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...23 def test_configure_get_command(self):24 session = FakeSession({})25 session.config['region'] = 'us-west-2'26 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)27 config_get(args=['region'], parsed_globals=None)28 rendered = stream.getvalue()29 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), 'us-west-2')30 def test_configure_get_command_no_exist(self):31 no_vars_defined = {}32 session = FakeSession(no_vars_defined)33 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)34 rc = config_get(args=['region'], parsed_globals=None)35 rendered = stream.getvalue()36 # If a config value does not exist, we don't print any output.37 self.assertEqual(rendered, '')38 # And we exit with an rc of 1.39 self.assertEqual(rc, 1)40 def test_dotted_get(self):41 session = FakeSession({})42 session.full_config = {'preview': {'emr': 'true'}}43 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)44 config_get(args=['preview.emr'], parsed_globals=None)45 rendered = stream.getvalue()46 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), 'true')47 def test_dotted_get_with_profile(self):48 session = FakeSession({})49 session.full_config = {'profiles': {'emr-dev': {50 'emr': {'instance_profile': 'my_ip'}}}}51 session.config = {'emr': {'instance_profile': 'my_ip'}}52 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)53 config_get(args=['emr-dev.emr.instance_profile'], parsed_globals=None)54 rendered = stream.getvalue()55 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), 'my_ip')56 def test_get_from_profile(self):57 session = FakeSession({})58 session.full_config = {59 'profiles': {'testing': {'aws_access_key_id': 'access_key'}}}60 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)61 config_get = ConfigureGetCommand(session, stream)62 config_get(args=['profile.testing.aws_access_key_id'],63 parsed_globals=None)64 rendered = stream.getvalue()65 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), 'access_key')66 def test_get_nested_attribute(self):67 session = FakeSession({})68 session.full_config = {69 'profiles': {'testing': {'s3': {'signature_version': 's3v4'}}}}70 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)71 config_get(args=['profile.testing.s3.signature_version'],72 parsed_globals=None)73 rendered = stream.getvalue()74 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), 's3v4')75 def test_get_nested_attribute_from_default(self):76 session = FakeSession({})77 session.full_config = {78 'profiles': {'default': {'s3': {'signature_version': 's3v4'}}}}79 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)80 config_get(args=['default.s3.signature_version'],81 parsed_globals=None)82 rendered = stream.getvalue()83 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), 's3v4')84 def test_get_nested_attribute_from_default_does_not_exist(self):85 session = FakeSession({})86 session.full_config = {'profiles': {}}87 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)88 config_get(args=['default.s3.signature_version'],89 parsed_globals=None)90 rendered = stream.getvalue()91 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), '')92 def test_get_nested_attribute_from_implicit_default(self):93 session = FakeSession({})94 session.full_config = {95 'profiles': {'default': {'s3': {'signature_version': 's3v4'}}}}96 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)97 config_get(args=['s3.signature_version'],98 parsed_globals=None)99 rendered = stream.getvalue()100 self.assertEqual(rendered.strip(), 's3v4')101 def test_get_section_returns_error(self):102 session = FakeSession({})103 session.full_config = {104 'profiles': {'default': {'s3': {'signature_version': 's3v4'}}}}105 session.config = {'s3': {'signature_version': 's3v4'}}106 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)107 rc = config_get(args=['s3'], parsed_globals=None)108 self.assertEqual(rc, 1)109 error_message = error_stream.getvalue()110 expected_message = (111 'varname (s3) must reference a value, not a section or '112 'sub-section.')113 self.assertEqual(error_message, expected_message)114 self.assertEqual(stream.getvalue(), '')115 def test_get_non_string_returns_error(self):116 # This should never happen, but we handle this case so we should117 # test it.118 session = FakeSession({})119 session.full_config = {120 'profiles': {'default': {'foo': object()}}}121 stream, error_stream, config_get = self.create_command(session)122 rc = config_get(args=['foo'], parsed_globals=None)123 self.assertEqual(rc, 1)124 self.assertEqual(stream.getvalue(), '')...

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...26LOG_LEVEL = "WARNING"27FEED_TIMEOUT = 20 # seconds28# Default template file list29TEMPLATE_FILES = "examples/basic/planet.html.tmpl"30def config_get(config, section, option, default=None, raw=0, vars=None):31 """Get a value from the configuration, with a default."""32 if config.has_option(section, option):33 return config.get(section, option, raw=raw, vars=None)34 else:35 return default36def main():37 config_file = CONFIG_FILE38 offline = 039 verbose = 040 for arg in sys.argv[1:]:41 if arg == "-h" or arg == "--help":42 print "Usage: planet [options] [CONFIGFILE]"43 print44 print "Options:"45 print " -v, --verbose DEBUG level logging during update"46 print " -o, --offline Update the Planet from the cache only"47 print " -h, --help Display this help message and exit"48 print49 sys.exit(0)50 elif arg == "-v" or arg == "--verbose":51 verbose = 152 elif arg == "-o" or arg == "--offline":53 offline = 154 elif arg.startswith("-"):55 print >>sys.stderr, "Unknown option:", arg56 sys.exit(1)57 else:58 config_file = arg59 # Read the configuration file60 config = ConfigParser()61 if not config.has_section("Planet"):63 print >>sys.stderr, "Configuration missing [Planet] section."64 sys.exit(1)65 # Read the [Planet] config section66 planet_name = config_get(config, "Planet", "name", PLANET_NAME)67 planet_link = config_get(config, "Planet", "link", PLANET_LINK)68 planet_feed = config_get(config, "Planet", "feed", PLANET_FEED)69 owner_name = config_get(config, "Planet", "owner_name", OWNER_NAME)70 owner_email = config_get(config, "Planet", "owner_email", OWNER_EMAIL)71 if verbose:72 log_level = "DEBUG"73 else:74 log_level = config_get(config, "Planet", "log_level", LOG_LEVEL)75 feed_timeout = config_get(config, "Planet", "feed_timeout", FEED_TIMEOUT)76 template_files = config_get(config, "Planet", "template_files",77 TEMPLATE_FILES).split(" ")78 # Default feed to the first feed for which there is a template79 if not planet_feed:80 for template_file in template_files:81 name = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(template_file))[0]82 if name.find('atom')>=0 or name.find('rss')>=0:83 planet_feed = urlparse.urljoin(planet_link, name)84 break85 # Define locale86 if config.has_option("Planet", "locale"):87 # The user can specify more than one locale (separated by ":") as88 # fallbacks.89 locale_ok = False90 for user_locale in config.get("Planet", "locale").split(':'):...

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