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...44 def _logfile_path(self, name):45 return os.path.join(self._archive_name,46 name,47 )48 def _open_logfile(self, name):49 return open(self._logfile_path(name), 'w')50 def get_reduxio_logs(self):51 regex = '/var/log/reduxio_storkit_flocker.log*'52 for filename in get_files_with_regex(regex=regex):53 log_filename = filename.split('/')54 log_filename = log_filename[-1]55 # log_file_path = self._logfile_path(log_filename.replace('.', '_') + '_rdx.gz')56 if filename.endswith('.gz'):57 copyfile(filename, os.path.join(self._archive_path, log_filename, ))58 else:59 log_filename = log_filename.replace('.', '_')60 gzip_file(filename, os.path.join(self._archive_path, log_filename + '.gz', ))61 def create(self):62 os.makedirs(self._archive_path)63 args = sys.argv64 if not args[1:]:65 args.append("--all")66 for arg in args[1:]:67 if arg not in self._args:68 return ("Illegal argument,\n"69 "--docker-log Docker logs"70 "\n--flocker-log Flocker logs\n"71 "--application-log Reduxio-StorKit-Flocker logs\n"72 "--sys-log system logs along with other system information\n"73 "--all all logs including Flocker diagnosticlogs\n")74 try:75 if "--docker-log" in args or "--all" in args:76 # Docker Logs77 self._log_exporter.export_docker(service_name='docker', target_path=self._archive_path)78 # Docker version79 check_call(80 ['docker', 'version'],81 stdout=self._open_logfile('docker-version')82 )83 # Docker configuration84 check_call(85 ['docker', 'info'],86 stdout=self._open_logfile('docker-info')87 )88 if "--application-log" in args or "--all" in args:89 # Reduxio Flocker Driver Logs90 self.get_reduxio_logs()91 if "--flocker-log" in args or "--all" in args:92 # Flocker version93 with self._open_logfile('flocker-version') as output:94 output.write(__version__.encode('utf-8') + b'\n')95 # Flocker logs.96 services = self._service_manager.flocker_services()97 for service_name, service_status in services:98 self._log_exporter.export_flocker(99 service_name=service_name,100 target_path=self._logfile_path(service_name)101 )102 if "--sys-log" in args or "--all" in args:103 # Syslog.104 self._log_exporter.export_all(self._logfile_path('syslog'))105 # Status of all services.106 with self._open_logfile('service-status') as output:107 services = self._service_manager.all_services()108 for service_name, service_status in services:109 output.write(service_name + " " + service_status + "\n")110 # Kernel version111 self._open_logfile('uname').write(' '.join(os.uname()))112 # Distribution version113 self._open_logfile('os-release').write(114 open('/etc/os-release').read()115 )116 # Network configuration117 check_call(118 ['ip', 'addr'],119 stdout=self._open_logfile('ip-addr')120 )121 # Hostname122 self._open_logfile('hostname').write(gethostname() + '\n')123 # Partition information124 check_call(125 ['fdisk', '-l'],126 stdout=self._open_logfile('fdisk')127 )128 # Block Device and filesystem information129 check_call(130 ['lsblk', '--all'],131 stdout=self._open_logfile('lsblk')132 )133 # Hardware inventory134 self._open_logfile('lshw').write(list_hardware())135 # Create a single archive file136 archive_path = make_archive(137 base_name=self._archive_name,138 format='tar',139 root_dir=os.path.dirname(self._archive_path),140 base_dir=os.path.basename(self._archive_path),141 )142 finally:143 # Attempt to remove the source directory.144 rmtree(self._archive_path)145 return archive_path146class SystemdServiceManager(object):147 """148 List services managed by Systemd....

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...64 return os.path.join(65 self._archive_name,66 name,67 )68 def _open_logfile(self, name):69 """70 :param str name: A unique label for the file.71 :return: An open ``file`` object with a name generated by72 `_logfile_path`.73 """74 return open(self._logfile_path(name), 'w')75 def create(self):76 """77 Create the archive by first creating a uniquely named directory in the78 current working directory, adding the log files and debug information,79 creating a ``tar`` archive from the directory and finally removing the80 directory.81 """82 os.makedirs(self._archive_path)83 try:84 # Flocker version85 with self._open_logfile('flocker-version') as output:86 output.write(__version__.encode('utf-8') + b'\n')87 # Flocker logs.88 services = self._service_manager.flocker_services()89 for service_name, service_status in services:90 self._log_exporter.export_flocker(91 service_name=service_name,92 target_path=self._logfile_path(service_name)93 )94 # Syslog.95 self._log_exporter.export_all(self._logfile_path('syslog'))96 # Status of all services.97 with self._open_logfile('service-status') as output:98 services = self._service_manager.all_services()99 for service_name, service_status in services:100 output.write(service_name + " " + service_status + "\n")101 # Docker version102 check_call(103 ['docker', 'version'],104 stdout=self._open_logfile('docker-version')105 )106 # Docker configuration107 check_call(108 ['docker', 'info'],109 stdout=self._open_logfile('docker-info')110 )111 # Kernel version112 self._open_logfile('uname').write(' '.join(os.uname()))113 # Distribution version114 self._open_logfile('os-release').write(115 open('/etc/os-release').read()116 )117 # Network configuration118 check_call(119 ['ip', 'addr'],120 stdout=self._open_logfile('ip-addr')121 )122 # Hostname123 self._open_logfile('hostname').write(gethostname() + '\n')124 # Partition information125 check_call(126 ['fdisk', '-l'],127 stdout=self._open_logfile('fdisk')128 )129 # Block Device and filesystem information130 check_call(131 ['lsblk', '--all'],132 stdout=self._open_logfile('lsblk')133 )134 # Hardware inventory135 self._open_logfile('lshw').write(list_hardware())136 # Create a single archive file137 archive_path = make_archive(138 base_name=self._archive_name,139 format='tar',140 root_dir=os.path.dirname(self._archive_path),141 base_dir=os.path.basename(self._archive_path),142 )143 finally:144 # Attempt to remove the source directory.145 rmtree(self._archive_path)146 return archive_path147class SystemdServiceManager(object):148 """149 List services managed by Systemd....

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