How to use clear_known_hosts method in autotest

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1#!/usr/bin/python32#3# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.04#5import getpass6import os7import time8import subprocess9import paramiko10from utils.install_log import LOG11def sftp_send(source, remote_host, remote_port, destination, username, password):12 """13 Send files to remote server14 """15"Connecting to server %s with username %s", remote_host, username)16 ssh_client = paramiko.SSHClient()17 ssh_client.set_missing_host_key_policy(paramiko.AutoAddPolicy())18 ## TODO(WEI): need to make this timeout handling better19 retry = 020 while retry < 8:21 try:22 ssh_client.connect(remote_host, port=remote_port,23 username=username, password=password,24 look_for_keys=False, allow_agent=False)25 sftp_client = ssh_client.open_sftp()26 retry = 827 except Exception as e:28"******* try again")29 retry += 130 time.sleep(10)31"Sending file from %s to %s", source, destination)32 sftp_client.put(source, destination)33"Done")34 sftp_client.close()35 ssh_client.close()36def send_dir(source, remote_host, remote_port, destination, username,37 password, follow_links=True, clear_known_hosts=True):38 # Only works from linux for now39 if not source.endswith('/') or not source.endswith('\\'):40 source = source + '/'41 params = {42 'source': source,43 'remote_host': remote_host,44 'destination': destination,45 'port': remote_port,46 'username': username,47 'password': password,48 'follow_links': "L" if follow_links else "",49 }50 if clear_known_hosts:51 if remote_host == '':52 keygen_arg = "[]:{}".format(remote_port)53 else:54 keygen_arg = remote_host55 cmd = 'ssh-keygen -f "/home/%s/.ssh/known_hosts" -R' \56 ' %s', getpass.getuser(), keygen_arg57"CMD: %s", cmd)58 process = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)59 for line in iter(process.stdout.readline, b''):60"%s", line.decode("utf-8").strip())61 process.wait()62"Running rsync of dir: {source} ->" \63 "{username}@{remote_host}:{destination}".format(**params))64 cmd = ("rsync -av{follow_links} "65 "--rsh=\"/usr/bin/sshpass -p {password} ssh -p {port} -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -l {username}\" "66 "{source}* {username}@{remote_host}:{destination}".format(**params))67"CMD: %s", cmd)68 process = subprocess.Popen(cmd, shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)69 for line in iter(process.stdout.readline, b''):70"%s", line.decode("utf-8").strip())71 process.wait()72 if process.returncode:73 raise Exception("Error in rsync, return code:{}".format(process.returncode))74def send_dir_fallback(source, remote_host, destination, username, password):75 """76 Send directory contents to remote server, usually controller-077 Note: does not send nested directories only files.78 args:79 - source: full path to directory80 e.g. /localhost/loadbuild/jenkins/latest_build/81 - Remote host: name of host to log into, controller-0 by default82 e.g. myhost.com83 - destination: where to store the file on host: /home/myuser/84 """85"Connecting to server %s with username %s", remote_host, username)86 ssh_client = paramiko.SSHClient()87 ssh_client.set_missing_host_key_policy(paramiko.AutoAddPolicy())88 ssh_client.connect(remote_host, username=username, password=password, look_for_keys=False, allow_agent=False)89 sftp_client = ssh_client.open_sftp()90 path = ''91 send_img = False92 for items in os.listdir(source):93 path = source+items94 if os.path.isfile(path):95 if items.endswith('.img'):96 remote_path = destination+'images/'+items97"Sending file from %s to %s", path, remote_path)98 sftp_client.put(path, remote_path)99 send_img = True100 elif items.endswith('.iso'):101 pass102 else:103 remote_path = destination+items104"Sending file from %s to %s", path, remote_path)105 sftp_client.put(path, remote_path)106"Done")107 sftp_client.close()108 ssh_client.close()109 if send_img:...

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