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...645 plot_info = QualificationHistogram(query, filter_string, interval,646 drilldown_callback)647 figure, area_data = _create_qual_histogram_helper(plot_info, extra_text)648 return _create_image_html(figure, area_data, plot_info)649def create_embedded_plot(model, update_time):650 """\651 Given an EmbeddedGraphingQuery object, generate the PNG image for it.652 model: EmbeddedGraphingQuery object653 update_time: 'Last updated' time654 """655 params = pickle.loads(model.params)656 extra_text = 'Last updated: %s' % update_time657 if model.graph_type == 'metrics':658 plot_info = MetricsPlot(query_dict=params['queries'],659 plot_type=params['plot'],660 inverted_series=params['invert'],661 normalize_to=None,662 drilldown_callback='')663 figure, areas_unused = _create_metrics_plot_helper(plot_info,664 extra_text)665 elif model.graph_type == 'qual':666 plot_info = QualificationHistogram(667 query=params['query'], filter_string=params['filter_string'],668 interval=params['interval'], drilldown_callback='')669 figure, areas_unused = _create_qual_histogram_helper(plot_info,670 extra_text)671 else:672 raise ValueError('Invalid graph_type %s' % model.graph_type)673 image, bounding_box_unused = _create_png(figure)674 return image675_cache_timeout = global_config.global_config.get_config_value(676 'AUTOTEST_WEB', 'graph_cache_creation_timeout_minutes')677def handle_plot_request(id, max_age):678 """\679 Given the embedding id of a graph, generate a PNG of the embedded graph680 associated with that id.681 id: id of the embedded graph682 max_age: maximum age, in minutes, that a cached version should be held683 """684 model = models.EmbeddedGraphingQuery.objects.get(id=id)685 # Check if the cached image needs to be updated686 now = update_time = model.last_updated + datetime.timedelta(minutes=int(max_age))688 if now > update_time:689 cursor = django.db.connection.cursor()690 # We want this query to update the refresh_time only once, even if691 # multiple threads are running it at the same time. That is, only the692 # first thread will win the race, and it will be the one to update the693 # cached image; all other threads will show that they updated 0 rows694 query = """695 UPDATE embedded_graphing_queries696 SET refresh_time = NOW()697 WHERE id = %s AND (698 refresh_time IS NULL OR699 refresh_time + INTERVAL %s MINUTE < NOW()700 )701 """702 cursor.execute(query, (id, _cache_timeout))703 # Only refresh the cached image if we were successful in updating the704 # refresh time705 if cursor.rowcount:706 model.cached_png = create_embedded_plot(model, now.ctime())707 model.last_updated = now708 model.refresh_time = None709

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