How to use _process_started method in autotest

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...105 raise NotImplementedError106 @classmethod107 def _can_run_new_process(cls):108 return cls._num_running_processes < cls._max_processes()109 def _process_started(self):110 return bool(self.monitor)111 def tick(self):112 # override tick to keep trying to start until the process count goes113 # down and we can, at which point we revert to default behavior114 if self._process_started():115 super(SelfThrottledPostJobTask, self).tick()116 else:117 self._try_starting_process()118 def run(self):119 # override run() to not actually run unless we can120 self._try_starting_process()121 @classmethod122 def _notify_process_limit_hit(cls):123 """Send an email to notify that process limit is hit."""124 if cls._notification_on:125 subject = '%s: hitting max process limit.' % cls.__name__126 message = ('Running processes/Max processes: %d/%d'127 % (cls._num_running_processes, cls._max_processes()))128 email_manager.manager.enqueue_notify_email(subject, message)129 cls._notification_on = False130 @classmethod131 def _reset_notification_switch_if_necessary(cls):132 """Reset _notification_on if necessary.133 Set _notification_on to True on the following cases:134 1) If the limit of max processes configuration changes;135 2) If _notification_on is False and the number of running processes136 drops to lower than a level defined in REVIVE_NOTIFICATION_THRESHOLD.137 """138 if cls._last_known_max_processes != cls._max_processes():139 cls._notification_on = True140 cls._last_known_max_processes = cls._max_processes()141 return142 percentage = float(cls._num_running_processes) / cls._max_processes()143 if (not cls._notification_on and144 percentage < cls.REVIVE_NOTIFICATION_THRESHOLD):145 cls._notification_on = True146 def _try_starting_process(self):147 self._reset_notification_switch_if_necessary()148 if not self._can_run_new_process():149 self._notify_process_limit_hit()150 return151 # actually run the command152 super(SelfThrottledPostJobTask, self).run()153 if self._process_started():154 self._increment_running_processes()155 def finished(self, success):156 super(SelfThrottledPostJobTask, self).finished(success)157 if self._process_started():158 self._decrement_running_processes()159class GatherLogsTask(PostJobTask):160 """161 Task responsible for162 * gathering uncollected logs (if Autoserv crashed hard or was killed)163 * copying logs to the results repository164 * spawning CleanupTasks for hosts, if necessary165 * spawning a FinalReparseTask for the job166 * setting the final status of the host, directly or through a cleanup167 """168 def __init__(self, queue_entries, recover_run_monitor=None):169 self._job = queue_entries[0].job170 super(GatherLogsTask, self).__init__(171 queue_entries, log_file_name='.collect_crashinfo.log')...

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