How to use check_modify_host_locking method in autotest

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...221 """222 rpc_utils.check_modify_host(kwargs)223 host = models.Host.smart_get(id)224 try:225 rpc_utils.check_modify_host_locking(host, kwargs)226 except model_logic.ValidationError as e:227 if not kwargs.get('force_modify_locking', False):228 raise229 logging.exception('The following exception will be ignored and lock '230 'modification will be enforced. %s', e)231 # This is required to make `lock_time` for a host be exactly same232 # between the master and a shard.233 if kwargs.get('locked', None) and 'lock_time' not in kwargs:234 kwargs['lock_time'] = host.update_object(kwargs)236 # force_modifying_locking is not an internal field in database, remove.237 kwargs.pop('force_modify_locking', None)238 rpc_utils.fanout_rpc([host], 'modify_host_local',239 include_hostnames=False, id=id, **kwargs)240def modify_host_local(id, **kwargs):241 """Modify host attributes in local DB.242 @param id: Host id.243 @param kwargs: key=value pairs of values to set on the host.244 """245 models.Host.smart_get(id).update_object(kwargs)246@rpc_utils.route_rpc_to_master247def modify_hosts(host_filter_data, update_data):248 """Modify local attributes of multiple hosts.249 If this is called on the master, but one of the hosts in that match the250 filters is assigned to a shard, this will call `modify_hosts_local` RPC251 to the responsible shard.252 When this is called on a shard, the shard just routes the RPC to the master253 and does nothing.254 The filters are always applied on the master, not on the shards. This means255 if the states of a host differ on the master and a shard, the state on the256 master will be used. I.e. this means:257 A host was synced to Shard 1. On Shard 1 the status of the host was set to258 'Repair Failed'.259 - A call to modify_hosts with host_filter_data={'status': 'Ready'} will260 update the host (both on the shard and on the master), because the state261 of the host as the master knows it is still 'Ready'.262 - A call to modify_hosts with host_filter_data={'status': 'Repair failed'263 will not update the host, because the filter doesn't apply on the master.264 @param host_filter_data: Filters out which hosts to modify.265 @param update_data: A dictionary with the changes to make to the hosts.266 """267 update_data = update_data.copy()268 rpc_utils.check_modify_host(update_data)269 hosts = models.Host.query_objects(host_filter_data)270 affected_shard_hostnames = set()271 affected_host_ids = []272 # Check all hosts before changing data for exception safety.273 for host in hosts:274 try:275 rpc_utils.check_modify_host_locking(host, update_data)276 except model_logic.ValidationError as e:277 if not update_data.get('force_modify_locking', False):278 raise279 logging.exception('The following exception will be ignored and '280 'lock modification will be enforced. %s', e)281 if host.shard:282 affected_shard_hostnames.add(host.shard.rpc_hostname())283 affected_host_ids.append( # This is required to make `lock_time` for a host be exactly same285 # between the master and a shard.286 if update_data.get('locked', None) and 'lock_time' not in update_data:287 update_data['lock_time'] = for host in hosts:289 host.update_object(update_data)...

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...291 # beneath tasks being run on a host.292 if 'status' in update_data:293 raise model_logic.ValidationError({294 'status': 'Host status can not be modified by the frontend.'})295def check_modify_host_locking(host, update_data):296 """297 Checks when locking/unlocking has been requested if the host is already298 locked/unlocked.299 :param host: models.Host object to be modified300 :param update_data: A dictionary with the changes to make to the host.301 """302 locked = update_data.get('locked', None)303 if locked is not None:304 if locked and host.locked:305 raise model_logic.ValidationError({306 'locked': 'Host already locked by %s on %s.' %307 (host.locked_by, host.lock_time)})308 if not locked and not host.locked:309 raise model_logic.ValidationError({...

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