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...15except ImportError:16 import common17from autotest.client.shared.settings import settings18DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = ""19def _process_to_string(to_string):20 """21 Process a string containing email addresses. Separators: ',' ';' ':'22 :param to_string: String containing email addresses.23 :return: List with email addresses.24 """25 return [x for x in re.split('\s|,|;|:', to_string) if x]26def send(from_address, to_addresses, cc_addresses, subject, body,27 smtp_info, html=None):28 """29 Send out an email.30 Args:31 from_address: The email address to put in the "From:" field.32 to_addresses: Either a single string or an iterable of33 strings to put in the "To:" field of the email.34 cc_addresses: Either a single string of an iterable of35 strings to put in the "Cc:" field of the email.36 subject: The email subject.37 body: The body of the email. there's no special38 handling of encoding here, so it's safest to39 stick to 7-bit ASCII text.40 smtp_info: Dictionary with SMTP info.41 html: Optional HTML content of the message.42 """43 # addresses can be a tuple or a single string, so make them tuples44 if isinstance(to_addresses, str):45 to_addresses = [to_addresses]46 else:47 to_addresses = list(to_addresses)48 if isinstance(cc_addresses, str):49 cc_addresses = [cc_addresses]50 else:51 cc_addresses = list(cc_addresses)52 if html:53 message = email.mime.multipart.MIMEMultipart('alternative')54 message["To"] = ", ".join(to_addresses)55 message["Cc"] = ", ".join(cc_addresses)56 message["From"] = from_address57 message["Subject"] = subject58 message.attach(email.mime.text.MIMEText(body, 'plain'))59 message.attach(email.mime.text.MIMEText(html, 'html'))60 else:61 message = email.Message.Message()62 message["To"] = ", ".join(to_addresses)63 message["Cc"] = ", ".join(cc_addresses)64 message["From"] = from_address65 message["Subject"] = subject66 message.set_payload(body)67 if not smtp_info['port']:68 smtp_info['port'] = 2569 try:70 if smtp_info['server']:71 mailer = smtplib.SMTP(smtp_info['server'], smtp_info['port'])72 else:73"No SMTP server specified, will try to connect to "74 "the local MTA")75 mailer = smtplib.SMTP()76 try:77 if smtp_info.get('user'):78 mailer.login(smtp_info['user'], smtp_info['password'])79 mailer.sendmail(from_address, to_addresses + cc_addresses,80 message.as_string())81 finally:82 try:83 mailer.quit()84 except:85 logging.exception('mailer.quit() failed:')86 except Exception:87 logging.exception('Sending email failed:')88class EmailNotificationManager(object):89 """90 Email notification facility, for use in things like the autotest scheduler.91 This facility can use values defined in the autotest settings92 (global_config.ini) to conveniently send notification emails to the admin93 of an autotest module.94 """95 def __init__(self, module="scheduler"):96 """97 Initialize an email notification manager.98 :param subsystem: String describing the module this manager is99 handling. Example: 'scheduler'.100 """101 self.module = module102 self.email_queue = []103 self.html_email = settings.get_value("NOTIFICATION",104 "html_notify_email",105 type=bool,106 default=False)107 self.from_email = settings.get_value("NOTIFICATION",108 "notify_email_from",109 default=DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL)110 self.grid_admin_email = settings.get_value("NOTIFICATION",111 "grid_admin_email",112 default='')113 server = settings.get_value("EMAIL", "smtp_server", default='localhost')114 port = settings.get_value("EMAIL", "smtp_port", default=None)115 user = settings.get_value("EMAIL", "smtp_user", default=None)116 password = settings.get_value("EMAIL", "smtp_password", default=None)117 self.smtp_info = {'server': server,118 'port': port,119 'user': user,120 'password': password}121 def set_module(self, module):122 """123 Change the name of the module we're notifying for.124 """125 self.module = module126 def send(self, to_string, subject, body):127 """128 Send emails to the addresses listed in to_string.129 to_string is split into a list which can be delimited by any of:130 ';', ',', ':' or any whitespace131 """132 to_list = _process_to_string(to_string)133 if not to_list:134 return135 send(from_address=self.from_email, to_addresses=to_list, cc_addresses="",136 subject=subject, body=body, smtp_info=self.smtp_info,137 html=self.html_email)138 def send_admin(self, subject, body):139 """140 Send an email to this grid admin.141 """142 self.send(self.grid_admin_email, subject, body)143 def enqueue_admin(self, subject, message):144 """145 Enqueue an email to the test grid admin.146 """...

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