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...101 job = self.create_job(deps=set(['a']))102 host = self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=set(['a']))103 host.leased = 1104 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()106 hosts = list(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))107 self.assertTrue(len(hosts) == 1 and hosts[0] is None)108 def testAcquireLeasedHostRace(self):109 """Test behaviour when hosts are leased just before acquisition.110 If a fraction of the hosts somehow get leased between finding and111 acquisition, the rdb should just return the remaining hosts for the112 request to use.113 @raises AssertionError: If both the requests get a host successfully,114 since one host gets leased before the final attempt to lease both.115 """116 j1 = self.create_job(deps=set(['a']))117 j2 = self.create_job(deps=set(['a']))118 hosts = [self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=set(['a'])),119 self.db_helper.create_host('h2', deps=set(['a']))]120 @rdb_hosts.return_rdb_host121 def local_find_hosts(host_query_manger, deps, acls):122 """Return a predetermined list of hosts, one of which is leased."""123 h1 = models.Host.objects.get(hostname='h1')124 h1.leased = 1125 h2 = models.Host.objects.get(hostname='h2')127 return [h1, h2]128 self.god.stub_with(rdb.AvailableHostQueryManager, 'find_hosts',129 local_find_hosts)130 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()131 hosts = list(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))132 self.assertTrue(len(hosts) == 2 and None in hosts)133 self.check_hosts(iter(hosts))134 def testHostReleaseStates(self):135 """Test that we will only release an unused host if it is in Ready.136 @raises AssertionError: If the host gets released in any other state.137 """138 host = self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=set(['x']))139 for state in rdb_model_extensions.AbstractHostModel.Status.names:140 host.status = state141 host.leased = 1142 self._release_unused_hosts()144 host = models.Host.objects.get(hostname='h1')145 self.assertTrue(host.leased == (state != 'Ready'))146 def testHostReleseHQE(self):147 """Test that we will not release a ready host if it's being used.148 @raises AssertionError: If the host is released even though it has149 been assigned to an active hqe.150 """151 # Create a host and lease it out in Ready.152 host = self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=set(['x']))153 host.status = 'Ready'154 host.leased = 1155 # Create a job and give its hqe the leased host.157 job = self.create_job(deps=set(['x']))158 self.db_helper.add_host_to_job(host, hqe = models.HostQueueEntry.objects.get( # Activate the hqe by setting its state.161 hqe.status = host_queue_entry_states.ACTIVE_STATUSES[0]162 # Make sure the hqes host isn't released, even if its in ready.164 self._release_unused_hosts()165 host = models.Host.objects.get(hostname='h1')166 self.assertTrue(host.leased == 1)167 def testBasicDepsAcls(self):168 """Test a basic deps/acls request.169 Make sure that a basic request with deps and acls, finds a host from170 the ready pool that has matching labels and is in a matching aclgroups.171 @raises AssertionError: If the request doesn't find a host, since the172 we insert a matching host in the ready pool.173 """174 deps = set(['a', 'b'])175 acls = set(['a', 'b'])176 self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=deps, acls=acls)177 job = self.create_job(user='autotest_system', deps=deps, acls=acls)178 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()179 matching_host = rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries).next()180 self.check_host_assignment(, self.assertTrue(matching_host.leased == 1)182 def testPreferredDeps(self):183 """Test that perferred deps is respected.184 If multiple hosts satisfied a job's deps, the one with preferred185 label will be assigned to the job.186 @raises AssertionError: If a host without a preferred label is187 assigned to the job instead of one with188 a preferred label.189 """190 lumpy_deps = set(['board:lumpy'])191 stumpy_deps = set(['board:stumpy'])192 stumpy_deps_with_crosversion = set(193 ['board:stumpy', 'cros-version:lumpy-release/R41-6323.0.0'])194 acls = set(['a', 'b'])195 # Hosts lumpy1 and lumpy2 are created as a control group,196 # which ensures that if no preferred label is used, the host197 # with a smaller id will be chosen first. We need to make sure198 # stumpy2 was chosen because it has a cros-version label, but not199 # because of other randomness.200 self.db_helper.create_host('lumpy1', deps=lumpy_deps, acls=acls)201 self.db_helper.create_host('lumpy2', deps=lumpy_deps, acls=acls)202 self.db_helper.create_host('stumpy1', deps=stumpy_deps, acls=acls)203 self.db_helper.create_host(204 'stumpy2', deps=stumpy_deps_with_crosversion , acls=acls)205 job_1 = self.create_job(user='autotest_system',206 deps=lumpy_deps, acls=acls)207 job_2 = self.create_job(user='autotest_system',208 deps=stumpy_deps_with_crosversion, acls=acls)209 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()210 matching_hosts = list(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))211 assignment = {}212 import logging213 for job, host in zip(queue_entries, matching_hosts):214 self.check_host_assignment(, assignment[] = host.hostname216 self.assertEqual(assignment[], 'lumpy1')217 self.assertEqual(assignment[], 'stumpy2')218 def testBadDeps(self):219 """Test that we find no hosts when only acls match.220 @raises AssertionError: If the request finds a host, since the only221 host in the ready pool will not have matching deps.222 """223 host_labels = set(['a'])224 job_deps = set(['b'])225 acls = set(['a', 'b'])226 self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=host_labels, acls=acls)227 job = self.create_job(user='autotest_system', deps=job_deps, acls=acls)228 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()229 matching_host = rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries).next()230 self.assert_(not matching_host)231 def testBadAcls(self):232 """Test that we find no hosts when only deps match.233 @raises AssertionError: If the request finds a host, since the only234 host in the ready pool will not have matching acls.235 """236 deps = set(['a'])237 host_acls = set(['a'])238 job_acls = set(['b'])239 self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=deps, acls=host_acls)240 # Create the job as a new user who is only in the 'b' and 'Everyone'241 # aclgroups. Though there are several hosts in the Everyone group, the242 # 1 host that has the 'a' dep isn't.243 job = self.create_job(user='new_user', deps=deps, acls=job_acls)244 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()245 matching_host = rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries).next()246 self.assert_(not matching_host)247 def testBasicPriority(self):248 """Test that priority inversion doesn't happen.249 Schedule 2 jobs with the same deps, acls and user, but different250 priorities, and confirm that the higher priority request gets the host.251 This confirmation happens through the AssignmentValidator.252 @raises AssertionError: If the un important request gets host h1 instead253 of the important request.254 """255 deps = set(['a', 'b'])256 acls = set(['a', 'b'])257 self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=deps, acls=acls)258 important_job = self.create_job(user='autotest_system',259 deps=deps, acls=acls, priority=2)260 un_important_job = self.create_job(user='autotest_system',261 deps=deps, acls=acls, priority=0)262 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()263 self.god.stub_with(rdb_requests.BaseHostRequestManager, 'response',264 AssignmentValidator.priority_checking_response_handler)265 self.check_hosts(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))266 def testPriorityLevels(self):267 """Test that priority inversion doesn't happen.268 Increases a job's priority and makes several requests for hosts,269 checking that priority inversion doesn't happen.270 @raises AssertionError: If the unimportant job gets h1 while it is271 still unimportant, or doesn't get h1 while after it becomes the272 most important job.273 """274 deps = set(['a', 'b'])275 acls = set(['a', 'b'])276 self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=deps, acls=acls)277 # Create jobs that will bucket differently and confirm that jobs in an278 # earlier bucket get a host.279 first_job = self.create_job(user='autotest_system', deps=deps, acls=acls)280 important_job = self.create_job(user='autotest_system', deps=deps,281 acls=acls, priority=2)282 deps.pop()283 unimportant_job = self.create_job(user='someother_system', deps=deps,284 acls=acls, priority=1)285 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()286 self.god.stub_with(rdb_requests.BaseHostRequestManager, 'response',287 AssignmentValidator.priority_checking_response_handler)288 self.check_hosts(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))289 # Elevate the priority of the unimportant job, so we now have290 # 2 jobs at the same priority.291 self.db_helper.increment_priority( queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()293 self._release_unused_hosts()294 self.check_hosts(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))295 # Prioritize the first job, and confirm that it gets the host over the296 # jobs that got it the last time.297 self.db_helper.increment_priority( queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()299 self._release_unused_hosts()300 self.check_hosts(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))301 def testFrontendJobScheduling(self):302 """Test that basic frontend job scheduling.303 @raises AssertionError: If the received and requested host don't match,304 or the mis-matching host is returned instead.305 """306 deps = set(['x', 'y'])307 acls = set(['a', 'b'])308 # Create 2 frontend jobs and only one matching host.309 matching_job = self.create_job(acls=acls, deps=deps)310 matching_host = self.db_helper.create_host('h1', acls=acls, deps=deps)311 mis_matching_job = self.create_job(acls=acls, deps=deps)312 mis_matching_host = self.db_helper.create_host(313 'h2', acls=acls, deps=deps.pop())314 self.db_helper.add_host_to_job(matching_host, self.db_helper.add_host_to_job(mis_matching_host, # Check that only the matching host is returned, and that we get 'None'317 # for the second request.318 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()319 hosts = list(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))320 self.assertTrue(len(hosts) == 2 and None in hosts)321 returned_host = [host for host in hosts if host].pop()322 self.assertTrue( == def testFrontendJobPriority(self):324 """Test that frontend job scheduling doesn't ignore priorities.325 @raises ValueError: If the priorities of frontend jobs are ignored.326 """327 board = 'x'328 high_priority = self.create_job(priority=2, deps=set([board]))329 low_priority = self.create_job(priority=1, deps=set([board]))330 host = self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=set([board]))331 self.db_helper.add_host_to_job(host, self.db_helper.add_host_to_job(host, queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()334 def local_response_handler(request_manager):335 """Confirms that a higher priority frontend job gets a host.336 @raises ValueError: If priority inversion happens and the job337 with priority 1 gets the host instead.338 """339 result = request_manager.api_call(request_manager.request_queue)340 if not result:341 raise ValueError('Excepted the high priority request to '342 'get a host, but the result is empty.')343 for request, hosts in result.iteritems():344 if request.priority == 1:345 raise ValueError('Priority of frontend job ignored.')346 if len(hosts) > 1:347 raise ValueError('Multiple hosts returned against one '348 'frontend job scheduling request.')349 yield hosts[0]350 self.god.stub_with(rdb_requests.BaseHostRequestManager, 'response',351 local_response_handler)352 self.check_hosts(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))353 def testSuiteOrderedHostAcquisition(self):354 """Test that older suite jobs acquire hosts first.355 Make sure older suite jobs get hosts first, but not at the expense of356 higher priority jobs.357 @raises ValueError: If unexpected acquisitions occur, eg:358 suite_job_2 acquires the last 2 hosts instead of suite_job_1.359 isolated_important_job doesn't get any hosts.360 Any job acquires more hosts than necessary.361 """362 board = 'x'363 # Create 2 suites such that the later suite has an ordering of deps364 # that places it ahead of the earlier suite, if parent_job_id is365 # ignored.366 suite_without_dep = self.create_suite(num=2, priority=0, board=board)367 suite_with_dep = self.create_suite(num=1, priority=0, board=board)368 self.db_helper.add_deps_to_job(suite_with_dep[0], dep_names=list('y'))369 # Create an important job that should be ahead of the first suite,370 # because priority trumps parent_job_id and time of creation.371 isolated_important_job = self.create_job(priority=3, deps=set([board]))372 # Create 3 hosts, all with the deps to satisfy the last suite.373 for i in range(0, 3):374 self.db_helper.create_host('h%s' % i, deps=set([board, 'y']))375 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()376 def local_response_handler(request_manager):377 """Reorder requests and check host acquisition.378 @raises ValueError: If unexpected/no acquisitions occur.379 """380 if any([request for request in request_manager.request_queue381 if request.parent_job_id is None]):382 raise ValueError('Parent_job_id can never be None.')383 # This will result in the ordering:384 # [suite_2_1, suite_1_*, suite_1_*, isolated_important_job]385 # The priority scheduling order should be:386 # [isolated_important_job, suite_1_*, suite_1_*, suite_2_1]387 # Since:388 # a. the isolated_important_job is the most important.389 # b. suite_1 was created before suite_2, regardless of deps390 disorderly_queue = sorted(request_manager.request_queue,391 key=lambda r: -r.parent_job_id)392 request_manager.request_queue = disorderly_queue393 result = request_manager.api_call(request_manager.request_queue)394 if not result:395 raise ValueError('Expected results but got none.')396 # Verify that the isolated_important_job got a host, and that the397 # first suite got both remaining free hosts.398 for request, hosts in result.iteritems():399 if request.parent_job_id == 0:400 if len(hosts) > 1:401 raise ValueError('First job acquired more hosts than '402 'necessary. Response map: %s' % result)403 continue404 if request.parent_job_id == 1:405 if len(hosts) < 2:406 raise ValueError('First suite job requests were not '407 'satisfied. Response_map: %s' % result)408 continue409 # The second suite job got hosts instead of one of410 # the others. Eitherway this is a failure.411 raise ValueError('Unexpected host acquisition '412 'Response map: %s' % result)413 yield None414 self.god.stub_with(rdb_requests.BaseHostRequestManager, 'response',415 local_response_handler)416 list(rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries))417 def testConfigurations(self):418 """Test that configurations don't matter.419 @raises AssertionError: If the request doesn't find a host,420 this will happen if configurations are not stripped out.421 """422 self.god.stub_with(provision.Cleanup,423 '_actions',424 {'action': 'fakeTest'})425 job_labels = set(['action', 'a'])426 host_deps = set(['a'])427 db_host = self.db_helper.create_host('h1', deps=host_deps)428 self.create_job(user='autotest_system', deps=job_labels)429 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()430 matching_host = rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries).next()431 self.assert_( == RDBMinDutTest(433 rdb_testing_utils.AbstractBaseRDBTester, unittest.TestCase):434 """Test AvailableHostRequestHandler"""435 _config_section = 'AUTOTEST_WEB'436 def min_dut_test_helper(self, num_hosts, suite_settings):437 """A helper function to test min_dut logic.438 @param num_hosts: Total number of hosts to create.439 @param suite_settings: A dictionary specify how suites would be created440 and verified.441 E.g. {'priority': 10, 'num_jobs': 3,442 'min_duts':2, 'expected_aquired': 1}443 With this setting, will create a suite that has 3444 child jobs, with priority 10 and min_duts 2.445 The suite is expected to get 1 dut.446 """447 acls = set(['fake_acl'])448 hosts = []449 for i in range (0, num_hosts):450 hosts.append(self.db_helper.create_host(451 'h%d' % i, deps=set(['board:lumpy']), acls=acls))452 suites = {}453 suite_min_duts = {}454 for setting in suite_settings:455 s = self.create_suite(num=setting['num_jobs'],456 priority=setting['priority'],457 board='board:lumpy', acls=acls)458 # Empty list will be used to store acquired hosts.459 suites[s['parent_job'].id] = (setting, [])460 suite_min_duts[s['parent_job'].id] = setting['min_duts']461 queue_entries = self._dispatcher._refresh_pending_queue_entries()462 matching_hosts = rdb_lib.acquire_hosts(queue_entries, suite_min_duts)463 for host, queue_entry in zip(matching_hosts, queue_entries):464 if host:465 suites[queue_entry.job.parent_job_id][1].append(host)466 for setting, hosts in suites.itervalues():467 self.assertEqual(len(hosts),setting['expected_aquired'])468 def testHighPriorityTakeAll(self):469 """Min duts not satisfied."""470 num_hosts = 1471 suite1 = {'priority':20, 'num_jobs': 3, 'min_duts': 2,472 'expected_aquired': 1}473 suite2 = {'priority':10, 'num_jobs': 7, 'min_duts': 5,474 'expected_aquired': 0}475 self.min_dut_test_helper(num_hosts, [suite1, suite2])...

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