How to use _set_fixed_entry method in autotest

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...451 self.fixed_entry = None452 self.unfixed_name = None453 self.related_manager = None454 if fixed_entry is not None:455 self._set_fixed_entry(fixed_entry)456 entry_uri_arg = self.fixed_entry._uri_args().values()[0]457 self._query_params[self.fixed_name] = entry_uri_arg458 def _set_fixed_entry(self, entry):459 """Set the fixed entry for this collection.460 The entry must be an instance of one of the related entry classes. This461 method must be called before a relationship is used. It gets called462 either from the constructor (when collections are instantiated from463 other resource handling code) or from read_query_parameters() (when a464 request is made directly for the collection.465 """466 names = self.related_classes.keys()467 if isinstance(entry, self.related_classes[names[0]]):468 self.fixed_name, self.unfixed_name = names469 else:470 assert isinstance(entry, self.related_classes[names[1]])471 self.unfixed_name, self.fixed_name = names472 self.fixed_entry = entry473 self.unfixed_class = self.related_classes[self.unfixed_name]474 self.related_manager = self.entry_class._get_related_manager(475 entry.instance)476 def _query_parameters_accepted(self):477 return [(name, 'Show relationships for this %s' % entry_class.__name__)478 for name, entry_class479 in self.related_classes.iteritems()]480 def _resolve_query_param(self, name, uri_arg):481 entry_class = self.related_classes[name]482 return entry_class.from_uri_args(self._request, uri_arg)483 def read_query_parameters(self, query_params):484 super(RelationshipCollection, self).read_query_parameters(query_params)485 if not self._query_params:486 raise exceptions.BadRequest(487 'You must specify one of the parameters %s and %s'488 % tuple(self.related_classes.keys()))489 query_items = self._query_params.items()490 fixed_entry = self._resolve_query_param(*query_items[0])491 self._set_fixed_entry(fixed_entry)492 if len(query_items) > 1:493 other_fixed_entry = self._resolve_query_param(*query_items[1])494 self.related_manager = self.related_manager.filter(495 def _entry_from_instance(self, instance):497 unfixed_entry = self.unfixed_class(self._request, instance)498 entries = {self.fixed_name: self.fixed_entry,499 self.unfixed_name: unfixed_entry}500 return self.entry_class(**entries)501 def _fresh_queryset(self):...

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