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1import os2import zipfile3from os import path4from typing import List, Tuple, Any, Dict, Union5import numpy6import sklearn as sklearn7from PIL import Image8from import Client9from numpy import asarray, full, ndarray10_TRAIN_URL = ""11_TEST_URL = ""12class RetimoDatasetConfigRecord:13 def __init__(self, dataset_name: str, name: str, gcs_path: str, labels: dict):14 self.dataset_name = dataset_name15 = name16 self.gcs_path = gcs_path17 self.labels = labels18 self.local_path = None19 self.is_downloaded = False20 self.is_unzipped = False21 def add_local_path(self, local_path):22 self.local_path = local_path23 self.is_downloaded = True24 return self25 def unzipped(self):26 self.is_unzipped = True27 return self28 @property29 def unzipped_path(self):30 if not self.is_unzipped:31 raise Exception("Unzipped Path is not ready. Firstly unzip to downloaded files.")32 return f"{self.local_path}/unziped"33 @property34 def raw_path(self):35 if not self.is_downloaded and self.local_path is None:36 raise Exception("Row Path is not ready. Firstly download to local files.")37 return f"{self.local_path}/raw"38class RetimoDataset:39 cache_path = '.cache'40 def __init__(self, config_records: List[RetimoDatasetConfigRecord]):41 self.config_records = config_records42 self.storage_client = Client()43 def load(self, to_shuffle=True):44 self.config_records = [self._download(config_record) for config_record in self.config_records]45 self.config_records = [self._unzip(config_record) for config_record in self.config_records]46 arrays = dict(self._load_to_nparray(config_record) for config_record in self.config_records)47 if to_shuffle:48 values = arrays.values()49 y = {x for x in values}50 values_2 = values.values()51 shuffeled = sklearn.utils.shuffle()52 return arrays53 def _download(self, config_record: RetimoDatasetConfigRecord) -> RetimoDatasetConfigRecord:54 local_path = f"{self.cache_path}/{config_record.dataset_name}/{}"55 os.makedirs(local_path, exist_ok=True)56 raw_path = f"{local_path}/raw"57 if not path.exists(raw_path):58 with open(raw_path, "w") as f:59 f.write("")60 print(f"Downloading raw data from {config_record.gcs_path} to {raw_path}")61 with open(raw_path, 'wb') as file_obj:62 self.storage_client.download_blob_to_file(config_record.gcs_path, file_obj)63 else:64 print(f"Downloading raw data for '{}' not needed. Using cache '{raw_path}'")65 return config_record.add_local_path(local_path)66 def _unzip(self, config_record: RetimoDatasetConfigRecord) -> RetimoDatasetConfigRecord:67 unzipped_path = f"{config_record.local_path}/unziped"68 if not path.exists(unzipped_path):69 print(f"Unzipping file {config_record.raw_path} to {unzipped_path}")70 with zipfile.ZipFile(config_record.raw_path, 'r') as zip_ref:71 zip_ref.extractall(unzipped_path)72 else:73 print(f"Unzipping file for '{}' not needed. Using cache '{unzipped_path}'")74 return config_record.unzipped()75 def _load_to_nparray(self, config_record: RetimoDatasetConfigRecord) -> Tuple[str, Dict[str, Union[ndarray, Any]]]:76 collector = {}77 for label in config_record.labels.keys():78 directory = f"{os.getcwd()}/{config_record.unzipped_path}/{}/{label}/"79 dataset = numpy.asarray(80 [asarray("{directory}/{image}"), dtype=numpy.uint8) for image in os.listdir(directory) if81 image.endswith('.jpg')])82 label_list = full((len(dataset)), fill_value=config_record.labels[label], dtype=numpy.uint8)83 collector['dataset'] = numpy.append(collector.get('dataset', numpy.empty(0)), dataset).reshape(84 dataset.shape[0] + collector.get('dataset', numpy.empty(0)).shape[0], *dataset.shape[1:])85 collector['label'] = numpy.append(collector.get('label', numpy.empty(0)), label_list)...

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1# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-2# Part of BrowseInfo. See LICENSE file for full copyright and licensing details.3from odoo import fields, models, api, _4from odoo.exceptions import Warning5import random6from datetime import date, datetime7class pos_gift_coupon(models.Model):8 _name = ''9 10 11 def print_report_coupons(self):12 return self.env.ref('pos_orders_all.action_gift_coupons').report_action(self)13 @api.multi14 def existing_coupon(self,code):15 coupon_code_record[('gift_coupen_code', '=',code)])16 if len(coupon_code_record) == 1:17 coupon_record = coupon_code_record[0]18 return True19 else:20 return False21 22 @api.multi23 def search_coupon(self, code):24 coupon_code_record =[('gift_coupen_code', '=', code)])25 if coupon_code_record:26 return [, coupon_code_record.amount, coupon_code_record.used, coupon_code_record.coupon_count, coupon_code_record.coupon_apply_times, coupon_code_record.expiry_date, coupon_code_record.partner_true,]27 @api.model28 def default_get(self, fields):29 pos_config_obj = self.env['']30 if pos_config_obj.search_count([('active', '=',True)]) !=1 :31 raise Warning(_('Please configure gift coupons')) 32 33 rec = super(pos_gift_coupon, self).default_get(fields)34 config_obj = self.env['']35 if config_obj.search_count([('active', '=',True)]) == 1:36 config_record =[('active', '=', True)])[0]37 if config_record:38 rec.update ({39 'amount': config_record.default_value ,40 }) 41 return rec42 @api.one43 @api.constrains('amount')44 def _check_amount(self):45 confing_obj = self.env['']46 if confing_obj.search_count([('active', '=',True)]) == 1:47 config_record =[('active', '=', True)])[0]48 if self.amount < config_record.min_coupan_value or self.amount > config_record.max_coupan_value:49 raise Warning(_( "Amount is wrong"))50 @api.model51 def create(self, vals):52 pos_config_obj = self.env['']53 if pos_config_obj.search_count([('active', '=',True)]) !=1 :54 raise Warning(_('Please configure gift coupons')) 55 56 else:57 code =(random.randrange(1111111111111,9999999999999))58 if pos_config_obj.search_count([('active', '=',True)]) == 1:59 config_record =[('active', '=', True)])[0]60 if config_record.default_availability != -1:61 if self.search_count([]) == config_record.default_availability:62 raise Warning(_('You can only create %d coupons ') % config_record.default_availability ) 63 config_record =[('active', '=', True)])[0]64 if config_record:65 vals.update({'expiry_date':config_record.max_exp_date,66 'gift_coupen_code': str(code),67 68 })69 return super(pos_gift_coupon,self).create(vals) 70 71 72 name = fields.Char('Name')73 gift_coupen_code = fields.Char('Gift Coupon Code')74 user_id = fields.Many2one('res.users' ,'Created By',default = lambda self: self.env.user)75 issue_date = fields.Datetime(default =, )76 expiry_date = fields.Datetime('Expiry date')77 #validity = fields. Integer('Validity(in days)')78 #total_available = fields.Integer('Total Available')79 partner_true = fields.Boolean('Allow for Specific Customer')80 partner_id = fields.Many2one('res.partner')81 order_ids = fields.One2many('pos.order','coupon_id')82 active = fields.Boolean('Active')83 amount = fields.Float('Coupon Amount')84 description = fields.Text('Note')85 used = fields.Boolean('Used') 86 coupon_apply_times = fields.Integer('Coupon Code Apply Limit', default=1)87 coupon_count = fields.Integer('coupon count', default=1)88 89 ...

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