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1#!/usr/bin/python32'''3 (C) Copyright 2018-2021 Intel Corporation.4 SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause-Patent5'''6import os7import traceback8from apricot import TestWithServers9from avocado.core.exceptions import TestFail10class BadCreateTest(TestWithServers):11 """Test pool create calls.12 Test Class Description:13 Tests pool create API by passing NULL and otherwise inappropriate14 parameters. This use the python API.15 :avocado: recursive16 """17 def test_create(self):18 """Test ID: DAOS-???.19 Test Description:20 Pass bad parameters to pool create.21 :avocado: tags=all,full_regression22 :avocado: tags=tiny23 :avocado: tags=pool,bad_create24 """25 # Accumulate a list of pass/fail indicators representing what is26 # expected for each parameter then "and" them to determine the27 # expected result of the test28 expected_for_param = []29 modelist = self.params.get("mode", '/run/createtests/modes/*')30 mode = modelist[0]31 expected_for_param.append(modelist[1])32 uidlist = self.params.get("uid", '/run/createtests/uids/*')33 uid = uidlist[0]34 if uid == 'VALID':35 uid = os.geteuid()36 expected_for_param.append(uidlist[1])37 gidlist = self.params.get("gid", '/run/createtests/gids/*')38 gid = gidlist[0]39 if gid == 'VALID':40 gid = os.getegid()41 expected_for_param.append(gidlist[1])42 setidlist = self.params.get("setname", '/run/createtests/setnames/*')43 expected_for_param.append(setidlist[1])44 # Uncomment this block when we test targetptr.45 # targetlist = self.params.get("rankptr", '/run/createtests/target/*')46 # if targetlist[0] == 'NULL':47 # targetptr = None48 # else:49 # targetptr = [0]50 # expected_for_param.append(targetlist[1])51 # not ready for this yet52 # devicelist = self.params.get("devptr", '/run/createtests/device/*')53 # if devicelist[0] == 'NULL':54 # devptr = None55 # else:56 # devptr = devicelist[0]57 # expected_for_param.append(devicelist[1])58 sizelist = self.params.get("size", '/run/createtests/psize/*')59 size = sizelist[0]60 expected_for_param.append(sizelist[1])61 # parameter not presently supported62 # svclist = self.params.get("rankptr", '/run/createtests/svc/*')63 # if svclist[0] == 'NULL':64 # svc = None65 # else:66 # svc = None67 # expected_for_param.append(devicelist[1])68 # if any parameter is FAIL then the test should FAIL, in this test69 # virtually everyone should FAIL since we are testing bad parameters70 expected_result = 'PASS'71 for result in expected_for_param:72 if result == 'FAIL':73 expected_result = 'FAIL'74 break75 # initialize a python pool object then create the underlying76 # daos storage77 self.add_pool(create=False)78 # Manually set TestPool members before calling create79 self.pool.mode.value = mode80 self.pool.uid = uid81 self.pool.gid = gid82 self.pool.scm_size.value = size83 try:84 self.pool.create()85 if expected_result in ['FAIL']:86"Test was expected to fail but it passed.\n")87 # create with invalid parameter will cause test failure, so catch it if88 # we expect it89 except TestFail as excep:90 self.log.error(str(excep))91 self.log.error(traceback.format_exc())92 if expected_result == 'PASS':...

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1# Generated by Django 3.0.14 on 2022-07-01 03:272from django.db import migrations, models3class Migration(migrations.Migration):4 dependencies = [5 ('client', '0005_uxclient_isemailverified'),6 ]7 operations = [8 migrations.AddField(9 model_name='createtests',10 name='amountpaid',11 field=models.FloatField(blank=True, default=0, null=True),12 ),13 migrations.AddField(14 model_name='createtests',15 name='cardnumber',16 field=models.FloatField(blank=True, default=0, null=True),17 ),18 migrations.AddField(19 model_name='createtests',20 name='cvv',21 field=models.FloatField(blank=True, default=0, null=True),22 ),23 migrations.AddField(24 model_name='createtests',25 name='date_created',26 field=models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True, null=True),27 ),28 migrations.AddField(29 model_name='createtests',30 name='expirydate',31 field=models.DateTimeField(blank=True, null=True),32 ),33 migrations.AddField(34 model_name='createtests',35 name='nameoncard',36 field=models.CharField(blank=True, max_length=100, null=True),37 ),...

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