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...418 _, number, _ = log.split('.', 2)419 if number.isdigit():420 max_digit = max(max_digit, int(number))421 return 'client.%d' % (max_digit + 1)422 def copy_client_config_file(self, client_log_prefix=None):423 """424 Create and copy the client config file based on the server config.425 @param client_log_prefix: Optional prefix to prepend to log files.426 """427 client_config_file = self._create_client_config_file(client_log_prefix)428, self.config_file)429 os.remove(client_config_file)430 def _create_client_config_file(self, client_log_prefix=None):431 """432 Create a temporary file with the [CLIENT] section configuration values433 taken from the server global_config.ini.434 @param client_log_prefix: Optional prefix to prepend to log files.435 @return: Path of the temporary file generated.436 """437 config = global_config.global_config.get_section_values('CLIENT')438 if client_log_prefix:439 config.set('CLIENT', 'default_logging_name', client_log_prefix)440 return self._create_aux_file(config.write)441 def _create_aux_file(self, func, *args):442 """443 Creates a temporary file and writes content to it according to a444 content creation function. The file object is appended to *args, which445 is then passed to the content creation function446 @param func: Function that will be used to write content to the447 temporary file.448 @param *args: List of parameters that func takes.449 @return: Path to the temporary file that was created.450 """451 fd, path = tempfile.mkstemp( aux_file = os.fdopen(fd, "w")453 try:454 list_args = list(args)455 list_args.append(aux_file)456 func(*list_args)457 finally:458 aux_file.close()459 return path460 @staticmethod461 def is_client_job_finished(last_line):462 return bool(re.match(r'^END .*\t----\t----\t.*$', last_line))463 @staticmethod464 def is_client_job_rebooting(last_line):465 return bool(re.match(r'^\t*GOOD\t----\treboot\.start.*$', last_line))466 def log_unexpected_abort(self, stderr_redirector):467 stderr_redirector.flush_all_buffers()468 msg = "Autotest client terminated unexpectedly"469"END ABORT", None, None, msg)470 def _execute_in_background(self, section, timeout):471 full_cmd = self.get_background_cmd(section)472 devnull = open(os.devnull, "w")473 self.copy_client_config_file(self.get_client_log())474 try:476 result =, ignore_status=True,477 timeout=timeout,478 stdout_tee=devnull,479 stderr_tee=devnull)480 finally:481 return result483 @staticmethod484 def _strip_stderr_prologue(stderr):485 """Strips the 'standard' prologue that get pre-pended to every486 remote command and returns the text that was actually written to487 stderr by the remote command."""488 stderr_lines = stderr.split("\n")[1:]489 if not stderr_lines:490 return ""491 elif stderr_lines[0].startswith("NOTE: autotestd_monitor"):492 del stderr_lines[0]493 return "\n".join(stderr_lines)494 def _execute_daemon(self, section, timeout, stderr_redirector,495 client_disconnect_timeout):496 monitor_dir = daemon_cmd = self.get_daemon_cmd(section, monitor_dir)498 # grab the location for the server-side client log file499 client_log_prefix = self.get_client_log()500 client_log_path = os.path.join(self.results_dir, 'debug',501 client_log_prefix + '.log')502 client_log = open(client_log_path, 'w', 0)503 self.copy_client_config_file(client_log_prefix)504 stdout_read = stderr_read = 0505 try:507, ignore_status=True, timeout=timeout)508 disconnect_warnings = []509 while True:510 monitor_cmd = self.get_monitor_cmd(monitor_dir, stdout_read,511 stderr_read)512 try:513 result =, ignore_status=True,514 timeout=timeout,515 stdout_tee=client_log,516 stderr_tee=stderr_redirector)517 except error.AutoservRunError, e:...

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