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...55 self, 'validate_%s' % key.lower(), None)56 if validate_func is not None:57 value = validate_func(value, default)58 return value59 def _set_settings_values(self, source=None):60 """61 Validate and store configuration items specified by `source` (a dict).62 If source is `None`, the function will use default values to fill up63 unset configuration items.64 """65 if source is None:66 for dest_name, (org_name, default_value) in mapping.items():67 if not hasattr(self, dest_name):68 value = default_value() if callable(default_value) \69 else default_value70 setattr(self, dest_name, value)71 return72 for dest_name, (org_name, default_value) in mapping.items():73 value = source.get(org_name, None)74 if value is None:75 value = default_value() if callable(default_value) \76 else default_value77 value = self._validate(dest_name, value, default_value)78 setattr(self, dest_name, value)79 def dump_settings_value(self):80 """81 Return a dict containing gathered configuration items.82 """83 result = {}84 for dest_name, (org_name, _) in mapping.items():85 value = getattr(self, dest_name)86 value = self._validate(dest_name, value, _)87 result[org_name] = value88 return result89 def validate_biohub_plugins(self, value, default):90 """91 BIOHUB_PLUGINS should not contains duplicated items.92 """93 result = []94 for item in unique(value):95 if not is_valid_module_path(item, try_import=True):96 warnings.warn(97 "Module '%s' not found. Skipped." % item,98 BiohubSettingsWarning99 )100 else:101 result.append(item)102 return result103 def validate_redis_uri(self, value, default):104 if not value:105 warnings.warn(106 'No redis configuration provided, redis-based services '107 'will be disabled.', BiohubSettingsWarning)108 return value109 def validate_secret_key(self, value, default):110 if not value:111 warnings.warn(112 'No secret key provided, default value used instead.',113 BiohubSettingsWarning)114 return value115 def validate_biohub_max_tasks(self, value, default):116 assert isinstance(value, int) and value > 0, \117 "'MAX_TASKS' should be positive integer."118 return value119 def validate_biohub_task_max_timeout(self, value, default):120 assert isinstance(value, (int, float)) and value > 0, \121 "'TASK_MAX_TIMEOUT' should be positive float."122 return value123 def validate_upload_dir(self, value, default):124 if value.startswith(tempfile.gettempdir()):125 warnings.warn(126 'Your UPLOAD_DIR is within the temporary directory. All '127 'files will be erased once system reboots.',128 BiohubSettingsWarning)129 return os.path.abspath(value)130 def validate_plugins_dir(self, value, default):131 if value.startswith(tempfile.gettempdir()):132 warnings.warn(133 'Your PLUGINS_DIR is within the temporary directory. All '134 'files will be erased once system reboots.',135 BiohubSettingsWarning)136 try:137 os.makedirs(value)138 except OSError:139 pass140 sys.path.append(value)141 return os.path.abspath(value)142 def validate_email(self, value, default):143 if not isinstance(value, dict):144 raise TypeError("'EMAIL' should be a dict, got type %r." % type(type(value)))145 required = 'HOST HOST_USER HOST_PASSWORD PORT'.split()146 missing = set(required) - set(value)147 if missing:148 warnings.warn(149 'Fields %s not found in EMAIL, which may affect email related services.'150 % ', '.join(missing), BiohubSettingsWarning)151 for field in missing:152 value[field] = ''153 return value154 def validate_throttle(self, value, default):155 if not isinstance(value, dict):156 raise TypeError("'THROTTLE' should be a dict, got type %r." % type(type(value)))157 default_value = default()158 default_value.update(value)159 return default_value160 def __delattr__(self, name):161 """162 Configuration items should be protected.163 """164 if name in valid_settings_keys:165 raise KeyError(166 "Can't delete a configuration item.")167 super(Settings, self).__delattr__(name)168class LazySettings(LazyObject):169 """170 A proxy to settings object. Settings will not be loaded until it is171 accessed.172 """173 def __init__(self):174 self._manager = SettingsManager(Settings())175 super(LazySettings, self).__init__()176 @property177 def configured(self):178 """179 Returns a boolean indicating whether the settings is loaded.180 """181 return self._wrapped is not empty182 def _setup(self):183 self._wrapped = self._manager._settings_object184 self._manager.load()185 def __getattr__(self, name):186 if self._wrapped is empty:187 self._setup()188 val = getattr(self._manager, name, None)189 if val is None:190 val = getattr(self._wrapped, name)191 return val192 def __setattr__(self, name, value):193 if name == '_manager':194 self.__dict__['_manager'] = value195 return196 self.__dict__.pop(name, None)197 super(LazySettings, self).__setattr__(name, value)198 def __delattr__(self, name):199 raise AttributeError('Not allowed to remove a settings attribute.')200class SettingsManager(object):201 def __init__(self, settings_object):202 self._settings_object = settings_object203 self._file_lock = filelock.FileLock(LOCK_FILE_PATH)204 self._store_settings = []205 @property206 def locking(self):207 return self._file_lock.is_locked208 def _resolve_config_path(self, config_path=None):209 """210 Resolves the path of config file.211 If `config_path` is not None, it will be used. Otherwise212 `os.environ['CONFIG_ENVIRON']` will be used. If both of them are None,213 no config file is specified.214 The path to be used will have existence test before returned.215 """216 if config_path is None:217 config_path = os.environ.get(CONFIG_ENVIRON, None)218 if config_path is not None and not os.path.isfile(config_path):219 raise ImproperlyConfigured(220 "Config file '%s' does not exist or is not a file."221 % config_path)222 self.config_file_path = config_path223 return config_path224 def store_settings(self):225 """226 A function for testing, which saves current state of config file.227 Note that the function MUST be balanced by using `restore_settings`.228 """229 if self.config_file_path is None:230 return231 with self._file_lock:232 with open(self.config_file_path, 'r') as fp:233 self._store_settings.append( def restore_settings(self, write=True):235 """236 A function for testing, which restores the state in the last call of237 `store_settings`.238 """239 poped = self._store_settings.pop()240 if not write:241 return242 if self.config_file_path is None:243 return244 with self._file_lock:245 with open(self.config_file_path, 'w') as fp:246 fp.write(poped)247 def load(self, path=None):248 """249 Load configuration from file specified by `self.config_file_path`.250 The function is thread-safe.251 """252 path = self._resolve_config_path(path)253 locking = self.locking254 with self._file_lock:255 if locking:256 return257 if path is None:258 source = None259 else:260 with open(path, 'r') as fp:261 source = json.load(fp)262 self._settings_object._set_settings_values(source)263 def dump(self, path=None):264 """265 Write configuration back to file.266 The function is thread-safe.267 """268 path = self._resolve_config_path(path)269 if path is None:270 return271 with self._file_lock:272 with open(path, 'w') as fp:273 json.dump(274 self._settings_object.dump_settings_value(),275 fp, indent=4)276settings = LazySettings()...

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...12 self._controller = controller13 self.settings = controller.get_settings()14 self._load_window_properties()15 self._load_window_components()16 self._set_settings_values()17 def _load_window_properties(self):19 self.setFixedSize(400, 200)20 self.setWindowTitle("Configuration")21 def _load_window_components(self):22 container = QWidget(self)23 form_layout = QFormLayout()24 container.setLayout(form_layout)25 self.initial_date_pick = QDateEdit(calendarPopup=True)26 form_layout.addRow(QLabel("Initial Date"), self.initial_date_pick)27 self.combo_sentiment_algorithm = QComboBox(self)28 self.combo_sentiment_algorithm.addItems(self._controller.get_analysis_methods())29 form_layout.addRow(QLabel("Sentiment Algorithm"), self.combo_sentiment_algorithm)30 self.save_button = QPushButton("Save")31 self.save_button.clicked.connect(self.save_settings)32 form_layout.addRow(QLabel("Save"), self.save_button)33 def _set_settings_values(self):34 self.initial_date_pick.setDate(35 self.settings.value("initial_date", type=Qt.QDate))36 index = self._controller.get_analysis_methods().index(self._controller.get_analysis_method())37 self.combo_sentiment_algorithm.setCurrentIndex(index)38 def save_settings(self):39 self.settings.setValue("initial_date", self.settings.setValue("analysis_algorithm", str(self.combo_sentiment_algorithm.currentText()))41 self._controller.set_settings(self.settings)...

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