How to use _print_control_list method in autotest

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...12 A client-side command wrapper for the autotest client.13 """14 COMMAND_LIST = ['help', 'list', 'run']15 @classmethod16 def _print_control_list(cls, pipe, path):17 """18 Print the list of control files available.19 @param pipe: Pipe opened to an output stream (may be a pager)20 @param path: Path we'll walk through21 """22 if not os.path.isdir(path):23 pipe.write("Test directory not available\n")24 return25 pipe.write(" %-50s %s\n" % ("[Control]", "[Description]"))26 # The strategy here is to walk the root directory27 # looking for "*control*" files in some directory28 # and printing them out29 for root, _, files in sorted(os.walk(path)):30 for name in files:31 if"control", name):32 # strip full path33 basename = re.sub(path + "/", "", root)34 text = "%s/%s" % (basename, name)35 desc = "None"36 if name == "control":37 # Imply /control by listing only directory name38 text = "%s" % basename39 for line in open(root + "/" + name).readlines():40 if re.match("NAME", line):41 # We have a description line42 desc = re.split("=\s*", line,43 maxsplit=1)[1].rstrip()44 try:45 desc = desc[1:-1]46 except IndexError:47 pass48 break49 pipe.write(' %-50s %s\n' % (text, desc))50 @classmethod51 def help(cls):52 """53 List the commands and their usage strings.54 @param args is not used here.55 """56 print "Commands:"57 print "help\t\t\tOutput a list of supported commands"58 print "list\t\t\tOutput a list of available tests"59 print "run <test> [<args>]\tFind given <test> in path and run with args"60 raise SystemExit(0)61 @classmethod62 def list_tests(cls):63 """64 List the available tests for users to choose from65 """66 # One favorite feature from git :-)67 try:68 less_cmd = os_dep.command('less')69 pipe = os.popen('%s -FRSX' % less_cmd, 'w')70 except ValueError:71 pipe = sys.stdout72 pipe.write("List of tests available\n")73 pipe.write("Unless otherwise specified, outputs imply /control files\n")74 pipe.write("\n")75 # Walk local ./tests directory76 dirtest = os.path.join(os.path.abspath(os.path.curdir), LOCALDIRTEST)77 # Don't repeat autodirtest results78 if not dirtest == os.environ['AUTODIRTEST']:79 pipe.write("Local tests (%s)\n" % dirtest)80 cls._print_control_list(pipe, dirtest)81 pipe.write("\n")82 # Walk globaldirtests directory83 dirtest = GLOBALDIRTEST84 pipe.write("Globally imported tests (%s)\n" % dirtest)85 cls._print_control_list(pipe, dirtest)86 pipe.write("\n")87 # Walk autodirtest directory88 dirtest = os.environ['AUTODIRTEST']89 pipe.write("Autotest prepackaged tests (%s)\n" % dirtest)90 cls._print_control_list(pipe, dirtest)91 pipe.close()92 raise SystemExit(0)93 def parse_args(self, args):94 """95 Process a client side command.96 @param args: Command line args.97 """98 if len(args) and args[0] in self.COMMAND_LIST:99 cmd = args.pop(0)100 else:101 # Do things the traditional way102 return args103 # List is a python reserved word104 if cmd == 'list':...

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