How to use after_run_once method in autotest

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...156 self.run_once_profiling(postprocess_profiled_run, *args, **dargs)157 else:158 self.before_run_once()159 self.run_once(*args, **dargs)160 self.after_run_once()161 for hook in self.after_iteration_hooks:162 hook(self)163 self.postprocess_iteration()164 self.analyze_perf_constraints(constraints)165 def execute(self, iterations=None, test_length=None, profile_only=None,166 _get_time=time.time, postprocess_profiled_run=None,167 constraints=(), *args, **dargs):168 """169 This is the basic execute method for the tests inherited from base_test.170 If you want to implement a benchmark test, it's better to implement171 the run_once function, to cope with the profiling infrastructure. For172 other tests, you can just override the default implementation.173 @param test_length: The minimum test length in seconds. We'll run the174 run_once function for a number of times large enough to cover the175 minimum test length.176 @param iterations: A number of iterations that we'll run the run_once177 function. This parameter is incompatible with test_length and will178 be silently ignored if you specify both.179 @param profile_only: If true run X iterations with profilers enabled.180 If false run X iterations and one with profiling if profiles are181 enabled. If None, default to the value of job.default_profile_only.182 @param _get_time: [time.time] Used for unit test time injection.183 @param postprocess_profiled_run: Run the postprocessing for the184 profiled run.185 """186 # For our special class of tests, the benchmarks, we don't want187 # profilers to run during the test iterations. Let's reserve only188 # the last iteration for profiling, if needed. So let's stop189 # all profilers if they are present and active.190 profilers = self.job.profilers191 if profilers.stop(self)193 if profile_only is None:194 profile_only = self.job.default_profile_only195 # If the user called this test in an odd way (specified both iterations196 # and test_length), let's warn them.197 if iterations and test_length:198'Iterations parameter ignored (timed execution).')199 if test_length:200 test_start = _get_time()201 time_elapsed = 0202 timed_counter = 0203'Test started. Minimum test length: %d s',204 test_length)205 while time_elapsed < test_length:206 timed_counter = timed_counter + 1207 if time_elapsed == 0:208'Executing iteration %d', timed_counter)209 elif time_elapsed > 0:210 'Executing iteration %d, time_elapsed %d s',212 timed_counter, time_elapsed)213 self._call_run_once(constraints, profile_only,214 postprocess_profiled_run, args, dargs)215 test_iteration_finish = _get_time()216 time_elapsed = test_iteration_finish - test_start217'Test finished after %d iterations',218 timed_counter)219'Time elapsed: %d s', time_elapsed)220 else:221 if iterations is None:222 iterations = 1223'Test started. Number of iterations: %d', iterations)224 for self.iteration in xrange(1, iterations+1):225'Executing iteration %d of %d', self.iteration,226 iterations)227 self._call_run_once(constraints, profile_only,228 postprocess_profiled_run, args, dargs)229'Test finished after %d iterations.', iterations)230 if not profile_only:231 self.iteration += 1232 self.run_once_profiling(postprocess_profiled_run, *args, **dargs)233 # Do any postprocessing, normally extracting performance keyvals, etc234 self.postprocess()235 self.process_failed_constraints()236 def run_once_profiling(self, postprocess_profiled_run, *args, **dargs):237 profilers = self.job.profilers238 # Do a profiling run if necessary239 if profilers.present():240 self.drop_caches_between_iterations()241 profilers.before_start(self)242 self.before_run_once()243 profilers.start(self)244 print 'Profilers present. Profiling run started'245 try:246 self.run_once(*args, **dargs)247 # Priority to the run_once() argument over the attribute.248 postprocess_attribute = getattr(self,249 'postprocess_profiled_run',250 False)251 if (postprocess_profiled_run or252 (postprocess_profiled_run is None and253 postprocess_attribute)):254 self.postprocess_iteration()255 finally:256 profilers.stop(self)257 self.after_run_once()259 def postprocess(self):260 pass261 def postprocess_iteration(self):262 pass263 def cleanup(self):264 pass265 def before_run_once(self):266 """267 Override in tests that need it, will be called before any run_once()268 call including the profiling run (when it's called before starting269 the profilers).270 """271 pass272 def after_run_once(self):273 """274 Called after every run_once (including from a profiled run when it's275 called after stopping the profilers).276 """277 pass278 def _exec(self, args, dargs):279 self.job.logging.tee_redirect_debug_dir(self.debugdir,280 log_name=self.tagged_testname)281 try:282 if self.network_destabilizing:283 self.job.disable_warnings("NETWORK")284 # write out the test attributes into a keyval285 dargs = dargs.copy()286 run_cleanup = dargs.pop('run_cleanup', self.job.run_test_cleanup)...

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...84 if len(glob.glob('/dev/mmcblk*')) == 0:85 raise error.TestNAError('Skipping test; no eMMC device found.')86 self.__test_and_verify_cleared('64K', 2)87 self.__test_and_verify_cleared('1M', 16)88 def after_run_once(self):89 if os.path.exists(TEST_PATH):...

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