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...1309 return self.boot_once_grub2(entry_index)1310 elif bootloader == 'yaboot':1311 return self.boot_once_yaboot(title)1312 elif bootloader == 'elilo':1313 return self.boot_once_elilo(entry_index)1314 else:1315 self.log.error("Detected bootloader does not implement boot once")1316 return -11317 def boot_once_grub(self, entry_index):1318 '''1319 Implements the boot once feature for the grub bootloader1320 '''1321 # grubonce is a hack present in distros like OpenSUSE1322 grubonce_cmd = find_executable('grubonce')1323 if grubonce_cmd is None:1324 # XXX: check the type of default set (numeric or "saved")1325 grub_instructions = ['savedefault --default=%s --once' %1326 entry_index, 'quit']1327 grub_instructions_text = '\n'.join(grub_instructions)1328 grub_binary = find_executable('grub')1329 if grub_binary is None:1330 self.log.error("Could not find the 'grub' binary, aborting")1331 return -11332 p = subprocess.Popen([grub_binary, '--batch'],1333 stdin=subprocess.PIPE,1334 stdout=subprocess.PIPE,1335 stderr=subprocess.PIPE)1336 out, err = p.communicate(grub_instructions_text)1337 complete_out = ''1338 if out is not None:1339 complete_out = out1340 if err is not None:1341 complete_out += "\n%s" % err1342 grub_batch_err = []1343 if complete_out:1344 for l in complete_out.splitlines():1345 if'error', l, re.IGNORECASE):1346 grub_batch_err.append(l)1347 if grub_batch_err:1348 self.log.error("Error while running grub to set boot "1349 "once: %s", "\n".join(grub_batch_err))1350 return -11351 self.log.debug('No error detected while running grub to set boot '1352 'once')1353 return 01354 else:1355 rc = self._run_get_return([grubonce_cmd, str(entry_index)])1356 if rc:1357 self.log.error('Error running %s', grubonce_cmd)1358 else:1359 self.log.debug('No error detected while running %s',1360 grubonce_cmd)1361 return rc1362 def boot_once_grub2(self, entry_index):1363 '''1364 Implements the boot once feature for the grub2 bootloader1365 Caveat: this assumes the default set is of type "saved", and not a1366 numeric value.1367 '''1368 default_index_re = re.compile('\s*set\s+default\s*=\s*\"+(\d+)\"+')1369 grub_reboot_names = ['grub-reboot', 'grub2-reboot']1370 grub_reboot_exec = None1371 for grub_reboot in grub_reboot_names:1372 grub_reboot_exec = find_executable(grub_reboot)1373 if grub_reboot_exec is not None:1374 break1375 if grub_reboot_exec is None:1376 self.log.error('Could not find executable among searched names: '1377 '%s', ' ,'.join(grub_reboot_names))1378 return -11379 grub_set_default_names = ['grub-set-default', 'grub2-set-default']1380 grub_set_default_exec = None1381 for grub_set_default in grub_set_default_names:1382 grub_set_default_exec = find_executable(grub_set_default)1383 if grub_set_default_exec is not None:1384 break1385 if grub_set_default_exec is None:1386 self.log.error('Could not find executable among searched names: '1387 '%s', ' ,'.join(grub_set_default_names))1388 return -11389 # Make sure the "set default" entry in the configuration file is set1390 # to "${saved_entry}. Assuming the config file is at /boot/grub/grub.cfg1391 deb_grub_cfg_path = '/boot/grub/grub.cfg'1392 if self._dist_uses_grub2():1393 deb_grub_cfg_path = '/boot/grub2/grub.cfg'1394 deb_grub_cfg_bkp_path = '%s.boottool.bak' % deb_grub_cfg_path1395 default_index = None1396 if os.path.exists(deb_grub_cfg_path):1397 shutil.move(deb_grub_cfg_path, deb_grub_cfg_bkp_path)1398 o = open(deb_grub_cfg_path, 'w')1399 for l in open(deb_grub_cfg_bkp_path).readlines():1400 m = default_index_re.match(l)1401 if m is not None:1402 default_index = int(m.groups()[0])1403 o.write('set default="${saved_entry}"\n')1404 else:1405 o.write(l)1406 o.close()1407 # Make the current default entry the "previous saved entry"1408 if default_index is None:1409 default_index = self.get_default_index()1410 else:1411 # grubby adds entries to top. this assumes a new entry to boot once1412 # has already been added to the top, so fallback to the second1413 # entry (index 1) if the boot once entry fails to boot1414 if entry_index == 0:1415 default_index = 11416 else:1417 default_index = 01418 # A negative index is never acceptable1419 if default_index >= 0:1420 prev_saved_return = self._run_get_return([grub_set_default_exec,1421 '%s' % default_index])1422 if prev_saved_return != 0:1423 self.log.error('Could not make entry %s the previous saved entry',1424 default_index)1425 return prev_saved_return1426 # Finally set the boot once entry1427 return self._run_get_return([grub_reboot_exec,1428 '%s' % entry_index])1429 def boot_once_yaboot(self, entry_title):1430 '''1431 Implements the boot once feature for the yaboot bootloader1432 '''1433 nvsetenv_cmd = find_executable('nvsetenv')1434 if nvsetenv_cmd is None:1435 self.log.error("Could not find nvsetenv in PATH")1436 return -11437 return self._run_get_return([nvsetenv_cmd,1438 'boot-once',1439 entry_title])1440 def boot_once_elilo(self, entry_index):1441 '''1442 Implements boot once for machines with kernel >= 2.61443 This manipulates EFI variables via the interface available at1444 /sys/firmware/efi/vars1445 '''1446 info = self.get_entry(entry_index)1447 kernel = os.path.basename(info['kernel'])1448 # remove quotes1449 args = info['args']1450 if args[0] == '"':1451 args = args[1:]1452 if args[-1] == '"':1453 args = args[:-1]1454 params = "root=%s %s" % (info['root'], args)...

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