How to use _register_agent_for_ids method in autotest

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...324 gc.collect()325'Logging garbage collector stats on tick %d.',326 self._tick_count)327 gc_stats._log_garbage_collector_stats()328 def _register_agent_for_ids(self, agent_dict, object_ids, agent):329 for object_id in object_ids:330 agent_dict.setdefault(object_id, set()).add(agent)331 def _unregister_agent_for_ids(self, agent_dict, object_ids, agent):332 for object_id in object_ids:333 assert object_id in agent_dict334 agent_dict[object_id].remove(agent)335 # If an ID has no more active agent associated, there is no need to336 # keep it in the dictionary. Otherwise, scheduler will keep an337 # unnecessarily big dictionary until being restarted.338 if not agent_dict[object_id]:339 agent_dict.pop(object_id)340 def add_agent_task(self, agent_task):341 """342 Creates and adds an agent to the dispatchers list.343 In creating the agent we also pass on all the queue_entry_ids and344 host_ids from the special agent task. For every agent we create, we345 add it to 1. a dict against the queue_entry_ids given to it 2. A dict346 against the host_ids given to it. So theoritically, a host can have any347 number of agents associated with it, and each of them can have any348 special agent task, though in practice we never see > 1 agent/task per349 host at any time.350 @param agent_task: A SpecialTask for the agent to manage.351 """352 agent = Agent(agent_task)353 self._agents.append(agent)354 agent.dispatcher = self355 self._register_agent_for_ids(self._host_agents, agent.host_ids, agent)356 self._register_agent_for_ids(self._queue_entry_agents,357 agent.queue_entry_ids, agent)358 def get_agents_for_entry(self, queue_entry):359 """360 Find agents corresponding to the specified queue_entry.361 """362 return list(self._queue_entry_agents.get(, set()))363 def host_has_agent(self, host):364 """365 Determine if there is currently an Agent present using this host.366 """367 return bool(self._host_agents.get(, None))368 def remove_agent(self, agent):369 self._agents.remove(agent)370 self._unregister_agent_for_ids(self._host_agents, agent.host_ids,...

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