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...38 self.topic_parse_info = topic_common.item_parse_info(39 attribute_name='hosts',40 filename_option='mlist',41 use_leftover=True)42 def _parse_lock_options(self, options):43 if options.lock and options.unlock:44 self.invalid_syntax('Only specify one of '45 '--lock and --unlock.')46 if options.lock:47['locked'] = True48 self.messages.append('Locked host')49 elif options.unlock:50['locked'] = False51 self.messages.append('Unlocked host')52 def _cleanup_labels(self, labels, platform=None):53 """Removes the platform label from the overall labels"""54 if platform:55 return [label for label in labels56 if label != platform]57 else:58 try:59 return [label for label in labels60 if not label['platform']]61 except TypeError:62 # This is a hack - the server will soon63 # do this, so all this code should be removed.64 return labels65 def get_items(self):66 return self.hosts67class host_help(host):68 """Just here to get the atest logic working.69 Usage is set by its parent"""70 pass71class host_list(action_common.atest_list, host):72 """atest host list [--mlist <file>|<hosts>] [--label <label>]73 [--status <status1,status2>] [--acl <ACL>] [--user <user>]"""74 def __init__(self):75 super(host_list, self).__init__()76 self.parser.add_option('-b', '--label',77 default='',78 help='Only list hosts with all these labels '79 '(comma separated)')80 self.parser.add_option('-s', '--status',81 default='',82 help='Only list hosts with any of these '83 'statuses (comma separated)')84 self.parser.add_option('-a', '--acl',85 default='',86 help='Only list hosts within this ACL')87 self.parser.add_option('-u', '--user',88 default='',89 help='Only list hosts available to this user')90 self.parser.add_option('-N', '--hostnames-only', help='Only return '91 'hostnames for the machines queried.',92 action='store_true')93 self.parser.add_option('--locked',94 default=False,95 help='Only list locked hosts',96 action='store_true')97 self.parser.add_option('--unlocked',98 default=False,99 help='Only list unlocked hosts',100 action='store_true')101 def parse(self):102 """Consume the specific options"""103 label_info = topic_common.item_parse_info(attribute_name='labels',104 inline_option='label')105 (options, leftover) = super(host_list, self).parse([label_info])106 self.status = options.status107 self.acl = options.acl108 self.user = options.user109 self.hostnames_only = options.hostnames_only110 if options.locked and options.unlocked:111 self.invalid_syntax('--locked and --unlocked are '112 'mutually exclusive')113 self.locked = options.locked114 self.unlocked = options.unlocked115 return (options, leftover)116 def execute(self):117 filters = {}118 check_results = {}119 if self.hosts:120 filters['hostname__in'] = self.hosts121 check_results['hostname__in'] = 'hostname'122 if self.labels:123 if len(self.labels) == 1:124 # This is needed for labels with wildcards (x86*)125 filters['labels__name__in'] = self.labels126 check_results['labels__name__in'] = None127 else:128 filters['multiple_labels'] = self.labels129 check_results['multiple_labels'] = None130 if self.status:131 statuses = self.status.split(',')132 statuses = [status.strip() for status in statuses133 if status.strip()]134 filters['status__in'] = statuses135 check_results['status__in'] = None136 if self.acl:137 filters['aclgroup__name'] = self.acl138 check_results['aclgroup__name'] = None139 if self.user:140 filters['aclgroup__users__login'] = self.user141 check_results['aclgroup__users__login'] = None142 if self.locked or self.unlocked:143 filters['locked'] = self.locked144 check_results['locked'] = None145 return super(host_list, self).execute(op='get_hosts',146 filters=filters,147 check_results=check_results)148 def output(self, results):149 if results:150 # Remove the platform from the labels.151 for result in results:152 result['labels'] = self._cleanup_labels(result['labels'],153 result['platform'])154 if self.hostnames_only:155 self.print_list(results, key='hostname')156 else:157 super(host_list, self).output(results, keys=['hostname', 'status',158 'locked', 'platform', 'labels'])159class host_stat(host):160 """atest host stat --mlist <file>|<hosts>"""161 usage_action = 'stat'162 def execute(self):163 results = []164 # Convert wildcards into real host stats.165 existing_hosts = []166 for host in self.hosts:167 if host.endswith('*'):168 stats = self.execute_rpc('get_hosts',169 hostname__startswith=host.rstrip('*'))170 if len(stats) == 0:171 self.failure('No hosts matching %s' % host, item=host,172 what_failed='Failed to stat')173 continue174 else:175 stats = self.execute_rpc('get_hosts', hostname=host)176 if len(stats) == 0:177 self.failure('Unknown host %s' % host, item=host,178 what_failed='Failed to stat')179 continue180 existing_hosts.extend(stats)181 for stat in existing_hosts:182 host = stat['hostname']183 # The host exists, these should succeed184 acls = self.execute_rpc('get_acl_groups', hosts__hostname=host)185 labels = self.execute_rpc('get_labels', host__hostname=host)186 results.append([[stat], acls, labels])187 return results188 def output(self, results):189 for stats, acls, labels in results:190 print '-' * 5191 self.print_fields(stats,192 keys=['hostname', 'platform',193 'status', 'locked', 'locked_by',194 'lock_time', 'protection', ])195 self.print_by_ids(acls, 'ACLs', line_before=True)196 labels = self._cleanup_labels(labels)197 self.print_by_ids(labels, 'Labels', line_before=True)198class host_jobs(host):199 """atest host jobs [--max-query] --mlist <file>|<hosts>"""200 usage_action = 'jobs'201 def __init__(self):202 super(host_jobs, self).__init__()203 self.parser.add_option('-q', '--max-query',204 help='Limits the number of results '205 '(20 by default)',206 type='int', default=20)207 def parse(self):208 """Consume the specific options"""209 (options, leftover) = super(host_jobs, self).parse()210 self.max_queries = options.max_query211 return (options, leftover)212 def execute(self):213 results = []214 real_hosts = []215 for host in self.hosts:216 if host.endswith('*'):217 stats = self.execute_rpc('get_hosts',218 hostname__startswith=host.rstrip('*'))219 if len(stats) == 0:220 self.failure('No host matching %s' % host, item=host,221 what_failed='Failed to stat')222 [real_hosts.append(stat['hostname']) for stat in stats]223 else:224 real_hosts.append(host)225 for host in real_hosts:226 queue_entries = self.execute_rpc('get_host_queue_entries',227 host__hostname=host,228 query_limit=self.max_queries,229 sort_by=['-job__id'])230 jobs = []231 for entry in queue_entries:232 job = {'job_id': entry['job']['id'],233 'job_owner': entry['job']['owner'],234 'job_name': entry['job']['name'],235 'status': entry['status']}236 jobs.append(job)237 results.append((host, jobs))238 return results239 def output(self, results):240 for host, jobs in results:241 print '-' * 5242 print 'Hostname: %s' % host243 self.print_table(jobs, keys_header=['job_id',244 'job_owner',245 'job_name',246 'status'])247class host_mod(host):248 """atest host mod --lock|--unlock|--protection249 --mlist <file>|<hosts>"""250 usage_action = 'mod'251 def __init__(self):252 """Add the options specific to the mod action"""253 = {}254 self.messages = []255 super(host_mod, self).__init__()256 self.parser.add_option('-l', '--lock',257 help='Lock hosts',258 action='store_true')259 self.parser.add_option('-u', '--unlock',260 help='Unlock hosts',261 action='store_true')262 self.parser.add_option('-p', '--protection', type='choice',263 help=('Set the protection level on a host. '264 'Must be one of: %s' %265 ', '.join('"%s"' % p266 for p in self.protections)),267 choices=self.protections)268 def parse(self):269 """Consume the specific options"""270 (options, leftover) = super(host_mod, self).parse()271 self._parse_lock_options(options)272 if['protection'] = options.protection274 self.messages.append('Protection set to "%s"' % if len( == 0:276 self.invalid_syntax('No modification requested')277 return (options, leftover)278 def execute(self):279 successes = []280 for host in self.hosts:281 try:282 res = self.execute_rpc('modify_host', item=host,283 id=host, ** # TODO: Make the AFE return True or False,285 # especially for lock286 successes.append(host)287 except topic_common.CliError, full_error:288 # Already logged by execute_rpc()289 pass290 return successes291 def output(self, hosts):292 for msg in self.messages:293 self.print_wrapped(msg, hosts)294class host_create(host):295 """atest host create [--lock|--unlock --platform <arch>296 --labels <labels>|--blist <label_file>297 --acls <acls>|--alist <acl_file>298 --protection <protection_type>299 --mlist <mach_file>] <hosts>"""300 usage_action = 'create'301 def __init__(self):302 self.messages = []303 super(host_create, self).__init__()304 self.parser.add_option('-l', '--lock',305 help='Create the hosts as locked',306 action='store_true', default=False)307 self.parser.add_option('-u', '--unlock',308 help='Create the hosts as '309 'unlocked (default)',310 action='store_true')311 self.parser.add_option('-t', '--platform',312 help='Sets the platform label')313 self.parser.add_option('-b', '--labels',314 help='Comma separated list of labels')315 self.parser.add_option('-B', '--blist',316 help='File listing the labels',317 type='string',318 metavar='LABEL_FLIST')319 self.parser.add_option('-a', '--acls',320 help='Comma separated list of ACLs')321 self.parser.add_option('-A', '--alist',322 help='File listing the acls',323 type='string',324 metavar='ACL_FLIST')325 self.parser.add_option('-p', '--protection', type='choice',326 help=('Set the protection level on a host. '327 'Must be one of: %s' %328 ', '.join('"%s"' % p329 for p in self.protections)),330 choices=self.protections)331 def parse(self):332 label_info = topic_common.item_parse_info(attribute_name='labels',333 inline_option='labels',334 filename_option='blist')335 acl_info = topic_common.item_parse_info(attribute_name='acls',336 inline_option='acls',337 filename_option='alist')338 (options, leftover) = super(host_create, self).parse([label_info,339 acl_info],340 req_items='hosts')341 self._parse_lock_options(options)342 self.locked = options.lock343 self.platform = getattr(options, 'platform', None)344 if['protection'] = options.protection346 return (options, leftover)347 def _execute_add_one_host(self, host):348 # Always add the hosts as locked to avoid the host349 # being picked up by the scheduler before it's ACL'ed350['locked'] = True351 self.execute_rpc('add_host', hostname=host,352 status="Ready", ** # Now add the platform label354 labels = self.labels[:]355 if self.platform:...

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