How to use _process_log_dict method in autotest

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...701 self.log_collector = log_collector(host, tag, server_results_dir)702 self.leftover = ""703 self.last_line = ""704 self.logs = {}705 def _process_log_dict(self, log_dict):706 log_list = log_dict.pop("logs", [])707 for key in sorted(log_dict.iterkeys()):708 log_list += self._process_log_dict(log_dict.pop(key))709 return log_list710 def _process_logs(self):711 """Go through the accumulated logs in self.log and print them712 out to stdout and the status log. Note that this processes713 logs in an ordering where:714 1) logs to different tags are never interleaved715 2) logs to x.y come before logs to x.y.z for all z716 3) logs to x.y come before x.z whenever y < z717 Note that this will in general not be the same as the718 chronological ordering of the logs. However, if a chronological719 ordering is desired that one can be reconstructed from the720 status log by looking at timestamp lines."""721 log_list = self._process_log_dict(self.logs)722 for entry in log_list:723 self.job.record_entry(entry, log_in_subdir=False)724 if log_list:725 self.last_line = log_list[-1].render()726 def _process_quoted_line(self, tag, line):727 """Process a line quoted with an AUTOTEST_STATUS flag. If the728 tag is blank then we want to push out all the data we've been729 building up in self.logs, and then the newest line. If the730 tag is not blank, then push the line into the logs for handling731 later."""732 entry = base_job.status_log_entry.parse(line)733 if entry is None:734 return # the line contains no status lines735 if tag == "":...

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