How to use _synchronize_backing_file method in autotest

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...234 """Flush the current state to the backing file."""235 if self._backing_file:236 self.write_to_file(self._backing_file)237 @with_backing_file238 def _synchronize_backing_file(self):239 """Synchronizes the contents of the in-memory and on-disk state."""240 # state is implicitly synchronized in _with_backing_file methods241 pass242 def set_backing_file(self, file_path):243 """Change the path used as the backing file for the persistent state.244 When a new backing file is specified if a file already exists then245 its contents will be added into the current state, with conflicts246 between the file and memory being resolved in favor of the file247 contents. The file will then be kept in sync with the (combined)248 in-memory state. The syncing can be disabled by setting this to None.249 @param file_path: A path on the filesystem that can be read from and250 written to, or None to turn off the backing store.251 """252 self._synchronize_backing_file()253 self._backing_file = file_path254 self._backing_file_initialized = False255 self._synchronize_backing_file()256 @with_backing_file257 def get(self, namespace, name, default=NO_DEFAULT):258 """Returns the value associated with a particular name.259 @param namespace: The namespace that the property should be stored in.260 @param name: The name the value was saved with.261 @param default: A default value to return if no state is currently262 associated with var.263 @return: A deep copy of the value associated with name. Note that this264 explicitly returns a deep copy to avoid problems with mutable265 values; mutations are not persisted or shared.266 @raise KeyError: raised when no state is associated with var and a267 default value is not provided.268 """269 if self.has(namespace, name):...

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