How to use _point_stream_handlers_to_copy method in autotest

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...352 super(_FdRedirectionStreamManager, self).__init__(stream, level,353 stream_setter)354 self._fd = stream.fileno()355 self._fd_copy_stream = None356 def _point_stream_handlers_to_copy(self):357 """358 point logging StreamHandlers that point to this stream to a safe359 copy of the underlying FD. otherwise, StreamHandler output will go360 to the logging subprocess, effectively getting doubly logged.361 """362 fd_copy = os.dup(self._fd)363 self._fd_copy_stream = os.fdopen(fd_copy, 'w')364 self._redirect_logging_stream_handlers(self._stream,365 self._fd_copy_stream)366 def _restore_stream_handlers(self):367 """ point logging StreamHandlers back to the original FD """368 self._redirect_logging_stream_handlers(self._fd_copy_stream,369 self._stream)370 self._fd_copy_stream.close()371 def _redirect_logging_stream_handlers(self, old_stream, new_stream):372 """373 Redirect all configured logging StreamHandlers pointing to374 old_stream to point to new_stream instead.375 """376 for handler in _current_handlers():377 points_to_stream = (isinstance(handler, logging.StreamHandler) and378 hasattr(, 'fileno') and379 == old_stream.fileno())380 if points_to_stream:381 logger.removeHandler(handler)382 handler.close() # doesn't close the stream, just the handler383 new_handler = logging.StreamHandler(new_stream)384 new_handler.setLevel(handler.level)385 new_handler.setFormatter(handler.formatter)386 for log_filter in handler.filters:387 new_handler.addFilter(log_filter)388 logger.addHandler(new_handler)389 def start_logging(self):390 super(_FdRedirectionStreamManager, self).start_logging()391 self._point_stream_handlers_to_copy()392 def stop_logging(self):393 super(_FdRedirectionStreamManager, self).stop_logging()394 self._restore_stream_handlers()395 def _spawn_logging_subprocess(self):396 """397 Spawn a subprocess to log all input to the logging module with the398 current settings, and direct output to it.399 """400 read_end, write_end = os.pipe()401 pid = os.fork()402 if pid: # parent403 os.close(read_end)404 os.dup2(write_end, self._fd) # point FD to the subprocess405 os.close(write_end)...

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