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...601 only_hostless=not _inline_host_acquisition)602 if not queue_entries:603 return []604 return queue_entries605 def _schedule_hostless_job(self, queue_entry):606 """Schedule a hostless (suite) job.607 @param queue_entry: The queue_entry representing the hostless job.608 """609 self.add_agent_task(HostlessQueueTask(queue_entry))610 # Need to set execution_subdir before setting the status:611 # After a restart of the scheduler, agents will be restored for HQEs in612 # Starting, Running, Gathering, Parsing or Archiving. To do this, the613 # execution_subdir is needed. Therefore it must be set before entering614 # one of these states.615 # Otherwise, if the scheduler was interrupted between setting the status616 # and the execution_subdir, upon it's restart restoring agents would617 # fail.618 # Is there a way to get a status in one of these states without going619 # through this code? Following cases are possible:620 # - If it's aborted before being started:621 # active bit will be 0, so there's nothing to parse, it will just be622 # set to completed by _find_aborting. Critical statuses are skipped.623 # - If it's aborted or it fails after being started:624 # It was started, so this code was executed.625 queue_entry.update_field('execution_subdir', 'hostless')626 queue_entry.set_status(models.HostQueueEntry.Status.STARTING)627 def _schedule_host_job(self, host, queue_entry):628 """Schedules a job on the given host.629 1. Assign the host to the hqe, if it isn't already assigned.630 2. Create a SpecialAgentTask for the hqe.631 3. Activate the hqe.632 @param queue_entry: The job to schedule.633 @param host: The host to schedule the job on.634 """635 if self.host_has_agent(host):636 host_agent_task = list(self._host_agents.get([0].task637 subject = 'Host with agents assigned to an HQE'638 message = ('HQE: %s assigned host %s, but the host has '639 'agent: %s for queue_entry %s. The HQE '640 'will have to try and acquire a host next tick ' %641 (queue_entry, host.hostname, host_agent_task,642 host_agent_task.queue_entry))643 email_manager.manager.enqueue_notify_email(subject, message)644 else:645 self._host_scheduler.schedule_host_job(host, queue_entry)646 def _schedule_new_jobs(self):647 """648 Find any new HQEs and call schedule_pre_job_tasks for it.649 This involves setting the status of the HQE and creating a row in the650 db corresponding the the special task, through651 scheduler_models._queue_special_task. The new db row is then added as652 an agent to the dispatcher through _schedule_special_tasks and653 scheduled for execution on the drone through _handle_agents.654 """655 queue_entries = self._refresh_pending_queue_entries()656 key = 'scheduler.jobs_per_tick'657 new_hostless_jobs = 0658 new_jobs_with_hosts = 0659 new_jobs_need_hosts = 0660 host_jobs = []661 logging.debug('Processing %d queue_entries', len(queue_entries))662 for queue_entry in queue_entries:663 if queue_entry.is_hostless():664 self._schedule_hostless_job(queue_entry)665 new_hostless_jobs = new_hostless_jobs + 1666 else:667 host_jobs.append(queue_entry)668 new_jobs_need_hosts = new_jobs_need_hosts + 1669 autotest_stats.Gauge(key).send('new_hostless_jobs', new_hostless_jobs)670 if not host_jobs:671 return672 if not _inline_host_acquisition:673 message = ('Found %s jobs that need hosts though '674 '_inline_host_acquisition=%s. Will acquire hosts.' %675 ([str(job) for job in host_jobs],676 _inline_host_acquisition))677 email_manager.manager.enqueue_notify_email(678 'Processing unexpected host acquisition requests', message)...

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