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...51 def create_pvc(self,pvc,namespace):52 k8s_apps_v1 = client.CoreV1Api(self.aApiClient)53 return k8s_apps_v1.create_namespaced_persistent_volume_claim(54 body=pvc, namespace=namespace)55 def create_kind(self, filename,kind_name,namespace="default"):56 results = []57 try:58 with open(filename) as f:59 kinds = yaml.safe_load_all(f)60 try:61 for kind in kinds:62 if kind_name == 'Service': resp = self.create_service(kind,namespace)63 if kind_name == 'Deployment': resp = self.create_deployment(kind, namespace)64 if kind_name == 'PersistentVolumes': resp = self.create_pvc(kind, namespace)65"%s %s created" % (kind_name, results.append(KubectlResult.generate(filename, kind_name, namespace, self.kubectl_server, resp=resp))67 except MaxRetryError as e:68"Connection to server {}:{self.kubectl_server.port} is bad.")69 results.append(KubectlResult.generate(filename, kind_name, namespace, self.kubectl_server, max_retries=True))70 except client.exceptions.ApiException as e:71 resp = json.loads(e.body)72 results.append(KubectlResult.generate(filename, kind_name, namespace, self.kubectl_server, api_exception=True,resp=resp))73"Error connection with kubernetes API. Error: {resp['message']}")74 return results75class KubectlLauncher:76 def __init__(self, config: Config, data: InitData):77 self.config = config78 = data79 self.__results = []80 def run(self):81"Starting the creation of kinds in kubectl")82 for server in self.config.kubectl_servers:83 kubectl_server = KubectlServer.parse(server)84 try:85 kw = KubectlWorker(kubectl_server)86 for deployment in self.config.deployments:87 if {'name' : server['name']} in deployment['servers']:88 result = kw.create_kind(deployment['filename'], 'Deployment' ,deployment['namespace'])89 self.__result_append(result)90 for service in if {'name': server['name']} in service['servers']:92 result = kw.create_kind(service['filename'], 'Service' ,service['namespace'])93 self.__result_append(result)94 for volume in self.config.persistentVolumes:95 if {'name': server['name']} in volume['servers']:96 result = kw.create_kind(volume['filename'], 'PersistentVolumes' ,volume['namespace'])97 self.__result_append(result)98 except KeyError as e:99 raise KubectlLauncherYamlException(f"A required key in kind was not found in the config. {e}")100"Finish the creation of kinds in kubectl")101 def __result_append(self, results):102 for result in results:103 self.__results.append(result.__dict__['result'])104 @property105 def all_results(self):106 return self.__results107 @all_results.getter108 def all_results(self):109 return self.__results110class KubectlResult:...

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...5from enum import IntEnum6# GREENDAY7from .utils import choices8CODES_PER_MODEL = 1009def create_kind(model, code):10 """11 Creates a compound event kind from an12 :class:`greenday_core.constants.EventModel <greenday_core.constants.EventModel>`13 and a code unique within that model's kinds14 """15 return model*CODES_PER_MODEL+code16class EventModel(IntEnum):17 """18 Defines models for which events may be recorded19 """20 PROJECT = 021 VIDEO = 122 USER = 223 VIDEO_COLLECTION = 324 PENDINGUSER = 425 PROJECT_COMMENT = 526 TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT = 627 TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT_REPLY = 728 PROJECT_COMMENT_REPLY = 829class EventCommonCodes(IntEnum):30 """31 These codes are common to many objects and the values32 are consistent between EventKind values33 """34 CREATED = 035 UPDATED = 136 DELETED = 237@choices38class EventKind(IntEnum):39 """40 A way to uniquely identify a type of event which can happen within the41 system. These should be very specific.42 This *may* look crazy but it does make sense. It allows us to use a43 single value to represent an event on a given model and keep consistent44 values for similar events (create, update, delete).45 Essentially these values are constructed so that the result of dividing46 by CODES_PER_MODEL will give you the EventModel and getting the47 remainder will give you the event code.48 I.e.49 EventKind.VIDEODELETED == 10250 102 / CODES_PER_MODEL == 1 (EventModel.VIDEO)51 102 % CODES_PER_MODEL == 2 (EventCommonCodes.DELETED)52 Better: model, code = divmod(102, CODES_PER_MODEL)53 == (1, 2)54 """55 # PROJECTS 0-9956 PROJECTCREATED = create_kind(EventModel.PROJECT, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)57 PROJECTUPDATED = create_kind(EventModel.PROJECT, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)58 PROJECTDELETED = create_kind(EventModel.PROJECT, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)59 PROJECTRESTORED = create_kind(EventModel.PROJECT, 50)60 # VIDEOS 100-19961 VIDEOCREATED = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)62 VIDEOUPDATED = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)63 VIDEODELETED = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)64 VIDEOHIGHLIGHTED = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO, 50)65 VIDEOUNHIGHLIGHTED = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO, 51)66 VIDEOARCHIVED = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO, 52)67 VIDEOUNARCHIVED = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO, 53)68 # USER 200-29969 USERCREATED = create_kind(EventModel.USER, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)70 USERUPDATED = create_kind(EventModel.USER, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)71 USERDELETED = create_kind(EventModel.USER, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)72 USERACCEPTEDNDA = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 50)73 USERINVITEDASPROJECTUSER = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 51)74 USERINVITEDASPROJECTADMIN = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 52)75 USERACCEPTEDPROJECTINVITE = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 53)76 USERREJECTEDPROJECTINVITE = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 54)77 USERREMOVED = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 55)78 PROJECTCOLLABORATORONLINE = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 56)79 PROJECTCOLLABORATOROFFLINE = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 57)80 USEREXPORTEDVIDEOS = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 58)81 # COLLECTIONS 300-39982 VIDEOCOLLECTIONCREATED = create_kind(83 EventModel.VIDEO_COLLECTION, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)84 VIDEOCOLLECTIONUPDATED = create_kind(85 EventModel.VIDEO_COLLECTION, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)86 VIDEOCOLLECTIONDELETED = create_kind(87 EventModel.VIDEO_COLLECTION, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)88 VIDEOADDEDTOCOLLECTION = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO_COLLECTION, 50)89 VIDEOREMOVEDFROMCOLLECTION = create_kind(EventModel.VIDEO_COLLECTION, 51)90 # PENDING USER 400-49991 PENDINGUSERINVITEDASPROJECTADMIN = create_kind(EventModel.PENDINGUSER, 50)92 PENDINGUSERINVITEDASPROJECTUSER = create_kind(EventModel.PENDINGUSER, 51)93 PENDINGUSERREMOVED = create_kind(EventModel.USER, 52)94 # PROJECT COMMENT 500-59995 PROJECTROOTCOMMENTCREATED = create_kind(96 EventModel.PROJECT_COMMENT, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)97 PROJECTCOMMENTUPDATED = create_kind(98 EventModel.PROJECT_COMMENT, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)99 PROJECTCOMMENTDELETED = create_kind(100 EventModel.PROJECT_COMMENT, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)101 PROJECTREPLYCOMMENTCREATED = create_kind(102 EventModel.PROJECT_COMMENT_REPLY, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)103 PROJECTREPLYCOMMENTUPDATED = create_kind(104 EventModel.PROJECT_COMMENT_REPLY, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)105 PROJECTREPLYCOMMENTDELETED = create_kind(106 EventModel.PROJECT_COMMENT_REPLY, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)107 # TIMED VIDEO COMMENT 600-699108 TIMEDVIDEOROOTCOMMENTCREATED = create_kind(109 EventModel.TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)110 TIMEDVIDEOCOMMENTUPDATED = create_kind(111 EventModel.TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)112 TIMEDVIDEOCOMMENTDELETED = create_kind(113 EventModel.TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)114 TIMEDVIDEOREPLYCOMMENTCREATED = create_kind(115 EventModel.TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT_REPLY, EventCommonCodes.CREATED)116 TIMEDVIDEOREPLYCOMMENTUPDATED = create_kind(117 EventModel.TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT_REPLY, EventCommonCodes.UPDATED)118 TIMEDVIDEOREPLYCOMMENTDELETED = create_kind(119 EventModel.TIMED_VIDEO_COMMENT_REPLY, EventCommonCodes.DELETED)120# Don't use HTTP status codes121class ErrorCodes(IntEnum):122 """123 Codes understand by the client application. These are returned in124 the case of exceptions and the client application can react125 appropriately126 """127 TAG_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS = 1000128 BAD_SEARCH_DATE_FORMAT = 1001129 BAD_SEARCH_GEO_FORMAT = 1002...

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