How to use _reset_pidfile_age method in autotest

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...424 """425 if pidfile_id not in self._registered_pidfile_info:426'monitoring pidfile %s', pidfile_id)427 self._registered_pidfile_info[pidfile_id] = _PidfileInfo()428 self._reset_pidfile_age(pidfile_id)429 def _reset_pidfile_age(self, pidfile_id):430 if pidfile_id in self._registered_pidfile_info:431 self._registered_pidfile_info[pidfile_id].age = 0432 def unregister_pidfile(self, pidfile_id):433 if pidfile_id in self._registered_pidfile_info:434'forgetting pidfile %s', pidfile_id)435 del self._registered_pidfile_info[pidfile_id]436 def declare_process_count(self, pidfile_id, num_processes):437 self._registered_pidfile_info[pidfile_id].num_processes = num_processes438 def get_pidfile_contents(self, pidfile_id, use_second_read=False):439 """440 Retrieve a PidfileContents object for the given pidfile_id. If441 use_second_read is True, use results that were read after the processes442 were checked, instead of before.443 """444 self._reset_pidfile_age(pidfile_id)445 if use_second_read:446 pidfile_map = self._pidfiles_second_read447 else:448 pidfile_map = self._pidfiles449 return pidfile_map.get(pidfile_id, PidfileContents())450 def is_process_running(self, process):451 """452 Check if the given process is in the running process list.453 """454 return process in self._process_set455 def get_temporary_path(self, base_name):456 """457 Get a new temporary path guaranteed to be unique across all drones458 for this scheduler execution....

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