How to use _update_fields_from_row method in autotest

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...133 if differences:134 logging.warning(135 'initialized %s %s instance requery is updating: %s',136 type(self),, differences)137 self._update_fields_from_row(row)138 self._initialized = True139 @classmethod140 def _clear_instance_cache(cls):141 """Used for testing, clear the internal instance cache."""142 cls._instances_by_type_and_id.clear()143 def _fetch_row_from_db(self, row_id):144 fields = ', '.join(self._fields)145 sql = 'SELECT %s FROM %s WHERE ID=%%s' % (fields, self.__table)146 rows = _db.execute(sql, (row_id,))147 if not rows:148 raise DBError("row not found (table=%s, row id=%s)"149 % (self.__table, row_id))150 return rows[0]151 def _assert_row_length(self, row):152 assert len(row) == len(self._fields), (153 "table = %s, row = %s/%d, fields = %s/%d" % (154 self.__table, row, len(row), self._fields, len(self._fields)))155 def _compare_fields_in_row(self, row):156 """157 Given a row as returned by a SELECT query, compare it to our existing in158 memory fields. Fractional seconds are stripped from datetime values159 before comparison.160 @param row - A sequence of values corresponding to fields named in161 The class attribute _fields.162 @returns A dictionary listing the differences keyed by field name163 containing tuples of (current_value, row_value).164 """165 self._assert_row_length(row)166 differences = {}167 for field, row_value in itertools.izip(self._fields, row):168 current_value = getattr(self, field)169 if (isinstance(current_value, datetime.datetime)170 and isinstance(row_value, datetime.datetime)):171 current_value = current_value.strftime(time_utils.TIME_FMT)172 row_value = row_value.strftime(time_utils.TIME_FMT)173 if current_value != row_value:174 differences[field] = (current_value, row_value)175 return differences176 def _update_fields_from_row(self, row):177 """178 Update our field attributes using a single row returned by SELECT.179 @param row - A sequence of values corresponding to fields named in180 the class fields list.181 """182 self._assert_row_length(row)183 self._valid_fields = set()184 for field, value in itertools.izip(self._fields, row):185 setattr(self, field, value)186 self._valid_fields.add(field)187 self._valid_fields.remove('id')188 def update_from_database(self):189 assert is not None190 row = self._fetch_row_from_db( self._update_fields_from_row(row)192 def count(self, where, table = None):193 if not table:194 table = self.__table195 rows = _db.execute("""196 SELECT count(*) FROM %s197 WHERE %s198 """ % (table, where))199 assert len(rows) == 1200 return int(rows[0][0])201 def update_field(self, field, value):202 assert field in self._valid_fields203 if getattr(self, field) == value:204 return205 query = "UPDATE %s SET %s = %%s WHERE id = %%s" % (self.__table, field)...

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