How to use all_drive_names method in autotest

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...281def remove_empty_prio_classes(prios):282 # remove prio classes whose set of allowed priorities is empty283 # e.g 'no:3;rt:;be:3;id:' --> 'no:3;be:3'284 return ';'.join(p for p in prios.split(';') if p.split(':')[1])285def all_drive_names():286 # list of all disk drives sda,sdb,...287 paths = glob.glob('/sys/block/sd*')288 if not paths:289 paths = glob.glob('/sys/block/hd*')290 return [os.path.basename(path) for path in paths]291def set_io_controls(container_name, disks=[], ioprio_classes=[PROPIO_NORMAL],292 io_shares=[95], io_limits=[0]):293 # set the propio controls for one container, for selected disks294 # writing directly to /dev/cgroup/container_name/io.io_service_level295 # without using containerd or container.py296 # See wiki ProportionalIOScheduler for definitions297 # ioprio_classes: list of service classes, one per disk298 # using numeric propio service classes as used by kernel API, namely299 # 1: RT, Real Time, aka PROPIO_PRIO300 # 2: BE, Best Effort, aka PROPIO_NORMAL301 # 3: PROPIO_IDLE302 # io_shares: list of disk-time-fractions, one per disk,303 # as percentage integer 0..100304 # io_limits: list of limit on/off, one per disk305 # 0: no limit, shares use of other containers' unused disk time306 # 1: limited, container's use of disk time is capped to given DTF307 # ioprio_classes defaults to best-effort308 # io_limit defaults to no limit, use slack time309 if not disks: # defaults to all drives310 disks = all_drive_names()311 io_shares = [io_shares [0]] * len(disks)312 ioprio_classes = [ioprio_classes[0]] * len(disks)313 io_limits = [io_limits [0]] * len(disks)314 if not (len(disks) == len(ioprio_classes) and len(disks) == len(io_shares)315 and len(disks) == len(io_limits)):316 raise error.AutotestError('Unequal number of values for io controls')317 service_level = io_attr(container_name, 'io_service_level')318 if not os.path.exists(service_level):319 return # kernel predates propio features320 # or io cgroup is mounted separately from cpusets321 disk_infos = []322 for disk,ioclass,limit,share in zip(disks, ioprio_classes,323 io_limits, io_shares):324 parts = (disk, str(ioclass), str(limit), str(share))...

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