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1import os2import logging3import random4from avocado.utils import cpu5from virttest.libvirt_xml import vm_xml6from virttest import utils_libvirtd, virsh7from virttest.cpu import cpus_parser8from virttest.staging import utils_cgroup9from virttest.virt_vm import VMStartError10def get_emulatorpin_from_cgroup(params, test):11 """12 Get a list of domain-specific per block stats from cgroup blkio controller.13 :params: the parameter dictionary14 """15 vm = params.get("vm")16 cpuset_path = \17 utils_cgroup.resolve_task_cgroup_path(vm.get_pid(), "cpuset")18 cpuset_file = os.path.join(cpuset_path, "cpuset.cpus")19 try:20 with open(cpuset_file, "rU") as f_emulatorpin_params:21 emulatorpin_params_from_cgroup = f_emulatorpin_params.readline()22 return emulatorpin_params_from_cgroup23 except IOError:24 test.error("Failed to get emulatorpin "25 "params from %s" % cpuset_file)26def check_emulatorpin(params, test):27 """28 Check emulator affinity29 :params: the parameter dictionary30 """31 dicts = {}32 vm = params.get("vm")33 vm_name = params.get("main_vm")34 cpu_list = params.get("cpu_list")35 cgconfig = params.get("cgconfig", "on")36 options = params.get("emulatorpin_options")37 result = virsh.emulatorpin(vm_name, debug=True)38 cmd_output = result.stdout.strip().splitlines()39 logging.debug(cmd_output)40 # Parsing command output and putting them into python dictionary.41 for l in cmd_output[2:]:42 k, v = l.split(':')43 dicts[k.strip()] = v.strip()44 logging.debug(dicts)45 emulator_from_cmd = dicts['*']46 emulatorpin_from_xml = ""47 # To change a running guest with 'config' option, which will affect48 # next boot, if don't shutdown the guest, we need to run virsh dumpxml49 # with 'inactive' option to get guest XML changes.50 if options == "config" and vm and not vm.is_alive():51 emulatorpin_from_xml = \52 vm_xml.VMXML().new_from_dumpxml(vm_name, "--inactive").cputune.emulatorpin53 else:54 emulatorpin_from_xml = \55 vm_xml.VMXML().new_from_dumpxml(vm_name).cputune.emulatorpin56 # To get guest corresponding emulator/cpuset.cpus value57 # from cpuset controller of the cgroup.58 if cgconfig == "on" and vm and vm.is_alive():59 emulatorpin_from_cgroup = get_emulatorpin_from_cgroup(params, test)60 logging.debug("The emulatorpin value from "61 "cgroup: %s", emulatorpin_from_cgroup)62 # To check specified cpulist value with virsh command output63 # and/or cpuset.cpus from cpuset controller of the cgroup.64 if cpu_list:65 if vm and vm.is_alive() and options != "config":66 if (cpu_list != cpus_parser(emulator_from_cmd)) or \67 (cpu_list != cpus_parser(emulatorpin_from_cgroup)):68 logging.error("To expect emulatorpin %s: %s",69 cpu_list, emulator_from_cmd)70 return False71 else:72 if cpu_list != cpus_parser(emulatorpin_from_xml):73 logging.error("To expect emulatorpin %s: %s",74 cpu_list, emulatorpin_from_xml)75 return False76 return True77def get_emulatorpin_parameter(params, test):78 """79 Get the emulatorpin parameters80 :params: the parameter dictionary81 """82 vm_name = params.get("main_vm")83 vm = params.get("vm")84 options = params.get("emulatorpin_options")85 start_vm = params.get("start_vm", "yes")86 if start_vm == "no" and vm and vm.is_alive():87 vm.destroy()88 result = virsh.emulatorpin(vm_name, options=options, debug=True)89 status = result.exit_status90 # Check status_error91 status_error = params.get("status_error", "no")92 if status_error == "yes":93 if status or not check_emulatorpin(params, test):94"It's an expected : %s", result.stderr)95 else:96"%d not a expected command "97 "return value" % status)98 elif status_error == "no":99 if status:100 else:102 set_emulatorpin_parameter(params, test):104 """105 Set the emulatorpin parameters106 :params: the parameter dictionary107 """108 vm_name = params.get("main_vm")109 vm = params.get("vm")110 cpulist = params.get("emulatorpin_cpulist")111 options = params.get("emulatorpin_options")112 start_vm = params.get("start_vm", "yes")113 if start_vm == "no" and vm and vm.is_alive():114 vm.destroy()115 result = virsh.emulatorpin(vm_name, cpulist, options, debug=True)116 status = result.exit_status117 # Check status_error118 status_error = params.get("status_error")119 if status_error == "yes":120 if status or not check_emulatorpin(params, test):121"It's an expected : %s", result.stderr)122 else:123"%d not a expected command "124 "return value" % status)125 elif status_error == "no":126 if status:127 else:129 if check_emulatorpin(params, test):130 else:132"The 'cpulist' is inconsistent with"133 " 'cpulist' emulatorpin XML or/and is"134 " different from emulator/cpuset.cpus"135 " value from cgroup cpuset controller")136def run(test, params, env):137 """138 Test emulatorpin tuning139 1) Positive testing140 1.1) get the current emulatorpin parameters for a running/shutoff guest141 1.2) set the current emulatorpin parameters for a running/shutoff guest142 2) Negative testing143 2.1) get emulatorpin parameters for a running/shutoff guest144 2.2) set emulatorpin parameters running/shutoff guest145 """146 # Run test case147 vm_name = params.get("main_vm")148 vm = env.get_vm(vm_name)149 cgconfig = params.get("cgconfig", "on")150 cpulist = params.get("emulatorpin_cpulist")151 status_error = params.get("status_error", "no")152 change_parameters = params.get("change_parameters", "no")153 # Backup original vm154 vmxml = vm_xml.VMXML.new_from_inactive_dumpxml(vm_name)155 vmxml_backup = vmxml.copy()156 emulatorpin_placement = params.get("emulatorpin_placement", "")157 if emulatorpin_placement:158 vm.destroy()159 vmxml.placement = emulatorpin_placement160 vmxml.sync()161 try:162 vm.start()163 except VMStartError as detail:164 # Recover the VM and failout early165 vmxml_backup.sync()166 logging.debug("Used VM XML:\n %s", vmxml)167"VM Fails to start: %s" % detail)168 test_dicts = dict(params)169 test_dicts['vm'] = vm170 host_cpus = cpu.online_cpus_count()171 test_dicts['host_cpus'] = host_cpus172 cpu_max = int(host_cpus) - 1173 cpu_list = None174 # Assemble cpu list for positive test175 if status_error == "no":176 if cpulist is None:177 pass178 elif cpulist == "x":179 cpu_online_map = list(map(str, cpu.cpu_online_list()))180 cpulist = random.choice(cpu_online_map)181 elif cpulist == "x-y":182 # By default, emulator is pined to all cpus, and element183 # 'cputune/emulatorpin' may not exist in VM's XML.184 # And libvirt will do nothing if pin emulator to the same185 # cpus, that means VM's XML still have that element.186 # So for testing, we should avoid that value(0-$cpu_max).187 if cpu_max < 2:188 cpulist = "0-0"189 else:190 cpulist = "0-%s" % (cpu_max - 1)191 elif cpulist == "x,y":192 cpu_online_map = list(map(str, cpu.cpu_online_list()))193 cpulist = ','.join(random.sample(cpu_online_map, 2))194 elif cpulist == "x-y,^z":195 cpulist = "0-%s,^%s" % (cpu_max, cpu_max)196 elif cpulist == "-1":197 cpulist = "-1"198 elif cpulist == "out_of_max":199 cpulist = str(cpu_max + 1)200 else:201 test.cancel("CPU-list=%s is not recognized."202 % cpulist)203 test_dicts['emulatorpin_cpulist'] = cpulist204 if cpulist:205 cpu_list = cpus_parser(cpulist)206 test_dicts['cpu_list'] = cpu_list207 logging.debug("CPU list is %s", cpu_list)208 cg = utils_cgroup.CgconfigService()209 if cgconfig == "off":210 if cg.cgconfig_is_running():211 cg.cgconfig_stop()212 # positive and negative testing #########213 try:214 if status_error == "no":215 if change_parameters == "no":216 get_emulatorpin_parameter(test_dicts, test)217 else:218 set_emulatorpin_parameter(test_dicts, test)219 if status_error == "yes":220 if change_parameters == "no":221 get_emulatorpin_parameter(test_dicts, test)222 else:223 set_emulatorpin_parameter(test_dicts, test)224 finally:225 # Recover cgconfig and libvirtd service226 if not cg.cgconfig_is_running():227 cg.cgconfig_start()228 utils_libvirtd.libvirtd_restart()229 # Recover vm....

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...16 e_msg = 'Single CPU online detected, test not supported.'17 raise error.TestNAError(e_msg)18 # Have a simple and quick check first, FIX me please.19 utils.system('dmesg -c > /dev/null')20 for cpu in utils.cpu_online_map():21 if os.path.isfile('/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu%s/online' % cpu):22 utils.system('echo 0 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu%s/online' % cpu, 1)23 utils.system('dmesg -c')24 time.sleep(3)25 utils.system('echo 1 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu%s/online' % cpu, 1)26 utils.system('dmesg -c')27 time.sleep(3)28 def run_once(self):29 # Begin this cpu hotplug test big guru.30 os.chdir(self.srcdir)...

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