process writing to this logfile. So,102 # we will simply close the file rather than writign the trailing ] that103 # it technically requires. The trace viewer understands that this may happen104 # and will insert a trailing ] during loading.105 pass106 _log_file.flush()107 fcntl.lockf(_log_file.fileno(), fcntl.LOCK_UN)108 if close:109 _note("trace_event: Closed")110 _log_file.close()111 _log_file = None112 else:113 _note("trace_event: Flushed")114@_locked115def trace_is_enabled():116 return _enabled117@_locked118def add_trace_event(ph, ts, category, name, args=None):119 global _enabled120 if not _enabled:121 return122 if not hasattr(_tls, 'pid') or != os.getpid():123 = os.getpid()124 global _atexit_regsitered_for_pid125 if != _atexit_regsitered_for_pid:126 _atexit_regsitered_for_pid = _tls.pid127 atexit.register(_trace_disable_atexit)128 = os.getpid()129 del _cur_events[:] # we forked, clear the event buffer!130 tid = threading.current_thread().ident131 if not tid:132 tid = os.getpid()133 _tls.tid = tid134 if ts:135 ts = 1000000 * ts136 _cur_events.append({"ph": ph, "category": category,137 "pid":, "tid": _tls.tid,138 "ts": ts,139 "name": name, "args": args or {}});140def trace_begin(name, args=None):141 add_trace_event("B", time.time(), "python", name, args)142def trace_end(name, args=None):143 add_trace_event("E", time.time(), "python", name, args)144def _trace_disable_atexit():...

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1#!/usr/bin/python2.42#3#4# Copyright 2007, The Android Open Source Project5#6# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");7# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.8# You may obtain a copy of the License at9#10# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software13# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,14# WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.15# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and16# limitations under the License.17"""Simple logging utility. Dumps log messages to stdout, and optionally, to a18log file.19Init(path) must be called to enable logging to a file20"""21import datetime22_LOG_FILE = None23_verbose = False24_log_time = True25def Init(log_file_path):26 """Set the path to the log file"""27 global _LOG_FILE28 _LOG_FILE = log_file_path29 print "Using log file: %s" % _LOG_FILE30def GetLogFilePath():31 """Returns the path and name of the Log file"""32 global _LOG_FILE33 return _LOG_FILE34def Log(new_str):35 """Appends new_str to the end of _LOG_FILE and prints it to stdout.36 Args:37 # new_str is a string.38 new_str: 'some message to log'39 """40 msg = _PrependTimeStamp(new_str)41 print msg42 _WriteLog(msg)43def _WriteLog(msg):44 global _LOG_FILE45 if _LOG_FILE is not None:46 file_handle = file(_LOG_FILE, 'a')47 file_handle.write('\n' + str(msg))48 file_handle.close()49def _PrependTimeStamp(log_string):50 """Returns the log_string prepended with current timestamp """51 global _log_time52 if _log_time:53 return "# %s: %s" % ("%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S"),54 log_string)55 else:56 # timestamp logging disabled57 return log_string 58def SilentLog(new_str):59 """Silently log new_str. Unless verbose mode is enabled, will log new_str60 only to the log file61 Args:62 # new_str is a string.63 new_str: 'some message to log'64 """65 global _verbose66 msg = _PrependTimeStamp(new_str)67 if _verbose:68 print msg69 _WriteLog(msg)70def SetVerbose(new_verbose=True):71 """ Enable or disable verbose logging"""72 global _verbose73 _verbose = new_verbose74 75def SetTimestampLogging(new_timestamp=True):76 """ Enable or disable outputting a timestamp with each log entry"""77 global _log_time78 _log_time = new_timestamp79 80def main():81 pass82if __name__ == '__main__':...

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